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Lana es una chica valiente que se enfrenta a una serie de desafíos en su vida. Recientemente, fue despedida de su último trabajo, dejándola indefensa e incierta sobre su futuro. Para empeorar las cosas, descubre que su madre está luchando contra una enfermedad debilitante que amenaza con robarle la vista. Ante estas circunstancias desesperadas, Lana recibe una sugerencia inesperada de una amiga: convertirse en una camgirl. La idea de exhibirse desnuda para hombres de todo el mundo a cambio de dinero es inicialmente impactante para ella, pero decide considerar esta opción como una manera de ayudar a su madre. Mientras Lana se involucra en este nuevo mundo en línea, conoce a León Versalles, un hombre misterioso y enigmático. León también tiene su parte de dificultades, habiendo sufrido un accidente que lo dejó desfigurado y marcado por el dolor físico y emocional. León le ofrece una propuesta sorprendente: un contrato de un año para vivir juntos en Bérgamo, una ciudad pintoresca en Italia. Lana se siente atraída por la perspectiva de salvar la visión de su madre, pero se pregunta si será capaz de convivir con alguien tan marcado por el dolor. Juntos exploran los límites del amor, la aceptación y la superación, demostrando que la verdadera belleza trasciende las apariencias físicas y que es posible encontrar la felicidad incluso en las circunstancias más difíciles. Tres historias de amor se cruzan en: ¡La sumisa de León!

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  • Author: Lavline
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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"I asked you, Not to wear Red. I can't control it Now! Can I take You now?, Abhi" I asked looking at her. Yes, red was something I found s*xy and attractive. It ignites my sexual desires, especially for her. Whenever I see her wearing red It brings sensual thoughts to my mind. Her small waist, chiseled shoulders, slim arms, Long legs, and perfect breasts attract me to touch and kiss all of them. But all my fire, desire and wants, vanished in a moment when she asked. "Where?" I looked at her with a strange face and she had a questioning face too. Her eyes were intense and her breathing was still high along with racing heartbeats. "What?" I asked raising my eyebrows and she looked at me with the same look. "You want me to take you somewhere now, Where?" She said and My mouth fell open. I sat beside her looking at her face. "What?" I asked again not digesting her words. She managed to bring my animal down within a few moments. I couldn't understand her words. She must be joking. I couldn't believe she doesn't understand my words. How could it be possible? "Huh?" She said raising her eyebrows and sitting on the bed. "I want to take you means, I want to complete our Marriage," I said looking at her innocent face. I couldn't believe it was real or just her perfect acting skills. How could she be so naive? "You want to retake our marriage vows? ," She said with a little smile on her face. And I almost died in shock. *** One tragedy brought a dominating King and naive princess into ties of marriage. What happens when he gets to know that the girl he started loving and dreaming of making out of knows nothing about marriage and s*x.

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  • 8.9

In a chaotic world where predictability was far-fetched, the bullet of one man had killed thousands. I stared into his eyes, his facade giving nothing away, but darkness whirled in his eyes as they could pierce right into my soul. Damon Antonio, a mysterious man who sought no other woman except me, an ordinary orphan with a traumatic past, when my scars were visible and invisible. It was unclear why it was me he wanted, but his dark eyes gave nothing away. Having been sold by my uncle, to a man that held so much authority, I had to do whatever he told me to do. I had to follow his principles, I had to submit to him. I was terrified of him, being that he was so unpredictable. It turned out that Damon Antonio had bought me in order to marry me. I wanted to scream, to say no, but his presence alone choked all the words in my throat. I was just a weakling to a man who dealt with his enemies like they were nothing but animals. Drug dealing was his major, his wealth was extreme, and he owned clubs in states and countries. I turned out to be the wife of one of the most dangerous men in the world. And he had only one target, his brother. After his brother had killed their parents, Damon sought nothing but revenge. Damon was a man of mystery and power battling with his demons as they sought to be unleashed upon his brother one day. Derek Antonio, the silent killer. It was a battle between two brothers, one who was despised and the other filled with hatred. The answers had to be given, why had Derek killed their parents? Why did he seek to kill even Damon, his own brother? Could it be power? Or was it something else? Damon dragged me into his own world, using me as his bait to get to Derek Antonio. But along the way, Derek Antonio seemed to grow fond of me and that was when all hell broke loose. It caused me to wonder, had Damon fallen for me? He never revealed it, all he ever did was use me for his own pleasure. I was torn between two brothers now and didn't know how it would end. This was a world I never wanted to be a part of. And the worst part, is Damon never ceased to reveal his brutality. Living in his world was chaotic...with this man, there was only danger lurking, but my heart spoke other languages, fear, curiosity, and lust...with this man, it was different, especially when he swore to break me.