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CEO Stepbrother's Surprise Baby

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There are many people out there, but in the end, it all comes down to only one person you can't live without. Love is passion and obsession. And when you love someone, you shouldn't care what other people think, right? But what if the person I've fallen in love with is my stepbrother? Life brought us together, but people are trying to tear us apart‚ what am I supposed to do? I want him. I can't live without him. Yet I can't be with him. It would ruin his reputation and career, and other people's opinions would mess with our heads. I should stay away, but time stopped when I met him.



I lost my virginity yesterday.

The guy in crime is sleeping next to me. Brown hair, tanned skin. Upperclass swagger. He is built like a Greek god and equipped with the package I thought only existed in my wet dreams.

Yes, the guy in my bed is a living daydream. But the real thing that had me swooning was how he saved my *ss yesterday.

I was embarrassingly drunk when my tall six-foot-seven savior found me. I had gotten lost at a football game and this man? He gave me a front-row ticket to watch his game!

That's right, HIS game.

The quarterback kept his eyes on me whenever he scored, and each smile made me feel seen and noticed.

Oh, and his name is Noah.

Bubbles of joy soar to the top of my chest.

I'm on a high, giggling at the ceiling before Noah grunts something in his sleep. One thick, muscular arm wraps around me, and I'm hugged to his chiseled body.

"You're so soft..." Noah mumbles. "Stay with me..."

My cheeks grow how. Noah's scent wafts into my nostrils. Manly and delicious. Butterflies swarm my belly, but I can't fall for a guy this fast, even if he looks like a model and makes me laugh.

No. I won't allow it since I don't want to be left heartbroken. I'm not a popular girl, and Noah is every girl's wet dream. He is probably a player with plenty of girls to choose from.

Why would he pick me? I'm a nobody. I might be a top student, but I'm not the kind of girl men swoon after. Therefore, I'm still not sure how I managed to ensnare Noah.

Perhaps I was a name on a list of girls to conquer?

I try to escape from the giant cuddling with me. "I actually think it's time to get up..."

"Is it morning already?" Noah speaks in a deeper voice when he is tired. His arms tighten around me. "I don't want to get up yet... Come here..."

I snort at the star quarterback when he kisses my cheek. His stubble tickles my skin, and I try not to smile but fail. "Hey, we said no strings attached! Cuddling is forbidden!"

I shouldn't enjoy Noah hugging me, but I'm in a good mood. Everything feels great. Who knew s*x could unwind me?

Noah mutters into my hair. "I changed my mind, Natalie... You fit perfectly in my arms. You're perfect... Gorgeous... Sweet..."

"You're filled with compliments."

"Well, you deserve them."

Blushing, I try to escape from Noah. He is making me too comfortable, and I like him too much. Therefore, I try to break free from his arms, but it's like trying to fight a mountain!

Noah breathes a laugh at my attempts to flee from him and opens his eyes. He spins me around to face him, and I melt. His blue eyes are drop-down-your-pants dreamy, and he uses them to disarm me.

Beautiful b*st*rd.

I pause when he smiles, and Noah breaks the rest of my resistance by claiming my lips with his.

He tastes like heaven.

My heart leaps up into my throat. Noah's gentle hands are moving down from my shoulders. He is learning every curve of my body and caressing me until my s*x swells.

Those large, rough hands stop on my hips when his kisses grow more obsessive.

Noah pins me underneath his muscular chest, the body part he has honed like a weapon after many hours spent at the gym and on the football field. He is cut like a diamond, and I can't stop my hands roaming freely up his arms, squeezing his biceps.

A whimper slips out through my mouth, and Noah smirks against my lips and leans back to tease me. "So, you're one of those girls?"

"Those girls?" I question.

His teeth show, but his smile isn't evil. It's amused and cocky as hell; clearly, me touching him has gone to his head.

"You have an arm fetish."

I snort at him. "I do not!"

Maybe I have a thing for biceps, though? Noah's muscular arms are the bee's knees, so d*mn round and juicy. I can't help myself from touching them. But when I do, his smile grows.

"You're such a filthy little liar," Noah muses, and his hand grips my waist, sliding its way down to my thighs. That's when his smile turns evil. "And you're ready for round two already."

I'm about to let him do anything he wants with me, but my phone alarm goes off, and I bolt up from my bed.

"Oh-my-god!" I exclaim and fish up my clothes from the floor. Noah stares at me like I've grown two heads, but I don't care. "I'm going to be late if I don't hurry!"

Noah sits in my bed, laughing at me. "Late for what?"

"I have somewhere to be!" I'm slipping into my hoodie. "And I'm sorry, but it's important!"

"More important than me?"

I hesitate when he sends me a charming smile. Noah tries to use his charm and s*x appeal against me, so I throw his t-shirt into his face.

