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Divorced Before Marriage: The Forbidden Affair

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Warning! Mature Content! *Excerpt* "Does it make you nervous when I stare?" His voice was laced with sinful passion. "Will you hate me if I do this?" His dark gaze took in her entire frame. "I am obsessed with you, Delaney." *** Delaney, a beautiful woman, only wished for one thing - A peaceful life, and perhaps, a little touch of financial independence. But throughout her childhood, life gave her a contrast to her wish. She grew up knowing nothing but hatred from her family, and eventually, from her fiancé too. For three years, Delaney paid for a sin she never intentionally committed - losing her virginity to a stranger. This innocent mistake chattered her life and her relationship with Blaine. He detested her so much. But one question is: Why hasn't he called off their engagement? Gradually, Blaine was becoming the man she hoped he'd be. She'd secured a job at a prominent company too... She was already inching closer to her dreams when suddenly, he resurfaced - The stranger who had almost ruined her life three years ago. This stranger who was perfectly built for sin turns out to be Blaine's boss, the most dreaded Adonis Langston. And this time, he wanted more than just a one-night stand... Poor Delaney's life was set into panic once again. Little did she know that she had also cast her spell on her soon-to-be boss, who turns out to be Adonis's childhood best friend! Oops! Financial Independence, power, and fame at its peak... All hell is about to let loose as these three men are never known for surrendering. She had all she needed to exert revenge on those who'd hurt her, depending on the decision she makes. But in all of these, she is about to face the biggest betrayal of her life.

Chapter 1

The quietness of the morning was no strange feeling at all, as it had become a usual part of Delaney's everyday life. It was a lifestyle she had gotten used to, and she'd accepted it wholeheartedly. Truth is, she might never be able to get used to a normal, happy life. But at least, it's better than the hell and torment she called a life that she used to have while growing up.

Between two torments, she’d chosen the lesser one.

Delaney Duncan busied herself with her usual chores that morning as she prepared breakfast for her fiance, Blaine. Her delicate hands expertly arranged the table with so much love and care as she tried to maintain the smile she'd forced on her face.

"How long does it take to prepare a simple breakfast?" The cold voice of the man she so desperately loved filtered the air.

"Good morning, love," Delaney's tender voice greeted in her usual cheerful manner after taking in a deep breath to calm her nervous self.

Blaine totally ignored her greetings and walked over to the dining with his face twisted in a frown as he stared at the neatly arranged table – one thing he appreciated about her… Her cooking skills were as good as she looked. The aroma was divine and the sight of the well-prepared meal beckoned enticingly to him.

He eagerly took a seat and quietly savored his meal without uttering a single word to her, not even sparing her a glance.

She gulped hard, trying to suppress the tears that threatened to escape her eyes. It was a Monday morning, and she desperately intended to keep a positive atmosphere.

Delaney, a 24-year-old goddess of beauty, well endowed with everything a woman would ever wish for, has been so unfortunate. She'd forgotten what love truly felt like. Misery and sadness had become her best companion. Loneliness made sure to take the crown.

"I'll be upstairs," she managed to say.

Her well-sculpted frame made a turn towards the stairs, her perfectly trimmed waist, and full hips swayed effortlessly in the little flowery nightwear she had on, which was provocatively short, hinting at her underlying sensuality.

Blaine stared at her, totally lost. His gaze was dark with lust. He swallowed slowly as he felt the raw desire burning through him. The urge to pull her back and rip her off those filthy, unnecessary apparel drove him to the brink of insanity, but he maintained his cool.

"And why the rush?" He asked, trying to hide the hunger in his voice.

Delaney chuckled inwardly. What exactly does he want? She pondered. He detests her, yet he always wanted her around. Does it mean he finds so much pleasure in her pain? She couldn't help but wonder.

"I have to be somewhere in an hour," she responded after a brief pause.

There was a sudden drop in Blaine's already cold countenance. His eyes turned from dark lust to pure anger, but he didn't allow it to show. He'd never give her the satisfaction of feeling desired by him. He can't possibly be jealous over such a wh*r*. Never!

"And where is that?" He asked, adjusting himself as he made his way out of the dining area into the living room to get his briefcase. He suppressed the nagging feeling pointing out to him that a part of him still loved and cared about her.

"There is a job vacancy I saw online. I'd like to apply." For the first time since that morning, she looked at him in the face.

Her mesmerizing green eyes slowly landed on his face. They were large and expressive, framed by long, thick lashes that seemed to go on for miles, making them difficult to ignore.

Blaine caught her gaze but quickly looked away. "That's a good thing. It'll be good to finally have you being useful around the house." He said without an iota of remorse as he stormed out of the house without sparing another glance at her. It made him feel uncomfortable staring into her eyes. He could see the hurt in them but he couldn’t help it. It was never he fault…That’s what he believed.

Delaney felt her heart chatter. She couldn't hold back anymore. She was done being brave. Maybe just a little bit of crying might do the trick. She ran up the stairs with her hands over her mouth as she tried to hold back the scream that threatened to escape her lips.

