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Arranged Marriage With My Devilish Stepbrother

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Abused and constantly used by his mom, his mom arranges a marriage between his step brother Ash and him. Steve knew it was for her own selfish desire but he was happy because he was in love with his step brother, but Steve didn't know that Ash only agreed because he wanted to make make him suffer because he hated Steve because he was birthed by a selfish woman. Steve suffers humiliation and constantly abused by his Ash. Ash constantly treats him like a s*x tool, When he finally makes his mind to leave Ash, he finds out he's pregnant for his him but because he thinks Ash would find it disgusting Steve decides to hide his pregnancy from him and leave. Dear readers and Viewers, explore the Love/Hate relationship between Ash and Steve, Steve's undying love for his Step-brother and Ash's never ending hatred for him. His determination to make Ash return his love back, with all humiliation Steve isn't one to give up so easily.

Chapter 1

Steve sloped on the bed as a hard slap landed on his face.

" know your place!b*tch! "

Ash voiced out while walking farther away from him. Steve looked at Ash with teary eyes trying to control them from falling. He nodded while wiping away his tears, Ash turned and walked back to Steve.

" Isn't this what you wanted?, now we're married so deal with me the way I am. Your mom will get the inheritance she wanted anyway. I am happy for both of you getting what you want. " Ash said coldly and disdained.

" Why won't you believe me?. I had nothing to do with our arranged marriage. I only agreed because I really love you. "

Ash was angered hearing Steve say that,he suddenly climbed up the bed. Knowing what was about to happen, Steve started to tremble and shake with fear. Ash slowly approached him on the bed. This happens twice a week Ash was always merciless.



Ash's fingers traced down his beautiful curves to his very white chest.

" Wh...what are d...doing?, "

Steve let out a yelp as he asked stammering as Ash got him off his clothes.

" Ohhhh, isn't this what happens in marriage? You don't need to pretend that you don't enjoy it. I'm f**king you... "

The reply came out in such a sarcastic way and his cold tone was making Steve flinch and trembled with fear

He tried to escape but Ash grabbed his legs and yank him back .

" No! please! "sobs*sobs "... Don't do this! "

Steve cried trying to push Ash away from him but got a slap on his face.

" Fulfill the duty of a wife. You brought this upon yourself. "

Ash squeezed Steve's *ss giving him a cold death glare.

" I really want to be with you, I don't mind everything you do to me, I really love you. But you really hurt me when you're angry. "

Steve shouted and cried but Ash chuckled and ignored him. He unbuckled his belt and pulled down his shorts. He's d*ck sprung out very hard and erect making Steve gulp with fear.

" Why is it so hard " Hinata asked

Ash grabbed his hair harshly, " s*ck it ". Steve refused refused as he commanded. His response angered Ash. He raised his head grabbing Steve's hair tightly. Steve let out a yelp " uggh! " his eyes were teary from the pain.

" You're disobeying me huh? "

Ash asked angrily. Tears brimmed in Steve's eyes and brimming down his cheeks and he looked at the big hard d*ck of Ash.

" I-i will start. "

He shuttered scared of what Ash will do if he didn't do what he ordered. Slowly stroking Ash's shaft, He took it inside of his mouth licking and sucking the tip while Ash groaned.

" Ugghh!Hgh!Mhh! "

Steve's eyes were brimmed with tears as Ash's d*ck started hitting the back of his throat. " Ngh!gah! " Steve gagged trying to catch his breath as Ash started doing it faster. SPLURT!! Ash's white sticky liquid sprayed all over Steve's face making him more seductive. Ash glanced at Steve's sinful face that made his d*ck hard again and twitching in wanting of Steve.

" Sob*hic*sob*hic "

Steve was sobbing while wiping away the white fluid on his face.

" We aren't done yet "

Ash voiced out suddenly pulling Steve up on the bed.

Chapter 2

Steve gasped letting out erotic moans. Every thrust Ash gave him was very rough and hard to bear. It made Steve squirmed and shout

" it's tighter than before? very pleasurable "

Steve groaned smirking while thrusting more roughly.

" s..s..slow "sob*hic* Aaahh~" please! "

Steve yelled and cried while grabbing onto the bed stand as if his life depended on it.

" PAK!!!!! "

" Aaaahhh!! " Steve cried as Ash spanked his ass harshly. Steve's white sticky liquid oozed out of his little member and he got all flushed red sweating and panting in pain.

" I..I can't take it anymore!! Angh~ "

He yelled and hugged Ash's neck as Ash grabbed his waist and pulled him into a very deep and hard thrust. " Aagh~ " Steve moaned crying and thrashing Ash's hard chest, but Ash flipped him over and thrust more.


It was morning with sun r


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