"Yes, more important than you! And put some clothes on, will you? This isn't Magic Mike!"

Noah snorts at me, shaking his head. "You're something else."

I narrow my gaze. "Something else?"

He hands me a smile that makes my stomach flip like a pancake. It can't be a good sign that I suddenly want to kiss him.

"You're funny," Noah says. "Unique. Even if you were supposed to be a one-night stand, I really like you. And I seldom like the girl that I pick up after a game. You're different, Natalie."

"You only just met me." I'm brushing my hair, cursing the brown strands caught in the bristles. "I bet you know nothing about me."

Noah studies me with a slight curve to his lip. When he talks, his voice is husky and deep. "Natalie Gracen. Perfect grades, smart, reserved, and she seldom smiles. Everyone thinks she has a stick up her *ss. But it turns out she is great fun in bed."

I gasp at him. "I do not have a stick up my *ss!"

"Are you sure?" Noah stands up to his full height, dwarfing me with that football player's body. His finger grips my lace bands, and he leans his chin on my shoulder from behind. "I wouldn't mind checking for you."

I laugh at Noah and spin around. My palm pushes at his chest, but he doesn't move. He lifts an amused eyebrow, and I almost swoon at the blue eyes and the brown hair.

"I have a thing for tiny brunettes," Noah says, reaching out a hand to curl my hair around his fingers. "Do you like me?"

"Noah..." I try to bite back a smile but fail.

"Natalie?" He teases in the same tone, smiling.

He is towering over me, looking ready and built to push me against the wall. My lust skyrockets at the idea, but I shove it out through my head, forcing the words from my lips. "I have somewhere to be, so why don't we talk about this later?"

Noah sighs and pouts at me. "Fine."

I grin. "Good boy."

Sulking, Noah wanders out through my room, and that's when the devil possesses me—I use the brush in my hand to smack his *ss. He whips his head in surprise, blinking at me while I blush at the jiggle.

Holy sh*t, slapping him might have worked as a disadvantage. I'm even more interested in Noah now!

A slow grin spreads over his lips. "Butt fetish too, huh?"

I crack up. "Shut up!"

Noah winks at me but steers himself toward the hallway. I'm almost sad about him leaving. There are so many butterflies in my chest when he is around. Perhaps I should ask him over again?

Whatever, I can't think about Noah now.

I have to do my makeup before I get late for lunch. I'm supposed to eat with my dad. He will introduce me to the woman he has been dating in secret for months.


I missed the first bus!

I'm already late and try not to cough at the polluted city air. People surround me, and I pull my bag strap further up my shoulder as I walk forward.

My dad will meet me at this new restaurant with outside seating. I'm wearing a pink leather jacket combined with tight jeans; I look proper. Especially with my white floral t-shirt underneath.

A smile graces my lips, and I head down the street. It doesn't take long before I'm at the restaurant. My eyes catch my dad sitting by a table, and a bubble of joy lifts from my chest.


"Hey, honey!" My dad turns around, and I hug him while he remains seated in his chair. "Did you have to walk far to get here?"

"Nah, it wasn't that bad." I step away from him and reach out my hand to shake my paw with Cynthia. "Hello. I'm Natalie."

Cynthia smiles. "I'm Cynthia." Her eyes linger on my face, and then her eyes widen as if remembering something. "I actually have a son about your age. He went to the bathroom but should be out here in a second. His name is Noah. Do you know him?"


My world collides with the ground because the same guy I woke up with this morning walks out of the restaurant. His eyes widen slightly, and then his lips curl. He is wearing shades on the top of his head, looking so attractive I might die.

"Hello," Noah says, looking me up and down with eyes that tell me this isn't a surprise to him. "You must be Natalie."

I suppress a gasp. Did Noah already know I was my dad's daughter? His lips are caught in an amused smile, and when he winks, I realize I'm totally screwed.



I stare at Noah, and he gently smiles back at me. I already hate him for giving me butterflies.

Beautiful people are scary.

"Are we all ready to order?" My dad asks.

"Wait, let me look at the menu again..." Cynthia mumbles, licking her fingers to turn the menu page. "Noah, could you go get us some cutlery and napkins? The waitress forgot to give us some."

"I can help him!" I exclaim.

I grab Noah's hand and pull the man toward the open doors. He seems surprised but allows me to tug him inside of the restaurant.

Once we are out of our parent's hearing reach, I confront him. He is taller than me and smirks when I glare up at him, but I won't be falling for those bedroom eyes. Not today!

"Did you know about this?" I whisper-yell, motioning at our parent's table as waitresses pass us.

Noah's lips curl by the corners. "Does it matter?"

"Of course it does! I could be pregnant with your baby for all I'm aware, and now our p


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