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Tint of love

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The tint of love means shades of love. Love has a different meaning for different people, it differs from person to person .like for some Love has the power to change a person's behaviour, attitude and priorities also. You can say a change of personality. So in this story, you will witness different shades of love. Aarohi Vashisth is a 24-year old beautiful girl, working in Pune in an advertising agency. She is a flawless beauty. The girl who used to be full of life, a strong headed woman , fearless but now she lives like a stone with no emotions .she was not like this but an incident has changed her life forever Ranvijay sahay is a 36 years old, handsome multi-billionaire businessman of Mumbai and an underground mafia king who also had handled his business empire after his father's death. His cruel ways of dealing with people are famous all around the world. Nobody wants to get into his bad book. The whole world knows that the sahay group is just a facade but his true identity is the mafia's boss ,but he knows how to maintain the two worlds. I don't care what you think about me ,I was not born to impress you . - Aarohi If you think i am bad you are wrong i am worst . - ranvijay sahay.

Chapter 1. Mistake

Aarohi you made a grave mistake "

" You made a mistake "

A girl wakeup sweating profusely, she was taking heavy breaths, she want to breathe normally, but her mind was telling her something else.

She started murmuring," i. .. I made a mistake, I made a grave mistake ." She tried to find the tablets that can help her when she found the bottle she gulped two tablets in a panicked manner. After two minutes her heartbeat became normal and she dozed off on the bed.

The next day she wake up at 6 am, and then after her morning routine, she went to her yoga class in the hall on the ground floor. As yoga is suggested by her psychiatrist to calm her stress. After yoga, she took a shower got ready for her office and sat for breakfast where a plate of steamed poha was waiting for her, she smiled at seema didi, her caretaker and her only companion in Pune.

It has been 2 years she is living in Pune with seema didi and working as a marketing head in an advertising company. First, it was hard for her to adjust to a new place, but she knows very well that no matter what she will never go back. So she slowly get used to this environment and was satisfied with her life.

When she was leaving for her office, Seema didi called her from behind.

" Aru baby, it's only one week left for Diwali, so I was thinking that .."

" We will discuss this after I return from the office, as I am getting late, is it ok seema didi "

Seema didi just nodded.

Aarohi hurriedly left with her car to the office. First, it was hard for her to drive in this city's traffic but now she is accustomed to Pune traffic .once she reached the office building after parking her car she rushed to the elevator and then to her desk .she was glad that she make it up in time. She started doing her job as any other day. At lunchtime her colleagues called her for lunch she doesn't like to take tiffin from home she doesn't want to trouble seema didi more, she just ordered a veg sandwich and started eating it. At the lunch table, all her colleagues were talking about Diwali preparations at their house. Some were going to visit their native place.

Ruhi a new trainee in aarohi 's department asked her " mam you are also going to your home on Diwali "

Aarohi gripped her teacup more tightly listening to the word "home ", as it brings so many bad memories to her.

She anyhow composed herself, and replied ". No, I have to complete some important work here so I am not going"

" Ok "Ruhi replied.

Aarohi remembers something and does some bookings on phone. In the evening she reached home after buying some vegetables and groceries on her way.

Seema didi welcomed her with a smile and a hot cup of tea. Aarohi freshened up and have her tea.

" Seema didi, you start your packing and please tell me if you need anything to take with you. i have booked your ticket for tomorrow evening"

" My ticket,...only my ticket "seema got panicked

" hmm"aarohi replied

" So this means this year also you are not coming, but what will I answer them they all are hoping that you will"

" It doesn't matter to me what they think, or what they want me to do. I am not going there and that's final. So please dont bother about me and start your packing today itself ." Aarohi stated in a rude tone.

"ok then cancel my ticket, I am not going to leave you alone."seema replied confidently.

Aarohi looked at the woman standing in front of her clad in a simple saree,seema digitises in her 50s, she was with arohi for the last 2 years. She always takes care of aarohi as her daughter, not as a job ., but aarohi knows the other side of this care also.

Aarohi stated in a calm voice

" Seema didi your so daughter in law, your grandchildren and then your daughter who is expecting her first child after three years of her marriage must be waiting for you on Diwali, see this time you will not rush back to Pune, I want you to stay with your family only, especially your daughter gauri, as its less than two months for her delivery .so I think you should stay there only. "

"But aru baby Ji how will you manage here alone, and you dont worry about gauri as she told me to stay with you only as she can manage with the help of her sister in I am not..."

"No seema didi not done, So you are going and that's final "she stated in a decisive tone.

"And I am not a kid you know I can take care of myself I will appoint a local maid so that you will leave without any tension".aarohi gave her final decision.

The next day aarohi gave seema didi some money and sweet boxes for her family.

Seema didi was not taking it like every month a hefty amount was deposited in her bank account as salary. Aarohi kept the money envelop forcefully in her bag.

Then she went to drop her at the station,seema field to leave aarohi all alone in this city. Aarohi bid her bye and went back to her flat which was looking more empty now.

As she promised to seema, she kept a local maid for her daily house chores who use to come early in the morning and leave before aarohi 's office hours.

On weekends aarohi used to take music classes for the kids of an NGO near her residence, as music always gives peace to her mind and soul. She loves kids and spending time with little kids fills her weekend with some smiles, which is a very rare thing for her. Happinesssmilessand laughs are now only some words for aarohi.

A week passed by, and today is Diwali.

But what difference did it make in aarohi 's routine? She silently ate her dinner and then went to watch some movies while lying on a bed of course with wireless headphones as she got scared now from even the sound of crackers. Aarohi didnt lite a diya or even a candle in her flat for Diwali. Because for her the light of her life was already gone

As for her, all the festivals held no meaning now, she slept in her PJs after taking her medicines.

It was a week after Diwali when she just returned home and made a cup of ginger-tea for herself when her phone ranged with an unknown number, she hesitated at first but then picked up the call. Hearing asawari from another side she tried to cut the call.

"Hello .. hello aru it's me, your di ... please don't cut the call i dont know what i did wrong to you, i know what happened was not ...... but please tell me what was my fault why are you punishing me for this.

I know you hate us .... hate us all, but please dear listen to me just once ".

" Ok speak, before I change my mind "

Aarohi answered back in her hard tone.

Chapter 2. The Return

Aarohi replied coldly to her sister who was crying while sobbing in between the talk.

"Listen aru my wedding has been fixed with Nitin Kaul, a hotelier, he belonged to a well-known Kaul business family of Delhi... The wedding functions will start after a week, first engagement than Mehendi, then the wedding ."

"Please aru I cannot get married without my sister by my side, this is the only thing I am asking for you "

" You can assume it as my wedding gift, I request you aru please come home sister. I promise you nobody will

Say a word to you about your..... please."

" Anything else or I should cut the call " Aarohi replied with a cold voice...

' I know, it's hard for you anyways I am sending you my wedding card.

If you in your life ever loved me for a minute as your sister you will come to attend this wedding. "Saying this asawari cut the call herself crying badly.

Aarohi strained her tea into a cup and sat on the balcony attached to he


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