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Divorce day: Marrying My Ex's Enemy

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When Grace's father is hospitalized and her brother is sent to jail by her own fiancé, who then seizes the family fortune, she retaliates by breaking off the engagement and impulsively marrying her ex-fiancé's business rival. What she thought was a simple transactional marriage turns out to be anything but—her new husband is clingy beyond belief. He demands her company for meals, business trips, and even requires her to soothe him to sleep. Discovering he harbors a true love, Grace presents him with a ready-made divorce agreement to set him free. "Divorce?" He rips the agreement to shreds. "Let me tell you, Grace. I only do widowhood, not divorce." Grace is baffled—hadn't he professed love for another? "True love is you, unrequited love is also you..." he declares, pulling her into an embrace, "It has always been you, from the beginning to the end!"

Chapter 1: The Condition Is Marriage

In the lavish VIP suite of a swanky clubhouse, Grace Sullivan clutched the strap of her handbag, her expression one of abject humility.

Her father lay in the ICU, her brother sent to prison by his own fiancé, Nathan Harper.

The once-proud Sullivan name was now a byword for misfortune, and everyone seemed to avoid her like the plague.

Grace Sullivan, besieged by debts and bereft of allies, faced losing her father's legacy, the Sullivan Corporation, to Nathan Harper if she couldn't secure new funding.

The Wall Street titan before her represented her sole lifeline.

"Help you?"

The man by the floor-to-ceiling window turned slowly, facing her.

"And why, Miss Sullivan, should I believe you need my help?"

The neon lights outside cast a pale golden aura around his silhouette. His features, exquisite and deep-set, exuded a chill that could dim the sparkle of Hollywood's brightest stars.

Recognizing him, Grace's heart seized. The esteemed Wall Street figure, known simply as LION, was none other than James Lowell, a prodigy from Yenching No.1 High School she hadn't seen in seven years.

Gone was the boyishness of youth, replaced by the unassailable aura of a man who commanded respect. His mere presence sent a shiver down her spine.

Instinctively, Grace took a step back, the desire to flee nearly overpowering her. But she couldn't run. The fate of the Sullivan family now rested solely on her shoulders.

James Lowell was the only person who could—and would—help her.

Taking a deep breath, she lifted her gaze to meet his.

"Mr. James, I understand you're looking to expand domestically, and Sullivan Corporation's construction branch would be an excellent asset. If you're willing to partner up, I’m prepared to transfer my entire stake in Sullivan Corporation to your control, free of charge."

His handsome face remained impassive, his tone indifferent.

"Miss Sullivan, as I see it, you're drowning in debt. Whether you can even hold on to that 10% of the Sullivan shares is questionable. Besides, how can I be sure this isn't a trap you've concocted with Nathan Harper?"

At the mention of Nathan Harper's name, Grace's heart clenched. He had pursued her for four years, from her first year in high school to her freshman year of college. She had foolishly believed in his affection. Now she understood that his sweet words were nothing but a ruse.

The most trusted man in her life was nothing more than despicable scum.

Thinking of her father on the brink of death and her brother behind bars, Grace could hardly breathe. If not for her relationship with Nathan, perhaps the Sullivan family wouldn't have fallen so far.

"We've ended things."

The sound of James's fingers tapping against his whiskey glass sent a shiver through the room.

Step by step, Grace moved closer. "If you help me, I can... do anything for you."

She had nothing else to bargain with—her last resort.

"Anything?" James's voice was tinged with a dark undercurrent.


"Fine." James Lowell walked over and sat down behind the desk. "Then prove it to me, Miss Sullivan."


"How do you want me to prove it?" she asked.

Sipping his drink, James looked her over, his lips parting to issue a simple command: "Kiss me."

Grace's breath hitched. Her hands clenched and unclenched. Taking a step forward, she positioned herself before James.

He reclined in his chair, his long lashes casting shadows over his eyes. His gaze, ambiguous and intense.

Grace leaned in, her eyes fixed on his lips. For her brother, her father, for the Sullivan name, she pressed her lips to his.

It was an inexperienced kiss. In three years with Nathan, they had never gone beyond holding hands and hugging. Whenever he had tried to get closer, she always felt a strange aversion.

Now, for the first time, Grace initiated a kiss with a man out of sheer desperation, her lips trembling.

It was less of a kiss and more of a brush of lips.

James remained still, his fingers wrapped around his glass, his face cold as marble.

"All these years, and Nathan never taught you how to kiss?" he taunted.

Realizing he was mocking her, Grace bit her lip and stood abruptly, racing for the door.

She had just grasped the handle when a hand reached from behind, seizing her wrist.

In an instant, she was pressed against the door, his kiss as cold as his demeanor, the taste of whiskey sharp between their lips.

The kiss was aggressive, almost punishing, overwhelming her.

His body pressed hers against the door, his warmth searing through her thin dress.

Her coat slipped from her arm, her purse fell. Her legs grew weak.

James's hand tightened around her neck as he leaned in, his breath ragged and low. "That's a kiss."

Before Grace could catch her breath, he silenced her with another kiss.

His hand slipped under her sweater, his palm scorching against her skin.

Grace instinctively reached out, grabbing his hand through the fabric.

"Having second thoughts?" he murmured into her ear.

"No... not at all!" Grace gasped. "Could you... could you go slower? It's my first time."

Whether it was her words or her reaction, James's movements seemed to soften.

He no longer bit her, but the sensation was still overwhelming.

Every touch from James was a tug on Grace's nerves, like an invisible hand stirring emotions within her, making her involuntarily flush and weaken...

As he kissed her neck, his voice was slightly muffled. "You never slept with Nathan?"

"No... never."

"Good girl," he murmured.

Her heart pounded in her chest, her blood rushing in her ears.

She barely caught the last thing he said. "What was that?"

James said nothing.

Suddenly, he stepped back, releasing her.

Grace slumped against the door, gasping, her mind racing to understand his sudden change of heart.

Was it her inexperience that bored him?

James downed the rest of his drink in one swift motion, his face returning to that cool indifference, as if the man who had just kissed her so passionately was someone else entirely.

If not for the smear of her lipstick at the corner of his mouth, Grace might have believed it was all a hallucination.

"I'm willing to cooperate," he stated coolly. "But... I have one condition."

"What condition?"

His lips parted slowly, and he uttered four deliberate words: "Marry. Me."

Chapter 2: He is the Arch-Enemy of Her Fiancé

Marry?!Cough—Grace nearly choked on her own saliva.She had anticipated that James might seek vengeance, to humiliate her.She even imagined he might demand she become his mistress, a mere bed partner.But she never fathomed that he would propose such a condition."But...""Don't want to?""No, it's not that, I mean... marrying me would be your loss."He was the renowned Wall Street tycoon, LION.Leaving aside the James family, his own assets were already considerable.In marriages among the wealthy, interests always came first.Even at the height of the Sullivan family, they weren't in the same league as the Jamess.Not to mention, she was now penniless and in debt.Grace was not so vain as to think he desired her for her looks.Besides, if it was just about looks.Given James's appeal, if he wanted to m

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