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Marrying my friends Ex-husband

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"Will you marry me?" Axton suddenly said, causing Emily to hold her breath for a few seconds before widening her eyes. "What? Marry you?" Emily asked to confirm, making Axton nod. However, Emily burst into laughter, even though it felt awkward. "You're joking, right? This must be impossible. How could you ask me to marry you? I thought this was just a sign that you're frustrated and making impulsive decisions like this," Emily said, making Axton shake his head. "Do I look like I'm joking with such a serious face like this? Besides, it's not April Fools' Day. There's no reason for me to lie to you," Axton said, making Emily immediately stand up from her seat. "No, no, no. I think you've come to the wrong person. How could you come to your ex-wife's best friend to propose marriage? You don't want to ruin our friendship, do you?" Emily asked, making Axton sigh deeply. "Because you're the only one who can understand, and by marrying you, Grace will realize her mistake," Axton said, leaving Emily speechless. Emily didn't know whether Grace and Axton were aware of her feelings or not. What she was sure of was that, over the years, she had successfully hidden her feelings well, keeping her admiration and love for Axton, her best friend's husband, to herself. Emily didn't know when those feelings had emerged. She also didn't know why those emotions suddenly filled her heart, unstoppable and undeniable. Now, Axton had proposed to her for a clichéd reason, to make Grace divorce Ethan, and Emily had reluctantly accepted. Despite facing Grace's anger for being perceived as a traitor, Emily went along with the decision. But Emily knew that this wouldn't be smooth sailing, as she had finally set some conditions for Axton. "All right, I accept your proposal, but with a few conditions," Emily's decision marked the beginning of their love story.

Chapter 1. He's not happy

Everyone immediately applauded, and it ended with a kiss between the two when the bride and groom exchanged their sacred vows in front of the pastor, family, and wedding guests.

The wedding blessing continued into the reception on the same day, with Emily occasionally glancing towards Axton, who maintained a flat expression while looking at the guests enjoying the music.

"Axton," Emily said, finally getting Axton to look in her direction.

"Are you tired?" Emily continued, but Axton didn't change his expression in the slightest. He didn't even pretend to be a happy groom at their wedding.

"I'm not tired. Just take care of yourself," Axton replied, causing Emily to lower her head. Maybe she wasn't tired, but from his expression alone, Emily could tell that Axton wasn't enjoying their wedding party in the least.

Emily could only sigh deeply. That's how the reception went. They would smile and stand when guests approached them to offer their congratulations. After that, Emily and Axton didn't exchange a single word. Even Axton's smiles felt forced.

Until finally, the moment that made Emily's heart race was when the reception was truly over. Emily chose to enter one of the hotel rooms that had been prepared for the newlyweds, where their wedding had taken place.

Emily could only sit in front of a large mirror, which now reflected her looking sad in her wedding dress that was still clinging to her body. The entire day had truly drained her, even though they hadn't invited many guests, but for some reason, it had been exhausting for Emily.

Emily decided to take a deep breath. She had been wearing the wedding dress, which now clung to her body, for quite some time. It was time for Emily to take it off and change into something else. However, suddenly, Emily's face reddened, and she felt a warmth as she imagined tonight being her first night with Axton. She quickly shook her head; of course, that wouldn't happen. Just the thought of it made Emily laugh at herself.

"Think rationally, Emily," Emily mumbled as she tried to remove her wedding dress. But her movements halted when the bedroom door opened, and Axton appeared, looking at her.

For a moment, they could only gaze at each other. Even in that brief moment, Emily felt like time had stopped until Axton finally stepped forward, making time return to normal.

"I thought you were already asleep," Axton said as he walked past Emily without paying much attention to her. Emily could only watch Axton's firm back as he began to remove his clothing one by one, starting with the suit and tie that had made him feel stifled throughout the event, then rolling up his shirt sleeves. After that, Axton looked back at Emily, who remained silent, leaving her transfixed.

