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Married With The Playboy Billionaire

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Natasha is just a simple and ordinary girl while Alexander is a playboy billionaire CEO because since his ex-girlfriend left him he never got into a serious relationship since then. One night, Alexander went to the bar with his friends and he met Natasha there and he got interested in her because she looks like his ex-girlfriend and they drink together. They got drunk and they had a one night stand but Natasha did not remember who was the man who took her virginity. Natasha applied at the Montilva Corporation as the secretary of the CEO and later she found out that her boss is the same man whom she had a one night stand with before. Natasha's mother got sick and they need a huge amount of money to pay her bills at the hospital so Natasha has to look for money and it happened that Alexander needs to find a wife as soon as possible for his inheritance and he offered Natasha a contract marriage in exchange of money and Natasha has no choice but to accept the offer. Is there a chance for them to fall in love with each other and make their contract marriage a real one? Or someone will come back from the past and ruin their relationship.




We are at the bar now to celebrate the birthday of Julia tonight. She is one of my best friends.

Actually we are four in our group. Me, Julia, Celine and Brian, the only boy in our group but unfortunately, Brian is not here with us now because he had an emergency in their house so he can’t go here to celebrate with us so it is just the three of us right now.

Me, Celine and the birthday girl, Julia and I guess we can consider this night as our girls night out and we are now waiting for our drinks that we order.

And I am not really planning to get drunk and wasted tonight so I will just drink a little bit just to grant a favor for the birthday girl because I don’t want to be a killjoy tonight.

“Tsk, it is really better for us to celebrate my birthday tonight if the group is complete but unfortunately, Brian can’t really make it tonight."

"But well I understand his situation so maybe we just enjoy the three of us tonight, you heard me girls?” Julia just said to us while pouting her lips, complaining.

Because we are not complete tonight to celebrate her birthday because Brian is absent.

We are used to celebrating the birthday of each of us together every year and this is the first time that we will celebrate without Brian so I can really feel the sadness of Julia now.

But before anything else, I will introduce myself first.

Hello everyone! I am Natasha Samson, 21 years old. I just graduated from college and I took up Business Administration.

I am an only child and sadly my parents are already separated since I was in high school and they both already have a new family and currently I am living with my mother together with her new partner and my step sister.

I am already 21 years old but I never had a boyfriend and I am one hundred percent virgin and I even still don't have my first kiss because I really focused on my studies before.

I don't really have the time to enter into a relationship and I promised to myself that I will give my virginity to my future husband so he must be really lucky to have me in the future.

And now that I am already graduated, my best friends are forcing me to go to blind dates already because they said they are really afraid that I might become single forever.

That is why they are always introducing me to random guys since we graduated in college.

"Oh My Gosh, so what are we waiting for? Let's drink and have some fun tonight girls. Come on, let's drink!" Julia just said sounds really excited so we did what she wants and started to drink now.

But as for me, I just drank a bit from my glass because as I have said earlier, I am not really planning to get drunk tonight because I still need to find a job tomorrow because I need to work to help my family in our daily expenses.

“Oh My Gosh girls! Can you see what I am seeing right now? A hot guy is staring at you Natasha and he seems to be really interested in you and he is so handsome and yummy OMG!” Celine said to us all of a sudden while giggling.

So I just frowned at her and look where she is looking now and there I saw three guys on the other side of our table and it is really true that one of them is staring at me right now.

And I must say that he is really handsome but he really looks like a bad boy and someone that doesn’t know how to be serious with a girl.

“Oh My Gosh! You are really right Celine. He is so handsome. Look he is still staring at Natasha right now and also the two boys that are with him now are also hot and handsome like him."

"OMG! We are so lucky tonight so what is our plan now? Should we join them at their table? HIHIHI,” Julia simply said while giggling also.

And I just shook my head because of them because they became like that right away after they saw some hot and handsome guys.

My best friends are really silly sometimes. I just heaved a sigh with just the thought of it.

“Will you stop being like that now because I am not really interested in any guy so let’s just drink here and don’t mind those guys around us please?” I simply said to them.