Delaney cried out her heart. Her chest felt like it was going to tear off. Her shoulders quivered as more tears streamed down her eyes.

It's been three years already and she was still paying for another man's sins. She was only a victim and nothing more.


As the sleek luxury car pulled up to the towering glass skyscraper, the sun glinted off the polished metal and chrome, creating a blinding spectacle.

With a flick of his perfectly coiffed hair and a confident stride, Adonis stepped out of the black car like a king from his chariot, his chiseled features were set in a steely gaze, exuding an air of power and control that left his employees quivering with both fear and respect.

His tailored suit hugged his broad shoulders and accentuated his frame, exuding a confidence that was palpable to all around him.

As he strode towards the towering glass building that bore the name of his mult-billion Dollar company, CROWN HOLDINGS CORPORATION, the sound of his leather shoes striking the pavement echoed like the beating of drums, sending shivers down the spines of his trembling staff.

They stood in awe, frozen in their places, as if in the presence of a deity.

Adonis Langston is a 31-year-old multibillionaire who holds the reins of one of the largest corporations in the United States. He is also one of the most respected men in the country, with a net worth that can make kings blush.

With an unwavering determination and an uncanny knack for success, he has secured a place among the top 5 on Forbes' list of the wealthiest individuals.

And so he stepped into the building that was the epicenter of his vast empire, his cold, calculating mind already at work, plotting his next move.

He walked passed by his staff, his piercing blue eyes swept over them with an icy detachment that made them avoid his gaze like a plague. Adonis Langston was a man who commanded respect with every step, and his employees knew better than to cross him.

"Good morning, sir," Lexie, his PA, a smart-looking young lady in her mid-twenties, hastened her steps to catch up with his long strides as he made his way to his office, listing out his appointments for the day.

Adonis stepped into the very large space where his office was situated, the beauty and serenity of the well-decorated office gave a perfect hint of his personality. Cold. Calm. Mysterious.

She had been working with Adonis for the past three years. A woman of natural beauty, well endowed beautiful curves that not every man would be able to resist. She was smart and intelligent - the same traits Adonis silently admired about her.

Despite all these characteristics, Lexie couldn't help but wonder why Adonis never spared even a glance at her. She loved her job, yes, but she wouldn't mind warming her boss's bed if added to her job description. It’d be a pleasure.

She'd always had countless naughty imaginations about him, and God! He was so hot that sometimes she was tempted to freely offer herself to him. But in all of her fantasies and imaginations, she'd never made the mistake of overstepping her boundaries. He'd relieve her of her duty without sparing a second thought.

As soon as she was done, she stood still, eyes on the floor, waiting to be dismissed before leaving his presence. His unwavering poise and steadfast composure exude a sense of quiet confidence that is both intimidating and alluring. It takes a considerable amount of courage and self-assuredness to stand before him.

Adonis walked towards the huge glass window, peering into the busy street, staring at nothing in particular. With a slight wave of his hand, he signaled her to leave.

As soon as he heard the soft click of the door, he knew she was gone. He walked slowly to his table, sat on his comfy seat, and brought out his phone to carry out his usual everyday routine – a routine he’d never get tired of.

Despite his wealth and achievements, Adonis lacked one vital thing- LOVE. He's never been married, neither had he ever been in any relationship, to the best of the public's knowledge. He's got everything: his handsome looks and irresistible charm have a way of making any woman swoon at his feet. Yet, what could the problem be?

His wealthy business associates have tried linking him up with their daughters for marriage, hoping to secure an alliance that would benefit them all, but he felt no attraction whatsoever for them. How would he? When they weren’t her.

It was rumored that he was gay; some said he was impotent, while others said he had no d*ck. He paid no heed to petty rumors, as rumors added no money to his bank account.

But sadly, one thing the public didn't know was that, beneath his many admirable qualities and his coldness, lies a man consumed by an unquenchable yearning for the fulfillment of the one thing his heart truly desire - Love.

"Why am I still doing this? It's been so long already," He whispered gently to himself as he looked at the photo on his phone. His eyes held a hint of sadness and wishes, despite his constant attempt to mask those emotions for years now.

He felt a slight quake in his heart as he leaned against his chair, his eyes tightly shut as he drifted down the lonely path of painful memories.

Chapter 2

Three years ago, Adonis had to attend an important business course in Illinois. He never believed in love at that time.

He viewed love as a trivial pursuit. He was content to indulge in the countless women who fawned over him, eager for his affection, and he had a whole lot of them at his beck and call.

He had the right tool to make any woman drool and beg him for more pleasurable experiences. A one-time pleasure with Adonis was never an option for most women. He was a sex god.

With his expertise in bedmatics, Adonis effortlessly drives women crazy, but he's never seen or imagined any woman who can ever drive him crazy or make him lose his control. NEVER.

Just a few days to the end of his course, fate interfered, bringing him face to face with a stunning young woman in her very early twenties. She seemed drunk and stranded in the late hours of the night, so he decided to give her a ride home.

His intentions were pure. He had desperately tr


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