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Sex King

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Blurb This book entails the life of a ruthless CEO and s*x addict, who was once a nerd before getting influenced by the bad eggs. Liam Noah turns out to be worse than his predecessors, taking advantage of recruits in his company. Setting: Contemporary Erotica and Romance. Main characters Liam Noah Age: 27 Role: The ruthless CEO and crazy s*x addict. Ability: Very good in bed and everything costume designing. Personality: Loud and arrogant, hot-tempered and naughty. Appearance: Tanned skin guy, tall, fine body build, wavy hair, and pink lips. Profession: Full-time businessman and costume designer. Liam Noah is the main character in this book, the S*x King himself. He was the boss of Janice Hart and thereby related to her sister, Lucia. Lucia Hart Age: 23 Role: Lucia crazily sought revenge and would continue till she achieved her aim. Ability: Good at interacting with people. A baker. Personality: calculative, quick-witted and could take risks. Appearance: A fair-skinned short girl with blonde hair, small eyes, and Rosy lips. Profession: A Baker and pastry maker. Lucia Hart is Janice's sister and Jeremy's beloved girlfriend, and Liam's enemy. Jeremy Wilder Age: 28 Role: Lucia's beloved boyfriend. Ability: Can hack into systems. Personality: Calm and collected, a man of few words. Appearance: A dark-skinned tall guy with curly short black hair. He has a well-chiseled chest and an endearing body. Profession: An expert hacker and app developer. He is Lucia's boyfriend and romantic partner. Joanne Ortega Age: 24 Role: Liam's intern Ability: Could draw out different clothes design at a stretch. Personality: Shy, friendly, with a high IQ Appearance: Average height, chocolate skinned and plumpy. Profession: Costume designer Joanne is Liam's intern and staff. Janice Hart Age: 26 Role: The victim Ability: Could repair and service sewing machines. Personality: Timid, obedient, naive, and easygoing. Janice Hart is Lucia's elder sister, Liam's employee who died while working for him. Book; S*X KING Estimated total chapters; 80,000 Words per chapter; 1000 words Oliver Thane; is Liam's 26-year-old most trusted guard and lackey. Agatha Lugard; Lucia's 20 year old assistant in their baking shop. Thompson Bernard; Liam's assistant manager was in his mid-forties. He was eloquent, friendly, and good at handling tasks. Amber Jones; Liam's 25-year-old receptionist was always at the front desk. Liam occasionally had nightmares and saw a very familiar face in all his nightmares. Sleep was now a terrible thing to do as he'd always see himself running in broad daylight with people staring at him, wondering what was chasing him.

Chapter 1: Ride to Ecstasy

Chapter 1: Ride to Ecstasy

West Hollywood, USA.

"Babe?" Lucia seductively called Jeremy the most appealingly ever, sweeping him off his feet.

Hearing the sound of her voice, Jeremy looked up and saw Lucia standing by the wall staring at him with different expressions on her face.

Her thin lace gown was revealing as she majestically walked towards him while swaying her hips, giving off a whole different vibe. Jeremy gawked at her with so much intensity as Lucia's lips curved into a smile.

Just as she had expected, she got the reaction she wanted. She removed the band tied on her hair and let her hair fall all over her shoulders.

Seated on the bed, Jeremy couldn't take his eyes off the woman standing before him. The aura she gave off wasn't what he ever imagined. Despite her decision to stay celibate for some time after their first night together, her present actions stunned Jeremy.

Lucia faced him and stared at him with the eyes of someone in need. She slowly bent over as though she was going to pick something on the floor while still facing Jeremy.

While pretending to pick something up, her large bosoms were exposed. It was a deliberate action and just as she expected, Jeremy's eyes were glued to her peaches.

Having enough of the show, with a slow pace, she stood up while looking at Jeremy. The latter couldn't control himself and stood up immediately.

Feeling an adrenaline rush beneath, Jeremy grabbed Lucia at once and buried his head in her bosom, kissing and caressing it as though his life depended on it. Lucia bit her lip while trying to suppress the pleasure she felt within.

Without a second thought, Jeremy lifted her and placed her on the bed. Quickly, he tore her thin-laced gown, making her bosoms pop up and the pink G-string visible.

Lucia wriggled her body a bit and arched her leg while staring at Jeremy. The latter got on top of her and pinned her hands on the bed while deeply gazing at her.

