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You Rejected A Silver Wolf

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Synopsis: Lady Rihanna, as she was usually called. The next Beta of the Black Hills Pack and the eldest child of Beta Sam, right hand of the Alpha King. But she was never accorded those respect and was rather hated, humiliated and ostracized from her pack for offending the Princess when she was a nine year old. Many times she tried to show that she can be a good backbone to the future of Black Hills Pack, many times she had been suppressed. No one believed she could, she was just a weak wolf and disgrace to her father. And that was the best part; no one remembered her Silver Wolf, if they did, they’d have realized she was the key to a prophecy made years ago. A prophecy that made her the greatest wolf in the land, a prophecy not even the Alpha King could prevent. All the bad things could happen to her, get rejected, leave her pack, separate from her twin brother, be hunted for being a rogue BUT she had a d*mn silver wolf to protect her and that’s what they all forgot about, the power of a silver wolf.

Chapter 1

Chapter One – Her birthday

Rihanna's POV

It was the Princess's birthday, she lived another year to cause hell for me.

The decorations of pink and white at the ballroom sickened me. It always had actually. It reminded me of the worst year of my life, reoccurring.

I was nine-year-old then, wearing a cute red ball gown, with my head adorned with light jewelries and a gold necklace, belonging to my mom.

Princess’s Vanessa’s was having her tenth birthday and the ballroom was filled with white and pink designs.

I crept towards the long table were meals of different cultures and origins were laid, along sides cocktails and wines.

I raised my legs to where her cake was kept, on the highest table, and gleamed wickedly at it.

My twin brother, Raymond, was in charge of keeping the little pups away from the table but he was far off outside the ballroom, watching the Alpha King invite the guests.

I knew my brother would get in trouble for what I was about doing but I had to do it. Princess Vanessa owed me everything.

I pushed the cake down, spreading it across the table. It made a melting sound and the high steps toppled to the ground.

Inside of me, I felt bad ruining it but this was revenge. I was being petty but that was all nine-year old me could think off.

Hearing footsteps from outside the ballroom, I envisioned the Luna Queen and the servants coming.

I had shifted early so had my wolf. She told me to run away but I stubbornly didn’t. I didn’t care, I wanted them to see me. I wanted Princess Vanessa to see me. I ruined her cake!

But Raymond appeared. His expression went from surprise to anger and then fear. He pulled me by the ear but I slapped his hands off.

“Serves Princess Vanessa right!”

My voice was small and light so I made a noise shouting like that.

“And you’d be served a punishment soon…” he barely finished when the our Luna Queen walked into the kitchen.

She wore a smile on her lips, which was also smeared bright red, matching her auburn hair.

Her bright green eyes darkened on seeing the ruined cake. She pinched herself skin through her white dress wanting for everything to be a dream.

Slowly, with a glare, she turned to my brother and I. Her eyes rested on my cake stained dress. I quickly cleaned it off scared as her strong aura filled the room.

“Rihanna, no!” she tried dragging my hair but Raymond pushed me aside. She grabbed him and I tried to hit her hands off him.

She flung me easily and her claws crawled from their place, piercing my brother's neck. I knew I let her Luna wolf out. And it wouldn’t be easy to control.

I began screaming while throwing cake on her. She was very annoyed that I was ruining her dress but I still didn’t care.

I hated her like I hated her daughter. My mother rushed in, running with her blue stilettos that I felt would break any minute.

A victorious smirk was etched to my face as all the guests came in, seeing the cake and the Luna Queen. Even Princess Vanessa came in and my wolf began laughing.

“Raymond, who did this!” my father barked, he was the Beta of our Kingdom, he looked scary towering down at my brother in his black suit.

But why did he care who did it? Couldn’t he see the Luna Queen almost killing his son?

The Alpha King pushed my father aside and came in front. He’s expression changed to something different.

The guests came closer one by one, eyeing the melted cake on the ground. I noticed a guest, Duchess Vivian wearing an impressed smirk. But then Princess Vanessa burst to a wail.

I couldn’t help it and laughed along with Lana, my wolf. Everyone turned to me and Raymond looked scared. I shook my head hard while laughing so much that a jewelry fell off.

They all must have seen the cake stained on me. I laughed like a mad wolf despite everyone looking at me.

“I pushed Rihanna to the cake. It’s my fault.” Raymond shouted as the Alpha King advanced to me. I stopped laughing.

My mother narrowed his eyes at him. “Raymond, she’s the one with cake on her dress…”

“But I pushed her to it, mom.” he repeated.

He was a mood spoiler, why was he taking the blame? What would they do knowing I did it? The Luna Queen's hands were tightened on him.

“What did Princess Vanessa do to you?” she roared. Everyone stood watching. She was strangling him and no one said anything?

I ran at her and nudged her on her stomach. She staggered and pushed me away from her, mom held unto Raymond that she dropped.

“Sam, what’s wrong with your children!” the Alpha King screamed at my father.

I wanted to yell at him back, on what was wrong with his wife.

Trying to overpower the Luna was effortless so I bit her hand numerous times. I was an animal, I knew. But her daughter was a with and a bully.

The servants fought and dragged me away from her, panting breathlessly.

“Please, let her go. I messed up the cake not her!” Raymond stuttered, his small suit was already stained with dirt.

His dark hair had sand mixed with it. I glared at him and the Luna Queen.

