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Married To Mr. Criminal

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Zachary Wilson can easily be defined by few names like Ruthless, cold hearted, unlovable criminal. He kills to live and lives to kill. Every dark business first passes through his door whether it is drug dealing or killing someone. Now enters September Lawrence, she has everything on her plate with a blink of an eye. She is clearly an epitome of beauty and pure heart. But one day everything of her sweet little perfect world falls apart when her family and boyfriend is murdered by none other then Mr. Criminal. She was left alone broken but knowingly she does a wrong mistake by saving Zachary's life. What happens when this cold hearted criminal starts taking interest in her and desperately wants to marry her? How can September fall for that person who is sole reason of her vulnerability? But Zachary Wilson gets what he wants and he wants her...

Chapter 1


" C'mon cupcake wake up."

I groaned as the familiar voice echoes inside my ear.

I snuggled my face deeper into the pillow and pulled comforter more tightly over my body.

What on earth Chris is doing here, at this time?

He clearly knows that I hate waking up in the morning.

Ugh. Please Chris go away before I murder you with my bare hands.

" September Lawrence make your lazy *ss move away from the bed now."

He yelled near my ear and I almost jumped due to his stupid behavior.

" F*ck dude what's your problem? Why do you want to damage my ear drums with your shitty annoying voice?"

I mumbled whilst yawning and stretching my limbs.

" Well Good morning to you too."

He said with sarcasm dripping from his words.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my hair in a messy bun.

I am sure I was looking like a bird nest this time but who cares?

Chris was my best friend since we were little kids in one of those shitty junior school uniform and he has probably seen me in my ugliest looks like when I had break up in high school and I was crying with my eyes out.

Yep, those were days when Chris had supported me.... Well not. Actually I had supported him because whenever this idiot witness my hurt, he himself starts behaving like his life has doomed.

F*ck*ng drama Queen.

" Stop cursing me mentally and go take a shower. You are stinking."

He mocked me which is his daily routine.

I again rolled my eyes and threw a pillow at him, which he easily dodged.

" Did you forgot cupcake that your so called ' love' I mean your boyfriend Hunter is returning back from his trip?"

He questioned with a smirk dancing on his lips.

I looked up at him and blinked several times before jumping into his arms.

Oh my god, oh my god. How could I forget hunter is coming back today after almost 1 month. Sh*t, that's why Chris is being pain in my *ss by waking me up.

I placed a kiss on his cheeks and hugged him more tightly. He chuckled and wrapped his arm around me.

" Seriously cupcake who will say that you are freaking 23 years old? Look at yourself, such a child you are."

He said, instantly earning a smack on his shoulder from me.

" Don't spoil my mood today idiot. Let me go and get ready. Till then bye."

I said and rushed inside the bathroom.

After taking a shower for which feels like heaven, I quickly make myself dressed in yellow one shoulder top and black skinny jeans, teamed up with yellow converse.

Perfect, now I am ready.

I took a quick glance in the mirror and smiled again.

My life couldn't get more better.

I have everything. From tip to top.

It's like god has showered his all jewels up to me.

Perfect family, perfect boyfriend and perfect best friend.

In few days I am going to take over my dad's company as CEO after my business studies will get over. My dad was one of the top billionaire of the country. Well that's why I had never carved for any thing in my life.

With slow steps I walked over my bed and hold the photo frame placed on nightstand near my heart. I looked at that picture and found a women in her late 30's smiling. Few tears started running down and I quickly rubbed them aside.

I miss you mom.

I hope today you were also here, being the part of my sweet little life.

I placed that picture back to it's initial position and sat on the bed, thinking about how it would have been now if my mom was still alive.

It's been 8 years since that car accident where I had lost her. I was 15 at that time.

She was one of the decent person I've ever met in my life, and that was the reason why my dad adores her a lot.

She was wife of a billionaire but still she lives like she was just an ordinary human.

She had taught me many lessons about life, love, pain, forgiveness, family and many things. I wholeheartedly follow her steps and everyday I pray from god to grant me enough strength for continuing them.

" September, come downstairs right now."

Suddenly I was brought back from my trance when I heard Chris yelling.

I rolled my eyes.

This Chris is going to be so dead of me.

I kissed that picture and walked downstairs.

As soon as I entered main hall, I was greeted by my sweet little family. I smiled and engulfed all of them in tight hug.

Don't know but today it feels like I want to spend maximum time with them. It isn't like I don't feel like this everyday but something is not right.

Oh hush September.

Nothing's wrong. You are just making weird thoughts because you are still feeling sleepy.

" Morning dad, morning mother."

I greeted the couples who are standing in each other arms.


They really look cute together.

After the death of my mom, several years later dad had married her secretary who had fallen for each other. They both are perfect and I am happy for my father that he has found cherry who herself is a very nice women. She loves us like our own mother.

" And don't you greet me September?"

And here comes my sweet little munchkin, Claire.

"Jump into my arms, Darling."

I said and scooped her tiny figure into my arms and twirl her around.

" I love you September."

She said in her cute angelic voice and I kissed her cheeks softly.

" I love you too my little Claire."

I cooed and put her down on the dining chair.

I looked at her again. She is now almost 5 years old angel dressed in pink frock and hairs tied in pig tail. She is one of the cutest creature one could ever see. There is no way that anyone could ignore her due to her extra angelic cuteness.

I still remember the day 6 months ago, when I had first found her in an orphanage when we were gone there for distributing gifts to small children.

