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In Love With My Brother's Fianceé
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I heard my Brother's voice, though I couldn't catch what he said. I looked at him. "Meet my fiancèe, Charissa. Charissa, meet my Sister Royal, but we call her Ry or handsome." He said with a smile. That was when I noticed he was with someone, I turned to where she was standing. My mouth was left hanging. 'Sweet mercy! This girl is gorgeous! how come I didn't notice her?' Well, trust my thoughts to always stray. I smiled at her. "Nice to meet you, Charissa." Royal Dawson, the H.R. of Beverly Hills Hotel, California, is a cute tomboy and a lesbian who is not yet out to her parents but to only her best friend, Maya. Maya was the first straight girl she had fallen for, back in college days but she turned her down because she was in a relationship already. They ended up becoming best friends. Royal adores Maya and thinks she is the only straight girl she would ever fall for. Not until she came face to face with the queen of hearts_Charissa Williams. Who happens to be her brother's fianceé. Royal saw herself falling deeply for this lady, as the day went by. If she is engaged to any random guy, she will strive to make her hers. But being that she is engaged to her only brother made her powerless and unable to act on her feelings. But seeing this lady every day makes her inner stir and causes her heart to beat faster than normal. Will she listen to her heart and risk a war with her brother as well as show her real self to her family? Charissa Williams is the only daughter of her wealthy parents and the heiress of her father's conglomerates. She is also an artist and a bisexual unknown to her parents. She is engaged to Karl Dawson, just to make her parents, especially her mom happy. She had left her gay side dormant for years until she set her eyes on this cute tomboyish lady that took her heart with her at first sight. This lady happens to be her sister-in-law. Meeting Royal awoke her gay side and stirred a deep and unquenchable feeling. She had earlier promised herself and her mom to marry Karl and officially claim her inheritance. But will she follow her heart which would only mean coming out to her parents and risking losing her inheritance? Fate can't be overridden and what will be, will be.

Forced to Marry the Mafia Don