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About me

I'm ProsPerxvi, that writer who focuses on taking you on a journey through the chapters of my book. Everything mystery and Erotic 🔥🖤♟️


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  • Author: ProsPerxvi
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 18.3K
  • 6.5

Blurb This book entails the life of a ruthless CEO and s*x addict, who was once a nerd before getting influenced by the bad eggs. Liam Noah turns out to be worse than his predecessors, taking advantage of recruits in his company. Setting: Contemporary Erotica and Romance. Main characters Liam Noah Age: 27 Role: The ruthless CEO and crazy s*x addict. Ability: Very good in bed and everything costume designing. Personality: Loud and arrogant, hot-tempered and naughty. Appearance: Tanned skin guy, tall, fine body build, wavy hair, and pink lips. Profession: Full-time businessman and costume designer. Liam Noah is the main character in this book, the S*x King himself. He was the boss of Janice Hart and thereby related to her sister, Lucia. Lucia Hart Age: 23 Role: Lucia crazily sought revenge and would continue till she achieved her aim. Ability: Good at interacting with people. A baker. Personality: calculative, quick-witted and could take risks. Appearance: A fair-skinned short girl with blonde hair, small eyes, and Rosy lips. Profession: A Baker and pastry maker. Lucia Hart is Janice's sister and Jeremy's beloved girlfriend, and Liam's enemy. Jeremy Wilder Age: 28 Role: Lucia's beloved boyfriend. Ability: Can hack into systems. Personality: Calm and collected, a man of few words. Appearance: A dark-skinned tall guy with curly short black hair. He has a well-chiseled chest and an endearing body. Profession: An expert hacker and app developer. He is Lucia's boyfriend and romantic partner. Joanne Ortega Age: 24 Role: Liam's intern Ability: Could draw out different clothes design at a stretch. Personality: Shy, friendly, with a high IQ Appearance: Average height, chocolate skinned and plumpy. Profession: Costume designer Joanne is Liam's intern and staff. Janice Hart Age: 26 Role: The victim Ability: Could repair and service sewing machines. Personality: Timid, obedient, naive, and easygoing. Janice Hart is Lucia's elder sister, Liam's employee who died while working for him. Book; S*X KING Estimated total chapters; 80,000 Words per chapter; 1000 words Oliver Thane; is Liam's 26-year-old most trusted guard and lackey. Agatha Lugard; Lucia's 20 year old assistant in their baking shop. Thompson Bernard; Liam's assistant manager was in his mid-forties. He was eloquent, friendly, and good at handling tasks. Amber Jones; Liam's 25-year-old receptionist was always at the front desk. Liam occasionally had nightmares and saw a very familiar face in all his nightmares. Sleep was now a terrible thing to do as he'd always see himself running in broad daylight with people staring at him, wondering what was chasing him.


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