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  • Author: Sam Shelly
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.7K
  • 9.7

Theodore Maxwell, a ruthless business tycoon driven by vengeance, plots to marry Alina Roosevelt, to kill two birds with one stone; get revenge on her father and, to inherit everything that was rightfully his. Alina, a budding author with a heart as pure as her prose, was blissfully unaware of Theodore's ulterior motives when she said "I do." As Theodore's cunning plan unfolded, he found himself captivated by Alina's charm and kindness. Despite his initial intentions, he couldn't help but admire the woman he had married. But just as unexpected love began to blossom, everything crumbles with Alina’s father, who devised a cunning scheme that shattered the fragile peace in their marriage. Consumed by rage and betrayal, Theodore divorces Alina, blaming her for her father's deceit. It's too late to realize that Alina was a mere pawn in her father's malicious game. Regret gnawed at his heart as he desperately searched for her, but she had vanished without a trace. Haunted by the memory of his cruel actions, Theodore is set to find Alina and make amends. And he will stop at nothing. How long will Alina be successful in keeping her little secret hidden? ----------------------------------------------------- “I’m not your wife anymore, Theodore!” I yelled, shoving him away from me. He had absolutely no right to march back into my life. “Here’s where you are wrong Alina,” he took dangerous steps towards me until I was pushed against one of the walls, as he held me captive. “You were mine, then. You are mine now. And you, most definitely, will stay mine in the future. Not even you can separate yourself from me Alina, because you were born to be mine!” And that’s when he smashed his lips against mine in a furious kiss.

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  • 👁 1.5K
  • 9.4

Do you know what smells better than fear?" His voice was a replica of the male. Deep, dark, and dangerous. "What...?" She squeaked, terrified. He was standing so close to her... "Lùst. Desire." He spat the words like they tasted bad, his eyes cold, his face inscrutable. "The scent of your wetness is driving me insane. I can practically taste your hunger for my cóck." Then, he shocked them both. With a savage growl, his head lowered completely and his mouth crashed down to hers. . . *********** There are rumors... Whispers around in secret. Murmurs in pitch darkness. Of the most powerful 'man' in Naturiah. The most fearsome creature. The fiercest predator Naturiah ever has. A man who is the 'impossible'. Rumors has it that his powers and strength not only surpass that of all 'men' but there's are nothing compared to his. Powerful. Fearless. Highly Séxual. Instinctive. Dominant. Predator. He is their Alpha. Most species has an Alpha, but this 'man' is the Alpha of all Alphas. The ultimate Alpha. The Alpha King. They think him God. He is respected like one. He is feared like one. They call him God. Because, he is a crossbreed between the two most powerful creatures. He has the strength of a mountain lion and the power of a werewolf. He can take the form of a mountain lion or a werewolf. Or a man. Why? Because, he is a werewolf AND a mountain lion. His name is Wolfariane Daminor Throne. The Alpha King of Naturiah.