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A Day To Remember

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His calloused hand caresses her leg just barely, as it follows the curve of her inner thigh slowly but surely.  The index finger glides further up till it reaches her wet center and finds her folds before pausing.  She can sense that he is hesitant, but she ushers him forward with a smile while staring into his ocean blue eyes. Taking his hand, she urges him on and as soon as she feels his large finger enter her, she awakens. "Sh*t!"  Kaitlyn exclaims as she wipes the sleep out of her eyes.  She finds herself wondering why she always has these dreams, but they never finish.  Usually, she gets farther along though and sometimes they even feel like they are real. Getting up, she realizes what time it is.  "Damnit!  I am so late."  She mutters to herself as she tries to unwrap her legs from the crisp Egyptian cotton sheets.  The one treat that she allowed herself a few months ago when she was feeling depressed.  This is one of my very first novels that I had ever written for paid web novel platforms. Kaitlyn Randall wakes up late and the first thing she does leaving her place, is almost throw her cold coffee on a cop car nearby with a handsome officer inside. To say the least, her day isn't going very well except for the eye candy. Especially when she shows up to work extremely late and has to clear out her desk. When she finds out later that her estranged father left her millions of dollars, she decides to go to Europe and take a well-earned vacation after quickly buying a house. Once she is there, she realizes that it was all an elaborate scheme and now she is stuck in Europe by herself, without a single dollar to her name. Will a tall, dark and handsome stranger come to her rescue? Or more importantly, what will he want in exchange? See what this rich stranger has in store for her in A Day To Remember.

Chapter 1: Just A Bad Day

His calloused hand caresses her leg just barely as it follows the curve of her inner thigh. The index finger glides further up until it reaches her wet center and finds her soaked folds before pausing. She can sense that he is hesitant, but she ushers him forward with a smile while staring into his ocean blue eyes. Taking his hand, she urges him on and as soon as she feels his large finger enter her, she awakens.

"Sh*t!" Kaitlyn exclaims as she wipes the sleep out of her eyes. A few seconds later she scratches the back of her neck and wonders why she always has these dreams, but they never finish. Usually, at least she gets farther along, and they feel so real that she has a hard time waking up.

Stretching, she yawns and quickly realizes what time it is when she glances down at the clock on her oak nightstand.

"D*mn it! I am so late." She mutters to herself as she tries to unwrap her legs from the crisp Egyptian cotton sheets. It was the one treat that she allowed herself a few months ago when she was feeling depressed.

Her boyfriend had just dumped her after a huge argument because she found out that he had been cheating, so she decided to go to Branigan’s and treat herself. They certainly were a bit pricey for her budget, but “what the hell.” she figured. After all, she had just lost what she thought at the time was the "love of her life".

Slipping out, she rushes to get dressed and skips a shower. However, before running out the door she grabs a cup of cold coffee and a stale powdered sugar donut. When she arrives at her old red station wagon, she temporarily deposits her donut and coffee cup on top of the car before shoving her hand into her pocket to find her keys quickly, because she realizes if she doesn’t get a move on, her job will be history.

As she does this, she plucks them out and almost drops them on the ground. "Just my luck." She murmurs to herself as she unlocks the car and nearly forgets her donut and coffee perched precariously on the roof. When she buckles up and starts the car, she takes a sip and almost throws up before murmuring under her breath, “Funny, I didn't remember the coffee tasting this bad yesterday.”

A few minutes later while driving down the road, she opens her window and pours it out, just narrowly missing the cop car sitting in the nearest driveway as she passes. As soon as she sees him, she glances down quickly at her speedometer and realizes that she was speeding.

Silently praying that he didn’t notice, she is sad to see that he pulls up behind her with his siren blaring and his lights on.

"Wow. What else can happen this morning?" She mutters under her breath as she rolls her eyes and pulls over to stop slowly.

"Ma'am, did you know you were going 10 over the speed limit?" A tall, handsome man asks flatly as he glares down at her from where he is standing.

Looking him up and down slowly, she decides that on a scale of 1 to 10, he is an 8 and a half because he has long chestnut colored hair. His skin is fair but has a hint of a summer tan starting and his body for a taller man is wonderful. As her gaze travels up, she stops at his beautiful blue eyes because they are so enchanting.

Lowering her eyes to her paperwork, she begins to wonder if he would ever consider dating her. “Ma’am. I need your paperwork.” He states in an authoritative voice as he stands next to the car while holding out his hand.

Glancing back up, those same blue eyes look down at her expectantly while her mouth opens but no words come out. Instead, she starts to cry and quickly turns away to hide the tears. Putting his hand on her shoulder gently, he whispers, "Are you ok? It's not that bad." as he leans down next to her.

Turning to face him head on, she manages to say through a half dozen tears, "I have already had a bad morning. I woke up late because my alarm didn't go off, and now I am late for work. My boss is going to fire me as soon as I walk through the door.”

When she looks back up at him, she batts her eyelashes before continuing in hopes that he will take pity on her. “Officer, I’m sorry. I wasn't paying as much attention to my speed as I should have."

Smiling, he gazes down at her sweetly and states. "Ma'am, I am willing to forget I saw you this morning if you put a smile on that face of yours and cheer up. I am sure it's not as bad as you think."

