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  • Author: Darma Day
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 66.9K
  • 9.9

Isla- a young, and underestimated warrior. After surviving years of traumatic abuse, she is left orphaned, and alone. She strives to prove to herself, and others, that she is not weak. Though she is beautiful and strong years of psychological abuse, she doesn’t believe she is worthy of love, or that the Moon Goddess will grant her a fated mate. Alpha Zac is the fair and strong leader of Clear Creek. Secretly a hopeless romantic, Zac wants his fated mate more than anything. But after waiting years to find her, he has accepted a playboy lifestyle. When a unique she-wolf warrior joins his pack, she does more than fulfill his fantasies, and she tests how far he will go to protect her from her past. “WEAK” he yells as he swiftly brings the whip at me. I quickly try to cover my face but am not fast enough. I hiss in pain as the unforgiving leather slices my hand and eyebrow. I try to swallow the sob that wants to escape me, but instead, I throw up. Maybe he would have stopped there if I would have missed his boots.** (ISLA) I feel a pang of jealousy; she has what I've always wanted. A loving family, support, friends, and stability. Audrie doesn't have to question if she belongs here or try to prove her worth. (ZAC)My whole chest tightens, and my wolf presses forward. “MATE”. The urgency to hold her, to take away the pain, intensifies. I reach out and lift her head, and that's when I see the gash trickling blood onto the already blood-covered rock. I scoop her up and head straight to the infirmary. I just found my mate, I can't lose her on the same night.

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  • 👁 2.4K
  • 9.7

Book 1 of the forbidden series Suddenly, a dark and huge black wolf came out of the bushes, and I gasped. Of all the wolves, I had to be connected to the leader, the alpha. I almost cursed my luck. Alphas always cause problems. I couldn't escape from him, and I couldn't reject him either. Alphas don't handle rejection well because it hurts their pride. However, he could reject me. My name was ruined, and I had nothing. I had no money, no important position, and no power. I was too weak to even be called a Luna at the moment. And that was my plan. My ruined name might be the solution to my problems. "You don't want me!" I said confidently. This had to work. I didn't want to lose the freedom I had just gained, and not even a mate could make me stay in one place anymore. "I have no power, no money, no important position, and no name," I added. The wolf just stared at me and continued growling. He seemed ready to attack if I made any sudden moves. Part of me wondered how my mate would look in human form, and it excited my wolf instincts. But I pushed those thoughts away. It didn't matter now. Even if I decided to stay, I would still be rejected because of my father's mistakes in the werewolf world. Then, boldly, I declared, "My name is Louisiana Reynolds, daughter of the disgraced beta, Darius Reynolds!" This had to be it. The final blow. The bones of the wolf immediately started breaking, transforming into a human. He obviously wanted to reject me quickly. When the transformation was complete, he stood proudly in his naked form, not ashamed of his body. I couldn't see his face, but I couldn't help but admire his strong arms and muscles. When his face came into view, my breath caught, and it felt like I had lost all hope. Death was finally here. "The moon goddess must be playing a trick on me," he growled. "A-Alpha K-Kaden!" I stuttered. Was it possible that the moon goddess was against me? Was there a glitch in my story? **** Louisiana Reynolds is the daughter of the disgraced and killed Beta Darius Reynolds, the murderer of Alpha Kaden's first mate Freya, whom has been living a life of torture in her pack, RedSand as an atonement for her father's sin. While Louisiana sought for freedom she discovers that she is the second mate of Alpha Kaden as their fates has been intertwined. She then has to live with the Alpha that despises her and would not reject her.

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  • 👁 8.4K
  • 9.6

Daisy - Her parents sold her as a child to gain money, and locked into a life under contracts she finds herself sold from one owner to the next. Her final owner: Dean, uses her in a way none of her previous owners have, and his gambling addiction has the whole house of slaves moving from city to city. Their final stop is in the Devil's city, and there is where Daisy first meets Demitri Devil, and he learns that Dean is not the man that his brothers want in their city. However, Daisy isn't weak and isn't afraid to fight for what she wants. Demitri Devil - Meets Daisy at a brothel, where he pays extensive amounts to have her. Only once in the room, he isn't after s*x, instead, he asks her why she is doing it, telling her there surely is another way. He never goes there to buy women but to try to show them they can survive another way. Only he is stunned to find out Daisy makes no money from her time in those rooms. The second time he finds her there, she looks ready to drop and surprises his brothers when he arrives home with her for the night. Marcello Devil - He told Demitri he was crazy for bringing her home and buying her for the night to give her a break. Only he goes one further and he finds her in another business, he offers her a week away from Dean. Dean is all too pleased to take the money. Calix Devil - Seems to be the only one making his brothers realise they can't keep paying to keep Daisy for the weekend to get rest, but that goes wrong when they decide to buy her whole contract.