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The Lost Bet 2

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“Her fate had been sealed on a poker table when her husband traded her off and lost her to a man who was ruthless. Aslan Parker would get anything he wanted by hook or crook. He robbed everything from Elena. The fate smirked when he fell for her. But could Elena forget everything?” Present The woman was scared. The man was smirking. He was not a man, but a beast. He was destroying her like a monster. Everything good in him had died the day that bullet was shot at him. The whip cut the air and….. They say when you lose everything, you find yourself. It was true, only until you are not caught. She lost everything but won herself, but how long? He has the cage ready when all she want is to fly. Is there anyone else for her? What does fate hold for them?


One Year Later

The man lifted the whip and used it on the body ahead with all his might. The woman couldn’t even whimper. She wasn’t allowed to.

The agency was worried. The man was powerful and needed an unscarred woman every night only to scar her badly. The agency’s most money came from him, so they were silent.

He took her finally and groaned. The woman bit her hand but lied there because that's what she was supposed to do. Bear silently.

“Even you are not her.” He pulled out and screamed with his hands in his hair. The woman cowered into a corner as she saw the monster in front of her. He had a tattoo on his left chest. His hair was long, had a beard on his face, and red eyes which were brimming with anger. Anger towards her or someone else, she had no idea. But she knew he was not the man she wanted to see even in her nightmare. So, she hugged her knees and closed her eyes, weeping silently after bearing all the brutality.

On the other hand,

The woman had the shades on. She took a book from the shelf and smiled. The first time she had felt this happiness. To see her name on the cover of a book. As an author. Even though it wasn’t her real name, at least she knew it was her. She sighed and hugged the book. It was a children’s book she had written.

The girl on the counter looked at her suspiciously. The woman took a few magazines, lots of fruits and groceries and went to the car. It was a battered old model.

Her life was pretty simple. As she pulled the car out of the parking, she didn’t forget to check if she was being followed. It had become a habit. Even if she had to watch her back the entire life, she was ready to do it, instead of living in a golden cage.

The Unexpected Twist

Author’s POV

Aslan was waiting for his bride. He adjusted his bow for the hundredth time. He knew he will be no match to Elena’s beauty, but he wanted to look good for her. As good as he could.

Slowly the music started and one by one the bridesmaids started pouring in. Bella came last as she was the maid of honor. Then the flower girl came followed by the ring bearer. He was waiting for Elena and the bridal music went on but she didn’t arrive. He smiled nervously thinking maybe her dress caught up in her shoes and she was fixing it. Or her posy wasn’t right. Is she nervous? Is she having second thoughts? He had all these thoughts killing him, but he only breathed a heavy sigh.

His heart was beating fast now. God, where is she? Is she alright? What’s going on?

Breathing was getting difficult. Ian came running inside. Isn’t he giving her away?

Ian looked worried, and blurted that Elena had not arrived. Aslan’s smile faded.

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