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Looking For a Bride

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Tommáz Walker, billionaire heir of the Walker companies, is invited to the wedding of his French cousin, but as in any good family. He has his grandmother Enora Walker, owner of the largest fashion company in Paris, who warns everyone that the inheritance she will leave behind will be divided only among the married heirs. Since Tommáz doesn't accept being left out of the will, he decides to enter into a contract marriage. The only thing left is to find the lucky woman who will become the future Mrs. Walker. Amélie Petit, personal assistant to Noely Miller, Tommáz's half-sister, has been facing various problems caused by her father's gambling addiction. Even with her job as a social worker, she manages to improve her life, but her past always comes back to haunt her. He, a billionaire who can solve all the situations she is going through... She, a girl who learned that men are not trustworthy... A contract... A first kiss... Conflicting feelings... The trigger to transform the biggest seducer of Chicago into a family man with a sweet French romantic."


Enora Miller

Looking at the Eiffel Tower while sipping my tea with some biscuits is just to gather my thoughts on how I can help Tom let go of this libertine life he cherishes so much.

He needs to become a man with family responsibilities. Even though Noely manages to Miller and still manages to create such incredible pieces that are always in the spotlight during fashion week, I can't let everything fall on my daughter's shoulders.

I need my Tommáz to show interest in managing the companies here. Larissa hasn't shown interest in the company, as she herself says; her focus is on the board she runs with an iron fist at Walker, which fills me with pride for my granddaughter. As for Ethan, I know he will excel in leading Walker in Chicago.

"I know that look, my mother-in-law," I hear the sweet voice of my daughter-in-law Emily, snapping me out of the reveries of a tired mind.

"Thinking of how to make Tom want to lead Miller and leave behind this womanizing life he leads," I say, looking into the green eyes of my son's wife, who ends up bursting into laughter.

"My mother-in-law, you have a huge sense of humor..." She continues to laugh at what I said. "We've tried everything to make this boy a little more responsible."

A plan begins to form in my head as I look at my laughing daughter-in-law. One thing I know about my grandchildren is that none of them want the family fortune to fall into the wrong hands. They would all prefer to lose both hands than lose control of the family businesses, except for Noely. She only cares about setting trends; whether her father's company is under family control or not is irrelevant to her.

"I know what I'll do!" I exclaim, silencing my daughter-in-law, who looks at me expectantly, waiting for me to share my idea. "I'll modify my will and leave the company only to the married heirs. That will pique my grandson's interest even more, especially since Elisa is the only one getting married. My grandson won't accept being left out of the inheritance."

"I don't believe it will work, Enora. Tom is competitive, but he values his libertine lifestyle too much!" My daughter-in-law's comment earns a dismissive click of my tongue.

"It seems you don't know my grandson. The plan will work, so get ready; he'll go crazy looking for a bride," I retort confidently, as she laughs again.

"I'll take that bet and double it with you, ma'am," I see my daughter-in-law extending her hand to me, and I take it firmly.

I'll turn my grandson into a responsible man and even get some extra money out of my beloved daughter-in-law.

"Mrs. Miller, the salon team has just arrived!" My housekeeper informs me.

"Let's go, Emy, it's time to get ready for our event," I say, getting up from the chair and pulling my daughter-in-law towards my room, which has turned into a makeshift salon.

01 - Tommáz Walker

Tommáz Walker

I swiveled my chair towards the large glass wall that occupied the entire room on the top floor of the Walker Corporation. Finally, my father Noah was entrusting the company to my command. Even though he claims it's just a bet, I love my parents and I know he trusts me. But I'm still not ready to fulfill their biggest wish.


Just thinking about it sends a shiver of foreboding down my spine. It's not that I don't believe in the institution of marriage; in fact, I see that those around me have done very well. Looking at my parents and my uncles, Mike and Emma, they are all extremely happy in their marriages.

But I love my life, having a different woman every night, and I don't want, nor plan, to tie myself down to just one anytime soon. I can't see myself living the life of a one-woman man.

Even though I know I've caused quite a stir with the press in recent years, always being photographed with a different woman, wh


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