"I was just about to rest," Emily quickly said, realizing that she had been caught staring at her husband now. Axton only responded with a serious expression, folding up his shirt sleeves.

"Are you planning to rest in that dress? I don't think it's comfortable," Axton said as he walked over to a table where there was a bottle of wine and two matching crystal glasses. Emily could only look at the wedding dress still clinging to her body.

"I mean, I'll change my clothes first before resting," Emily replied, but Axton remained silent.

Axton was occupied with the wine he had poured into his glass, sipping it slowly, while Emily just sighed deeply. She felt like a shadow in the room.

Finally, with caution, Emily dragged her wedding dress into the bathroom, as it was impossible for her to change in the same room as Axton, who was enjoying his drink. Emily slowly began to reach for the zipper of the dress she was wearing, but several attempts failed, eventually making her stare at the large mirror in front of her.

"You're not done yet?" Axton asked from behind the door, snapping Emily out of her reverie. Panicked, Emily stood up. Of course, Axton must also want to use the bathroom. Then why had he spent so much time in there?

Emily walked, dragging her dress, and opened the door, "Do you want to use the bathroom?" Emily asked, peeking from behind the door with a face now focused on Axton.

"Of course, I also need to rest soon," Axton suddenly said, pushing the door. However, he fell silent when he saw Emily still wearing the wedding dress.

"You don't intend to wear that wedding dress all night, do you? Or is it because you really like this dress?" Axton asked, making Emily shake her head. Of course, just the thought of it made her uncomfortable.

"Then why?" Axton asked again, making Emily only offer a awkward smile.

"I'm having trouble opening this dress; my hands can't reach," Emily replied while trying to reach for the zipper on her back, showing it to Axton, who let out a long sigh.

"You could have asked for my help, you know," Axton said. After that, he just entered the bathroom, making Emily step back. Without a word, Axton grabbed Emily's shoulders and turned her to face the large mirror in front of them. Emily could only be fixated on Axton's face, which was also looking at her.

"What's with your expression?" Axton asked, making Emily place both of her palms on her cheeks. Her flushed cheeks were so obvious in Axton's eyes, Emily thought, and she could only shake her head.

"I'm fine," Emily replied again.

"That's not what I mean, but you seem frightened when you look at me. Am I scaring you?" Axton asked, making Emily shake her head once more. Yes, actually, she was scared. How could she not be afraid when facing a man who hadn't even given her a single smile, from the beginning of the event until they were both in a room like this.

"Any woman in her position would probably feel the same way," Emily thought. She felt somewhat stiff when suddenly Axton began to unzip the dress on her back. Her face grew even warmer and redder when she felt Axton's fingers accidentally brushing against her skin.

Until finally, Emily could see Axton, who was now looking at her. Their gazes locked on each other, making time around Emily seem to stop. Finally, Axton leaned his face close to Emily's.

"All done; you can change now," Axton said in a voice almost like a whisper. Emily could feel the warmth of Axton's breath against her ear. It made Emily blink her eyes a few times, watching as Axton left the bathroom, leaving her with various thoughts swirling in her mind.

Chapter 2.but with a few conditions

Emily didn't know what time it was when she started to wake up from her sleep. When she felt the empty space beside her in bed, Emily immediately looked around. She saw Axton standing facing the window. However, what puzzled Emily was that Axton was on the phone at that moment. The question that arose in Emily's mind was who Axton was calling in the early hours of the morning. Emily closed her eyes, trying to sharpen her hearing as Axton looked in her direction.

"It's you who forced me to do all of this, and I had no other choice, Grace," Axton suddenly said, making Emily's heart race when he mentioned someone's name.

"Maybe if you had ended your marriage with Ethan directly, I wouldn't have married Emily," Axton continued, causing Emily, who was listening to all of Axton's confessions, to grip the thick blanket covering her body.

Emily listened as Axton continued to sigh repeatedly, as if


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