With so much love, passion, and desire in his eyes, Jeremy gazed at her deeply as though he was asking for permission to go on. Lucia stared back and touched his member with her leg as she continuously bit her lip.

Jeremy felt something ignite beneath him. So much longing and desire, coupled with feelings too hard to control. With one last glance at Lucia, Jeremy proceeded.

He firmly grabbed Lucia's peaches, making the latter moan loudly. He kissed, teased, bit, and suckled her left peach while squeezing and fondling the other.

Lucia felt ecstatic as she wriggled around, moaning loudly. To her, staying celibate was like missing out on the greatest pleasures of life. As Jeremy did justice to the two peaches, Lucia felt his bulge touching her and smiled evilly.

This was the best feeling ever!

"" Lucia moaned uncontrollably while trying to say something, however, the words were not forthcoming. Jeremy squeezed her peaches hard as though they were some kind of balloon.

He never got tired of touching them, that was one thing Lucia loved him for. Despite being calm and collected, no one in this world could handle and please her the way he does and Lucia was resolute about this.

His bulge stuck out from the surface, touching her so hard. Lucia raised her knee and touched it, again and again. Her actions made Jeremy halt.

"Aargh!" Jeremy groaned as he felt a burning flame within. Lucia's actions just increased the need he felt down there.

Lucia bit her lip and watched Jeremy gently remove her g-string despite being in so much need. Thereafter, he pulled up his polo and tossed it aside and also got down from the bed and removed his Jean trouser.

He was left with only his briefs, Seeing his tight briefs on the verge of tearing, Lucia sat up at once and gawked at his protruded member. Jeremy stared back at her looking speechless.

Without further ado, he got on the bed and was about to climb her before she got down and continued gawking at him.

"Baby, are we doing it on the bed or the floor? It's been a while but we're not doing it on the floor right?" Looking flushed, Jeremy questioned Lucia.

Meanwhile, Lucia was physically there but on the other hand, she was occupied with her fantasies. "Just a year of staying celibate and everything's well built now. The well-chiseled chest and even down there, it's two times the size"

Lucia thought inwardly as she happily gazed at her boyfriend. The extreme pleasure she sought was finally in her palms, what could be better than that?

Jeremy was still sitting on the bed in his briefs, wondering what could have gone wrong with her.

Regaining her composure, Lucia seductively knelt and removed his briefs. His thick black-skinned member was in full sight, with veins all over, it was very appealing and attractive to look at.

Their first time making out wasn't interesting because they were both newbies and had little idea of how to please themselves. Later on, they attempted different styles on different occasions but it only left Lucia feeling sore below, hence she decided to stay celibate.

Now, his features are way bigger than before, Lucia felt ecstatic as a smile crept up on her face. Jeremy was still at a loss for words, on one hand, she looked as though she was going to do something jaw-dropping but after a few seconds, she'd smile and behave differently.

Jeremy was utterly speechless as he didn't know what to do to remedy the situation but one thing was obvious, the thick -man was standing erect and making him feel different but Lucia was smiling and looking.

Jeremy wasn't sure if he should laugh or cry. The two things that mattered to him were giving him a bittersweet feeling.

" can we?"

Finding the words too hard to say, Jeremy stopped talking before he could complete his sentence silently hoping that Lucia would understand and see the need he felt within.

Still getting no response from her, Jeremy tried again.

"Baby, can we do it, please? It's very hard you know?" Jeremy pleaded with a pitiful look on his face.

At once, Lucia got up and...

Chapter 2: Ride to Ecstasy (2)

At once, Lucia got up and kissed him lightly on the cheek. She made for his member and caressed the tip while slowly moving her hands up and down his thick man.

She licked the tip and kissed it happily, touching and feeling the veins around it and also fondling his balls. Jeremy closed his eyes as an unreadable expression filled his face, from the way he shut his eyes, one could tell that he felt out of this world at the moment.

Abruptly, Lucia stopped her movements, drawing Jeremy back from where he went to. He slowly opened his eyes and realized that Lucia had stopped. His face was like that of a child whose candy was collected.

Lucia stared at him seriously making him feel the intensity in her gaze. She forcefully grabbed his member causing Jeremy to stiffen a bit.

Her eyes were locked with his, as she leaned closer and placed his member in her mouth.

Jeremy froze for a second as her warm mouth held his thick man. It was chilly at first but it grew w


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