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I Accidentally Became The Lycan King's Woman

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All her life she has been treated like a trash by everyone in the Pack for being wolfless except for one person, the Alpha himself. Loiretta considers herself lucky but when he asks her for s*x, Loiretta finds it difficult to offer her body to the Alpha willingly. Bullied with a drink spiked with aphrodisiacs, Loiret needs a man desperately and runs back into the arms of the Alpha except that she has made a grave mistake and the one she spent the night with was not the Alpha but the infamous, ruthless and yet insanely hot Lycan King Zayne who had come to take over the Yellow Moon Pack. Loiret quickly finds herself entangled with the Lycan King. She was now his woman, his possession but would she ever be able to cope with the ruthless man, especially when her heart was somewhere else, far away from the beastly, devil king?

Chapter 1

"Heavens! Can you just do one thing properly? Just one single thing, Loiret?!" A feminine voice yelled out, the voice laced with anger."I am sorry, I am really sorry." Loiret apologized, bowing her head deeply in front of the elegant woman whom she had just accidentally spilled a glass of juice on. "Do you even know how much this dress is worth?" The lady yelled again. "I am sorry, Miss. Tasha, I will have it dry cleaned as soon as possible if you let me." Loiret replied and Tasha moved a step back with a small huff. "Really? You think I will let you take my dress to some cheap dry cleaning services and ruin this dress for me?!""How... How can I pacify you then, Miss. Tasha?" Loiret asked and a smirk appeared on Tasha's face."Let me see..." She mumbled. "How about you get down on your knees?" Tasha asked and Loiret held the hem of her dress tightly. "I...""You heard me, Loiret!""Yes, Miss. Tasha." Loiret dropped down to her knees, slowly, her heart hurting with humiliation. She heard giggles coming from behind her and her heart clenched in pains. She was almost used to this mockery and degradation but she could never stop the hurt from coming each time it happened to her. "Good girl. She is so obedient, isn't she?" Tasha laughed out loudly. "She sure is very obedient but what do you expect from a 23 year old without her wolf side?" Loiret heard another lady from behind her respond. "You being on your knees certainly isn't enough. Why don't you lick the juice that got on the floor? You are a maid here anyways so you should keep the floor sparkling clean, right?" Tasha laughed and Loiret tried hard to swallow the lump in her throat but she just could not. Her eyes filled up but she knew she had to do this anyways. If she did not want to get more scars on her back, she had to do as everyone in the Pack wished. She slowly lowered her head to the floor, more tears filling her eyes up as she stuck her tongue out to lick the juice that had spilled on the floor."What the hell is going on here?" A deep, masculine voice came from behind and Loiret let her tongue back into her mouth, recognising that voice instantly. It was Alpha Daniel, the Alpha of the Yellow Moon Pack and he was the only person who cared, the only person who made Loiret feel like she was more than a slave to the Pack. "Alpha Daniel." Loiret heard the ladies behind her greeting the Alpha."Brother." Tasha grumbled. "This slimy maid of your ruined my dress! And that, in front of my friends!" Tasha walked away from Loiret to meet with Alpha Daniel. "Get up, Loiret." Alpha Daniel ordered and Loiret slowly got back on her feet, her gaze to the floor in humiliation and embarrassment. "This is not the way to treat even slaves, Tasha. I have told you severally not to treat Loiret like that." Alpha Daniel said to Tasha who had an annoyed pout on her lips. "She is worse than a slave, brother. From a powerful bloodline but she has no wolf side, no powers. She is so disgusting that her family gave her out to us so we can use her anyhow we want to. For free! Slaves are not even free! So she is worse than...""Enough, Tasha!" Alpha Daniel cut his sister off."Lead your friends out of this place right now.""Brother, they just arrived less than an hour...""Tasha, I said what I said.""Urgh. Alright, brother." Tasha stormed out with her friends following behind her, leaving only Loiret and Alpha Daniel in the living room. A sniffle came from Loiret. She had not intended on letting it out but it hurt too much, listening to Tasha say what was entirely true. Her family, the Visterio family was one of the most powerful families in the pack. Children born in their family were known for their immense strength and agility but it wasn't the same for Loiret. She had not only lacked strength and agility, she