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Stood by you
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If I say define love, there will be different opinions, definitions, meanings of this word. But in this story the love is not only about physical needs, it is about emotional needs. The need of trusting someone with your life. The need to advise yourself that someone is always there for you. Two different people with different pasts and different backgrounds get united for a journey of a lifetime, let's join them in the journey of love. Darsh singhania a billionaire businessman, who belongs to a well known business family of singhania. In a very young age he reached heights of success.Due to a past heartbreak he decided to remain unmarried all his life. Sanjana Singh, a beautiful young girl belonging to an upper middle class family of Dehradun, was brought up by her maternal grandparents. All her life she craved for true family love. But destiny has their own plans for them, they got married due to circumstances. Will darsh accept sanjana as his wife? Will Sanjana get the love for which she had been craving all her life ? Stood by you is the story of these two who face the challenges of life together.

Tint of love
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The tint of love means shades of love. Love has a different meaning for different people, it differs from person to person .like for some Love has the power to change a person's behaviour, attitude and priorities also. You can say a change of personality. So in this story, you will witness different shades of love. Aarohi Vashisth is a 24-year old beautiful girl, working in Pune in an advertising agency. She is a flawless beauty. The girl who used to be full of life, a strong headed woman , fearless but now she lives like a stone with no emotions .she was not like this but an incident has changed her life forever Ranvijay sahay is a 36 years old, handsome multi-billionaire businessman of Mumbai and an underground mafia king who also had handled his business empire after his father's death. His cruel ways of dealing with people are famous all around the world. Nobody wants to get into his bad book. The whole world knows that the sahay group is just a facade but his true identity is the mafia's boss ,but he knows how to maintain the two worlds. I don't care what you think about me ,I was not born to impress you . - Aarohi If you think i am bad you are wrong i am worst . - ranvijay sahay.


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