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  • Author: Harley Z.
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 8.9K
  • 9.0

"Listen up everyone!" I yelled to gain everyone's attention "Your trainer Antony, is going to be gone for the foreseeable future. YOU lucky ladies have the pleasure to be trained by me. Antony is a nursery teacher compared to the hell you will soon be facing by me" I stated authoritatively. "Little girl I have morning shits bigger than you" yelled a testosterone-induced joke from the back causing snickers to erupt throughout the crowd. "Then I'd suggest eating more greens and lessening up on protein and testosterone. You know that sh*t causes your willy to shrink up and fall off right" I retorted. I watched the man turn purple with rage before charging towards the stage. Immediately taking a side stance I prepare to take the idiot Alpha 'gracefully'.  Kicking off the stage I performed my perfect Tornado barrel kick to the dumbass's head. Connecting with a loud crack and landing gracefully on my feet bowing to my audience of alphas, knowing full well that alpha is not getting up for a while. "Any more volunteers?" I said smugly. "Nope, alrighty then. So, going forward I am not someone to mess with. I do not take lightly to those who challenge me, and I do not respond to assholes who think little ladies belong barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. If you have those prejudices, I am more than willing to clear those thoughts from your head. And for jackasses like this one, off your head. Do I make myself clear?" Gabriella's family was cursed as she puts it. She cannot be commanded by any Alpha and for that, she cannot belong to any pack. From an early age, her father and 6 older brothers taught her how to fight. She excelled in multiple forms of martial arts and finally of age was allowed a position as the head female warrior trainer at the Academy. The Academy was the starting ground for all Alphas and potential Lunas, as well as many of the lead warriors and head leadership for various packs around the area. Gabriella's older brother Antony plans to have her take over his class so he can continue his traveling training program, with his secret mission to find his mate. Uninterested and not caring about finding a mate she excitedly agrees unknowingly she would be challenged beyond compare. Forced to bring together the factions of the underworld Gabi, her family, and friends she meets along the way struggle to gain control of the underworld and bring everyone under one leadership. !!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT INFORMATION !!!!!!!!!!!! This book contains LOTS of scenes that are not appropriate for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. There are scenes of lots of sexual content and plenty of aggressive and death scenes. Please much of this book can and will be triggering to some. Please if you are triggered easily do not read.