"Actually, it's just another day in a sequence of bad days that I have been having. Seems my luck is just really bad, but your kindness has shown me that not all men are complete assholes." She says as a smile plays on the corners of her lips.

Glancing out the front window, she notices that it's about to rain. "Just my luck! It looks as if it is just about to downpour." She exclaims and then shuts her mouth before he decides to change his mind.

He seems to get an idea when he looks her up and down as he notices how beautiful she is. Not only does she have flawless pale skin, but she has long blonde hair and hazel eyes that s*ck him in. Combined, it makes him want to crawl in the backseat with her.

“She looks to be only 5 and a half foot tall. I bet she would fit in the backseat easily and then we can see if her breasts are as soft as my pillow is.” He thinks to himself while feeling an uncomfortable tightness growing in his pants.

"Ma'am what's your name if I may ask?" He whispers right next to her ear as he stares at her hungrily and then glances off in the distance to the lightning.

"My name is Kaitlyn Randall. Do I need to give you my license and registration?" She asks softly while making him want to find out more and more if he is right after all.

"No, Kaitlyn. I just want to ask you for your phone number. My name is Jon.” He says sweetly while offering his hand to shake.

“It's nice to meet you." He adds as he starts to blush, while secretly hoping she gives it to him.

"Sure. Can I get your number and then I will text you quick? You can pull it off that and save it in your contacts." She states before waiting for him to respond.

"Yeah, no problem.

As he gives it to her, she types it in and texts “hi” on a message and then hits send. His face lights up immediately when his phone starts buzzing away. Grabbing it quickly before the lightning strikes again, he types back “hi” and hits send.

"Awesome. Do you mind if I text you later for a date this weekend?" He asks as he looks extremely uncomfortable, standing there.

"Yeah, no problem. I look forward to it, but are you going to give me a ticket? If not, you might want to hurry because it looks like it is about to get seriously dangerous out there." I say as I point up to the sky and wince when another round of lighting hits in the distance.

He looks up at the lightning and then at her. "Of course not. I couldn't give you a ticket after the morning you have had. Just consider this a warning and please be more careful." He says while smiling from ear to ear and then nodding to gesture goodbye.

Licking her lips, she sighs before replying happily, "Thank you so much. This day is starting to look up after all. It's not every day I have a good-looking guy stop me, then ask for my phone number after not giving me a ticket. Thank you so much again."

"No problem there. I just ask that you get back to me tonight, ok?" He asks before waiting for her to answer.

Nodding to her, he runs quickly back to his vehicle when the lightning hits dangerously close. Feeling relieved that he is gone and excited somewhat that he asked her for her number, she sits up in her seat and then starts the car. Waving as he pulls out and passes her by, she sits there for a moment to collect herself before pulling back into traffic. By the time she makes it into work, she is a full two hours late as she quietly walks to her desk.

"Ms. Randall, we seem to have a problem communicating. May I see you in my office?" Mr. Cohen asks as he stops and glares disapprovingly at her.

"Yes, sir. Just let me put my things in my drawer first please."

She starts to open her drawer when he turns and waves his hands while stating, "It's not necessary, you won't be staying. Now please follow me to my office."

At that moment she knows she is done, so she follows him to his office where she promptly sits down in one of his leather chairs right in front of him.

"Now, Ms. Randall. As you well know, I have told you repeatedly to not be late. Today is the last straw and I don't want to hear excuses. I am giving you your last check and severance package. Please take these and find your way out of the building after collecting your things from your desk." As he says this with a hint of sarcasm in his voice, he passes her an envelope.

While sitting there with a blank look on her face, she begins to panic before he adds snidely. "Ms. Randall, did you hear me? We are all done now, you may leave."

Looking up, she notices a smirk on his face and then immediately feels like she wants to smack him. Nearly saying something, she decides better of it and then says calmly, "Thank you, Mr. Cohen. It was nice to work under you." before she stands up and exits the room.

When she returns to her desk, she collects her belongings and then says goodbye to her coworkers sadly, “Janet, I will really miss you. You made working here a fun experience for me. I am just sorry that we didn't get to know each other more. Perhaps, some time I can call you and we can hang out." As she says this Kaitlyn rests her hand on Janet's shoulder and then she turns around and gives Kaitlyn a hug. After tears form in the corners of Kaitlyn’s eyes, she reciprocates the hug and says goodbye for the last time.

Chapter 2: Unbelievable

Walking out the door, she gets mixed feelings of sadness and regret, but also a sense of panic grips her again. As she returns home, she gets the mail and sets it on her kitchen table. When she eats dinner later that night, she notices the letter from the attorney out of the corner of her eye.

"That's odd." She states in a matter-of-fact tone of voice as she opens it. Reading the letter, she moves to the living room and sits down in her leather recliner before putting her feet up. "Wow! Is this real?" She exclaims while noting that the letter details how her dad who she never knew, had died, and left her a substantial amount of money, but there is a catch. To transfer the money to her account, she must meet with the attorney.

Shocked, she briefly thinks to call her mom and ask her why she told her that her father had been dead for so many years. This was clearly not the case. What would make her mother lie to her?

Instead of confronting her


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