Because I am sure that they are already planning something to get the attention of those three guys on the other side of our table.

I just look at their table once more and that guy is still staring at me right now with a blank face and I can’t really read what is running into his mind.

What is his problem really because he keeps on staring at me and I am starting to get conscious of my look now.

“Tsk, you are really a killjoy Natasha you know that?"

"But okay fine, if that’s what you want and how about we go to the dancefloor now and have some fun there? Sounds interesting right? HIHIHI,” Julia just suggested to us.

And Celine agreed to her right away and they high five.

I heaved a sigh, I don’t think that is a good idea because I am not really a party animal.

And I don’t really know how to dance so I am sure that I will just not enjoy there plus the dancefloor is really crowded.

Because there are a lot of people dancing and they are all wild and I don’t really want to go to crowded places.

Because I am not that a sociable person and I don’t really want to get close to people that I don't really know.

“Ahm, just go to the dance floor girls and I will just stay here and wait for you. So have some fun and enjoy it there okay?” I simply said to them

And they just both pouted their lips because I don’t want to join them now.

But I just pushed them away so that they will already leave me here so they have no choice but to leave me alone here.

After they left me at our table, I started to drink a little bit because I don’t have anything to do right now in the first place.

I am already getting bored so I just decided to get my cell phone and look for some job hiring online so that my time will not get wasted.

After browsing for a minute, I saw a post from Montilva Corporation official f*c*b**k account that they are hiring a secretary for their CEO.

And when I looked at the monthly salary, my eyes literally got big because it is really huge for the job and I got really interested because I will earn big amount of money if ever I will get hired.

So I immediately saved the post and I will inquire there tomorrow and I am just hoping that they will choose me.

Because the post got so many reactions and comments already so I am sure that there are a lot of people who wants to apply there too just like me.

“Hi miss, would you mind if i will sit here beside you?” someone said out of nowhere and when I looked at him, I just got a bit shocked.

Because he is the guy that is staring at me earlier and now he is already in front of me and asking to sit beside me.

Oh My Gosh! He is really more handsome up close and he has that charisma and I am just feeling that my cheeks are getting hot right now.

Because of the way he is staring at me now and I don’t know why but my heart is starting to beat faster and I am really getting nervous now just to be honest here.

D*mn! What is happening to me now really?!

“A-ah, yeah you can sit here,” I simply answered him and I really stuttered in front of him right now.

Oh My Gosh! That is really embarrassing! I simply moved a bit to give him space and I don’t really know why I agreed to let him sit beside me right now even though I don’t really know him and he is a stranger to me.

D*mn! I must be really out of my mind now but he seems to not be a bad person anyway so I think it is just okay if I will talk to him now right?

I just heaved a sigh with just the thought of it.

“Ohh thank you miss, by the way I am Alex nice to miss you but would you mind if I will ask what is your name?” he simply asked me while smiling at me and he has a really captivating smile.

So handsome! He simply offered his hand for a shake hands so I gladly accepted his hand because I think there is really nothing wrong with that.

“Hello, I am Natasha. Nice to meet you too Alex,” I simply said to him and we shake hands and I just saw him grinned a little bit and I don’t really know what is running into his mind right now.

But he seems to be nice so I guess, I can consider his company tonight besides my friends are not here yet so it is better if I am not alone here so that I will not really get bored tonight.

Chapter 2 AT THE BAR



“Hi, Natasha. Why are you alone now? I saw you with your friends earlier but where are they right now?” he simply asked me with a curious face.

And it is really true that he is already staring at me earlier when my friends are still here with me.

I don’t really know why he seems to be really interested in me that is why he really approached me now.

“Ahm, they went to the dancefloor to have some fun there,” I simply answered him.

And he just nodded to me and stared at my face like I am really going to melt by the way he is staring at my face now.

What is his problem with my face really? Oh My Gosh! I am starting to really get conscious with my look right now.

“Oh, is that so? But why did you not join them there? Don’t you want to dance too?” he just asked me curiously while not cutting his weird stares at my face now.

“I am not really fond of dancing and the truth is, I don’t really know how to


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