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His calloused hand caresses her leg just barely, as it follows the curve of her inner thigh slowly but surely.  The index finger glides further up till it reaches her wet center and finds her folds before pausing.  She can sense that he is hesitant, but she ushers him forward with a smile while staring into his ocean blue eyes. Taking his hand, she urges him on and as soon as she feels his large finger enter her, she awakens. "Sh*t!"  Kaitlyn exclaims as she wipes the sleep out of her eyes.  She finds herself wondering why she always has these dreams, but they never finish.  Usually, she gets farther along though and sometimes they even feel like they are real. Getting up, she realizes what time it is.  "Damnit!  I am so late."  She mutters to herself as she tries to unwrap her legs from the crisp Egyptian cotton sheets.  The one treat that she allowed herself a few months ago when she was feeling depressed.  This is one of my very first novels that I had ever written for paid web novel platforms. Kaitlyn Randall wakes up late and the first thing she does leaving her place, is almost throw her cold coffee on a cop car nearby with a handsome officer inside. To say the least, her day isn't going very well except for the eye candy. Especially when she shows up to work extremely late and has to clear out her desk. When she finds out later that her estranged father left her millions of dollars, she decides to go to Europe and take a well-earned vacation after quickly buying a house. Once she is there, she realizes that it was all an elaborate scheme and now she is stuck in Europe by herself, without a single dollar to her name. Will a tall, dark and handsome stranger come to her rescue? Or more importantly, what will he want in exchange? See what this rich stranger has in store for her in A Day To Remember.

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  • Author: ProsPerxvi
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Blurb This book entails the life of a ruthless CEO and s*x addict, who was once a nerd before getting influenced by the bad eggs. Liam Noah turns out to be worse than his predecessors, taking advantage of recruits in his company. Setting: Contemporary Erotica and Romance. Main characters Liam Noah Age: 27 Role: The ruthless CEO and crazy s*x addict. Ability: Very good in bed and everything costume designing. Personality: Loud and arrogant, hot-tempered and naughty. Appearance: Tanned skin guy, tall, fine body build, wavy hair, and pink lips. Profession: Full-time businessman and costume designer. Liam Noah is the main character in this book, the S*x King himself. He was the boss of Janice Hart and thereby related to her sister, Lucia. Lucia Hart Age: 23 Role: Lucia crazily sought revenge and would continue till she achieved her aim. Ability: Good at interacting with people. A baker. Personality: calculative, quick-witted and could take risks. Appearance: A fair-skinned short girl with blonde hair, small eyes, and Rosy lips. Profession: A Baker and pastry maker. Lucia Hart is Janice's sister and Jeremy's beloved girlfriend, and Liam's enemy. Jeremy Wilder Age: 28 Role: Lucia's beloved boyfriend. Ability: Can hack into systems. Personality: Calm and collected, a man of few words. Appearance: A dark-skinned tall guy with curly short black hair. He has a well-chiseled chest and an endearing body. Profession: An expert hacker and app developer. He is Lucia's boyfriend and romantic partner. Joanne Ortega Age: 24 Role: Liam's intern Ability: Could draw out different clothes design at a stretch. Personality: Shy, friendly, with a high IQ Appearance: Average height, chocolate skinned and plumpy. Profession: Costume designer Joanne is Liam's intern and staff. Janice Hart Age: 26 Role: The victim Ability: Could repair and service sewing machines. Personality: Timid, obedient, naive, and easygoing. Janice Hart is Lucia's elder sister, Liam's employee who died while working for him. Book; S*X KING Estimated total chapters; 80,000 Words per chapter; 1000 words Oliver Thane; is Liam's 26-year-old most trusted guard and lackey. Agatha Lugard; Lucia's 20 year old assistant in their baking shop. Thompson Bernard; Liam's assistant manager was in his mid-forties. He was eloquent, friendly, and good at handling tasks. Amber Jones; Liam's 25-year-old receptionist was always at the front desk. Liam occasionally had nightmares and saw a very familiar face in all his nightmares. Sleep was now a terrible thing to do as he'd always see himself running in broad daylight with people staring at him, wondering what was chasing him.

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Warning! Mature Content! *Excerpt* "Does it make you nervous when I stare?" His voice was laced with sinful passion. "Will you hate me if I do this?" His dark gaze took in her entire frame. "I am obsessed with you, Delaney." *** Delaney, a beautiful woman, only wished for one thing - A peaceful life, and perhaps, a little touch of financial independence. But throughout her childhood, life gave her a contrast to her wish. She grew up knowing nothing but hatred from her family, and eventually, from her fiancé too. For three years, Delaney paid for a sin she never intentionally committed - losing her virginity to a stranger. This innocent mistake chattered her life and her relationship with Blaine. He detested her so much. But one question is: Why hasn't he called off their engagement? Gradually, Blaine was becoming the man she hoped he'd be. She'd secured a job at a prominent company too... She was already inching closer to her dreams when suddenly, he resurfaced - The stranger who had almost ruined her life three years ago. This stranger who was perfectly built for sin turns out to be Blaine's boss, the most dreaded Adonis Langston. And this time, he wanted more than just a one-night stand... Poor Delaney's life was set into panic once again. Little did she know that she had also cast her spell on her soon-to-be boss, who turns out to be Adonis's childhood best friend! Oops! Financial Independence, power, and fame at its peak... All hell is about to let loose as these three men are never known for surrendering. She had all she needed to exert revenge on those who'd hurt her, depending on the decision she makes. But in all of these, she is about to face the biggest betrayal of her life.


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