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About me

As a writer of Chinese origin, I started with writing Asian-themed literature. Gradually I started writing billionaire and other modern romance tropes. Join me in my adventures on @ssfx3yuchens and @lingchenxi on Alphanovel!


Not Your Typical FL Romance
  • 👁 11.1K
  • 7.5

Devastated by her childhood crush Jake's betrayal, a twist of fate leads Myra into the arms of heir Hatta Baderan (Hart), who lives humbly despite his wealthy background. When circumstances lead to Myra accepting Hart to move on from her unfinished love story with Jake into a blossoming relationship with Hart, Jake mysteriously reappears in her life with a promise written in blood by their respective grandparents: the secret of their betrothal. As a stock crash leaves Myra's father in debt resulting in him paralysed in a stroke, Myra finds herself in charge of her father's numerous debts and failing businesses, but who is the destined prince of her love story?


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