had also lacked a wolf side and her family unable to handle the shame of having such a child had given her out to the Alpha's house. For her family, power was all that mattered. Not love, not being family. It was power and Loiret lacked just that. "Don't think too much about what Tasha said just now. She can be a spoilt brat at times." Alpha Daniel walked towards Loiret, reached two fingers down her jaw and lifted her head up to see her teary eyes. "Don't cry, Loiret. Tears don't look good on you.""I... I am not crying, Alpha." Loiret forced out a smile but it only made a tear roll down her cheeks. "Loiret, everyone is going to slowly get over this and stop treating you badly. It's only a matter of time, okay?" He asked and Loiret nodded, staring into the Alpha's enchanting brown eyes. The Alpha was a handsome man and he was the most sought out man in the entire Pack. He was yet to find his mate but any girl in the Pack would do anything for a night with him. Loiret had a crush on him too, a crush she tried hard to suppress, knowing that she was in no way a match for the Alpha. But she could see his face even more clearly as he got closer to her. Loiret gulped down hard, realising that Alpha Daniel was leaning really close and his aim seemed to be her lips. His lips brushed gently against hers and Loiret felt her insides melting. Alpha Daniel was kissing her!! Her lips slowly parted for him and he s*ck*d her lips into his, ravishing the taste of her lips as his hand slowly moved to wrap around her waist and he pulled her close. Loiret felt special being held by him and kissed. Alpha Daniel broke the kiss and looked at her face, his lips parted as he looked into her eyes lustfully. "Loiret, let me spend a night with you." he demanded and Loiret felt her cheeks heat up. Even though she had a crush on Alpha Daniel, she was aware that she could not be his woman. Once Alpha Daniel found his mate, he would leave her and even if he never found his mate, he would never stoop so low to keep her by his side. "Don't you like me?" Alpha Daniel asked, his thumb rolling over her lower lip. "I..." Loiret tried to say something but could not. "You like me and I want you in my bed. Let me, Loiret."Want?? It was 'want' for Alpha Daniel. "I am sorry, Alpha Daniel." Loiret pulled away from his grasp and bowed deeply twice before scurrying out of the living room. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, out of the main building of the mansion. She continued running, her heart pounding and racing as he hurried over towards the gates, not noticing that something was weird. There were no guards around. She continued running until she bumped into something hard. No... It was someone. She stiffened and took three steps back quickly. "I am sorry." she apologized hastily. "Raise your head up." the man said in an authoritative tone that made Loiret feel strangely hot. Even hotter than the kiss with Alpha Daniel had made her. She could not have believed that anyone else could hold so much authority in his voice aside from the Alpha if she had not heard this voice herself. She could not resist the orders of this man and she did so, raising her head to look at him. He had a hard look on his perfect face. Loiret had never believed in perfection but seeing this man's face made her change her stance. This man was perfection. His green eyes and sharp brows, his pointed nose and his lips were all perfect. Not to talk of his dark hair styled with a middle part in the front. "Should I?" A man spoke from behind him. "No. Let her be." The man spoke again, that deep masculine voice almost making Loiret's legs tremble. Without another word, the man looked away from her face, moved a step closer and leaned in. Then in the coldest voice ever which also seemed to be the hottest voice Loiret had ever heard, he said the words..."You should run."

Chapter 2

Loiret looked at the man's face and the deadly and dark look on his face helped her process his words better. Without wasting another second, Loiret ran past the man as fast as she could, feeling his hard, stony gaze on her running figure. "You should run." his voice echoed in her head. "Let's go in, shall we?" Zayne looked away from the running woman. He should have killed her like the guards and the maids who had tried stopping him from coming in but he had held back for a reason not completely known to himself. "Yes, your majesty." Darren who was behind him replied and followed as Zayne walked over to the door of the main building. Zayne stopped at the door and looked up at the familiar house. It had been repainted and there had been a little bit of renovation here and there but he could never forget this house. The house where he h


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