She was standing at the corner, smiling at me. At that moment only I've developed a strong connection with her but then the problem was that how am I going to take her home?

So my dear evil best friend Chris came up with an idea that I should emotional blackmail my dad. And dad being dad, he couldn't being able to neglect the wish of her daughter, yep that's me.

And finally he gifted me Claire.

I don't know why but I felt developing motherly emotions towards her.

Obliviously I haven't told this to anyone otherwise all have only laughed with their *ss off.

They all think that I am worst then Claire in maturity.

C'mon it isn't like this.

" Pumpkin first finish your breakfast then zone out."

Dad commented and everyone around the table laughed.

I stuck my tongue out at them and gulped down the orange juice in one go.

" Dad you know right?"

I asked whilst stuffing boiled eggs inside my little mouth.

" Hunter is coming today. So no stupidity in front of him. Better warn this idiot Chris and your wife. I am sure they were planning something together to pull my legs in front of him."

I added with a serious face.

Chris rolled his eyes and Claire jumped into his lap.

" No promises."

Cherry and dad said in unison.


" Claire baby I am going out for few hours okay?"

I asked her and she cutely pouted.

I giggled at her reaction.

" Bye dad, bye cherry."

I said and turned towards Chris and Claire who were busy playing with each other.

" Cupcake. Me and Claire will meet you at our favourite Ice cream shop."

Chris said and Claire smiled brightly.

God. No not again.

I need few times alone with Hunter and I know very well that Chris is doing this purposely.

He use to say that I forgot him in Hunter's presence.

Seriously drama Queen.

Aw. But how can I say no to Claire who is looking at me with such a heart melting smile?

I passed a glare at Chris but instead of saying anything, he just shrugged his shoulders.

You see living with Chris in the same house is not less then participating in world war. He is like brother to me. He lives here since his parents had passed away in a same car accident as my mom. His parents and mines used to be good friends.

He loves us like a real family and so we do but it doesn't compensate the fact that he can be major pain in *ss sometimes.

" whatever."

I muttered.


Where the hell are you Hunter?

It's been an hour since I am waiting for that stupid *ss but still no sign of him.

I looked around and whole surrounding seems calm and beautiful. Between the mountains, in front of river , at the outskirts of city.

Yeah, this place is no less then paradise. Me Chris and Hunter had discovered this place. From then whenever it felt like suffocating, I just came here to relief my soul.

And also this is our little hangout joint where Hunter and I had some beautiful memories like he had first proposed me only here, our first kiss was also part of this place only.

" I am sorry, sorry,sorry. Really sorry baby."

Suddenly familiar voice enters my ears.

I turned in that direction and placed my hands on my hips.

There in my front stands one of the hottest specimen with sweat dripping from his hairs and dressed in white shirt and black denim.

D*mn! Now I need a freaking air conditioner. Its hard to control so much hotness level.

And ladies and gentleman finally here comes my boyfriend Hunter.

" bout time, right?"

I asked him sarcastically while rolling my eyes.

He chuckled and pulled me into one of his bone crushing hug.

Well now how am I supposed to be angry with him?

This idiot knows how to melt my heart.

I couldn't get more perfect boyfriend because he has already every quality of perfection.

He loves me d*mn so much, he has never looked at any other girl except me, he is understanding, sweet,charming, extra hot....ugh words couldn't describe him. Nope no way.

We have a relationship of 3 years but he makes me feel like in every single moment, I am falling for him all over again.

" I am sorry for making you wait so long."

He said with guilt clearly visible in his eyes.

I nodded into his chest and smile.

" I will always be waiting for you even if you don't want to come."

I said and in response he lifts me up and spin me around in the air.

I started smiling like an idiot and quickly placed my lips over his.

The kiss was gentle full of love and care towards each other.

He always kiss me like it's our last kiss,taking my breath away but today he wants to be gentle.

And here's another reason why I love this man so much.

He knows exactly what I want.

" Hunter. When we'll be married, I want you to treat me like you do now, got it?"

I muttered and he smiled showing his perfect white teeth in response.


How perfect it would be to spent my whole life with him as being husband and wife.

But what if ...?

Oh scratch that. Why are you thinking so negative things.

Everything would be same like now.

" What happened September?"

He asked confusingly after reading my frown.

I sighed.

" Don't know. Something is not right. Like something-"

But before I can complete my sentence he shut me up with a peck on my lips.

I rolled my eyes.

" Come let's go and meet our little Claire and that monkey Chris before they put ice cream shop on fire."

He tried to lighten up my mood and I reluctantly nodded.

Stop thinking much.

Nothing will go wrong. I mean if god has to do something then why even at first place he has showered his enormous blessing on me.

My life was perfect, my life is perfect and defiantly it will be.

Right mom?

I questioned whilst looking up at the sky and smiled.

Chapter 2


" However you try Zachary Wilson, there is no way in hell you'll get to know about boss."

That bloody low piece shit muttered whilst wiping away the blood from his mouth through his shoulder.

I clenched my teeth and punched him directly on his face. More new bloods started forming over his mouth but still like every time this bastard wiped it away with a smirk.

I croaked up my eyebrow and looked at him all over again.

The man sitting in front of me, tied with a rope is one of the agent of god knows which bastard. Only because of him I've suffered a great loss in drug dealing.

" Fine don't tell me. I hope you know very well that I don't give second chance to anyone and as you've lost your first chance. Now suffer."

I added with a smirk and whistled.

Soon Riley and Blake entered inside dragging a women who happens to be this dickhead's wife and a teenag


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