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Jay Crawley

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Hidden Secrets: A Screwed Up Love Story
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  • 7.5

Fuck..I moan as my feverish skin makes me dizzy with lust. [Yes.] "Evet, Mila. You make me want to ravage you when I should be disgusted by the thought of even touching you." He mutters. "But I'm not. Instead, everything about you makes me mad with desire and I can not control it. God's, I tried to but I don't want to anymore." He removes his hand from the wall, wrapping his fingers around my jaw and he forces me to stare up at him. "You've already had a taste of me and one taste is all you get." I swallow loudly, throwing his words back at him.

Mated To The Alpha Alien
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  • 9.4

They will stop at nothing to try and tear us apart, but you can not escape destiny, fate, or your mate. ***MIYA***An internal battle is taking place between my mind and my heart. It is waging a war, blurring the lines between what is right and what is wrong... Zion Mahji is my human kryptonite, my savior and I'm his fated mate. I am drawn to him like a moth to a flame. And maybe that's my problem...I'm too afraid that my heart will get scorched as he makes my body sizzle with desire. ***ZION***Miya makes me weak, vulnerable, leaving my heart unguarded...I didn't know I was lost until I found her...And when she is captured by our sworn enemy, I will stop at nothing to find her.I will destroy the entire Galactic cosmo hunting for her, killing to get to her just so she can breathlessly bring me to my knees and un-male me with a sinful smirk playing on my lips.

Clubroom's diary
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  • 7.5

Working in the Sex Industry isn't always what it's cut out to be. Some find love, like to cause chaos and others just simply try to get away with murder. Six lives, one book and an endless rollercoaster of fun! Amar lowers our hands, removing the gun from my grasp and he waits for Vanko to re-enter the room, passing him the murder weapon to dispose of. I feel Amar turn away from me and I turn to face him, wrapping my hand around his arm. When he comes to a halt and looks down at my hand, ""What now?"" I ask him."You are free to leave." He says as he elevates his gaze to mine, staring me directly in the eyes."

Defeated By Love
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  • 7.5

You taste like warm sweet honey and I want more of you! He growls as he presses his manhood into my hip. ""Give yourself to me tesoro." [Treasure] His words are like fuel to my igniting fire. I want him, I crave him and when his lips start to suck on my heated skin I turn into a puddle of water when his hand dips into the top of my dress. What began as a fling evolved into something far greater than either of them could have imagined. What will the Italian billionaire do to save Vanessa when they are thrown into a world they are both unfamiliar with time and time again?


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