“Shut up. I did it. Princess Vanessa, I am so happy to see you cry!” I screamed to everyone's horror.

Raymond pushed me down and I fell on the cake. He repeated his claim on messing up the cake. What was he so scared off? Why’s he protecting me?

“Raymond? Rihanna? Who messed up this cake and why?” my father asked, calmly.

With Raymond behind me, he gave me a sign with his fingers not to speak. I grumpily obeyed.

“I did, dad. It was an accident. Rihanna annoyed me so I pushed her to it, that’s why she had cake on her body…”

“And not on her hair? And everywhere on her hands? You’re lying!” Princess Vanessa cried.

Her little eye mascara were drooping with her tears, staining her white ball grown. Her mother sighed and dragged her away from us.

My mother looked at me disappointedly. They surely knew it was me. Raymond was never reckless, that’s why he was asked to watch the cake. I was the little witch around the house.

But since Raymond agreed to the crime, he was punished. And I didn’t know that could happen.

Why was Princess Vanessa's cake so precious?

My brother was punished heavily for it! Who dared to punish the Beta's son? Of course, the Luna.

I was so upset but when I heard it was the Alpha King himself, I slid low. I hated everyone here.

Princess Vanessa had earlier annoyed me by calling my father a stupid dog who only listened to her father without having a will of his own.

I reported to the Delta but she wasn’t punished.

The Delta’s excuse was it’s her birthday so no one would be punished. Yet my brother was flogged before celebration began.

My hatred for Princess Vanessa increased but in return, the whole pack hated me. They didn’t like my confidence to stand up to myself. Or my mischievousness.

They cursed at me that I was the reason for my brother’s scarred back. And no one played with me, I didn’t mind till I finally began to.

My mother hated me and I became an embarrassment to my father. All I wanted was payback to Princess Vanessa who insulted my father.

I revenged in the most painful way I could think of as a child but my actions kept on hunting me.

Princess Vanessa occasionally spread lies against me, that I destroyed one thing or the other, and people believed and hated me more. I became timid.

I had cooled down but the name and hatred never left me. I was now diminutive due to lack of love and care. I didn’t have confidence left.

I was the most hated in the pack, all thanks to Princess Vanessa.

Her birthday had come again, and suddenly some rush of energy, confidence and mischievousness.

My wolf, Lana, was with me, so I won’t be beaten down so easily. I always remembered my sad story on all her birthdays.

Today, she was to find her mate and that smelt like more trouble for me. I stood far away.

We were at the open field and not the ball room, all Princess Vanessa friends couldn’t fit. I stayed far so I won’t get accused of something again.

All the guests gathered around her, some important members of our kingdom as well.

Our kingdom was a group of packs, with ours Black Hills being the most powerful, hence our Alpha, being the King.

I always felt like he didn’t deserve it. The guests were from different packs and more were to come.

They sang songs to the Princess, and gifted her precious stones from their land.

Duchess Vivian gave her a bracelet with a supposed wishing gem. They granted one’s deepest wishes.

That was a dangerous gift to give someone like Princess Vanessa.

I stayed up at the hill, to ensure I didn’t spoil their mood or appetite. I hadn’t worn a formal dress and just a long-sleeved jacket with jeans.

“Rih, what are you doing there?”.

I expected to see my brother Raymond but I turned to see the Alpha King’s son, Prince Chris. My cheeks flushed a little, I jumped from the tree I was on.

“Um… nothing. Just watching” I removed some strands on my face, backwards, looking him in the eyes. I became self conscious.

“Hmm. From here? Why don’t you go down? Can you see anything?” he tried to look from where I was standing.

Sometimes he forgot I was the hated Beta’s daughter. His niceness to me usually caught me off guard because he was my enemy’s brother!

My ears weren’t very sharp so my eyes were sharper. He was almost slipping from the hill, from trying to peek from the hill so I wrapped my hands around him.

“Thank you.” he sighed, deeply, as I pulled him back. My face was beet red and I dare not look at him. I had felt sparks holding him.

“Come down and celebrate with us. Your birthday is next soon.” he stated. I laughed it off. My birthday would go as it came.

I noticed when I laughed, his eyes seemed to tarry on me, so I frowned. I knew I was ugly when I laughed, he didn’t have to stare.

“You know, laugh more. You look pretty”.

What sir? Did he mean that? I looked at his retreating figure and I felt flying insects inside my stomach. Did I swallow butterflies?

Chapter 2

Chapter Two – A mate for Princess Vanessa

Rihanna's POV

That was the third chariot coming in today carrying the last Alpha or soon to be Alpha or son of an Alpha.

I wanted to laugh, my wolf, Lana, was laughing already.

It seemed our pretty Princess Vanessa won’t find her mate today. If she does, he wouldn’t be amongst those fine Alpha males she hoped on.

Lana smirked devilishly, “Today would be bad for her. I’d annoy her again.”

I brushed the idea off immediately, “You wouldn’t. Stop acting like a rash cause you have powers. You’d be caught.”

And then I’d be punished for it, I only wish to lie low in this pack and be happy as I can be.

Raymond ran to me and I chuckled seeing him struggle to climb the hill, the gel on his hair had weakened, making his hair look tattered.

But he looked dashing nevertheless, nothing seemed to make him look bad.

I looked ahead and saw Princess Vanessa's frustrated face

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