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Mr Rich's Secret Agenda

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The only issue stopping Cyndi Myth from getting her inheritance is one final condition in her grandfather’s will: for her to graduate from her mother’s university, Grandis Valour. There’s nothing happier for Cyndi than to be free to pursue the romance she always wanted with her university quarterback boyfriend, Roman. But what happens when a new professor emerges that stands in her path to freedom and threatens her blossoming relationship? Romeo Richmond is not who he seems. Twenty-seven years old and single, he is every female student in Grandis’ dream. But when unforeseen circumstances lead him to cross paths with the top nerd of the university and discover her darkest secrets, he seems to have a secret agenda in mind, and he won’t stop until he gets what he wants.

Chapter 1


“Make sure your assignments reach me by next Thursday. I have no tolerance for excuses,” the moustached professor says just before he leaves the theatre. His name is Sir Andre, but he is only one of my many professors for my major. His lecture is the last lecture I have for the day, and I am glad to be away from the noisy class and return to my world.

On the outside, I seem just like any other university student, just that everyone in my major views me as the top nerd. I am one of the top three students. Other than my boyfriend of three years, Roman Hills, a quarterback at the same university, nobody knows my real identity of being the heiress to my parents’ construction group.

In a year more, I will graduate and inherit my parents’ group. But half a year ago, something happened at one of their worksites, that led to a major lawsuit. The only way out is for me to complete my studies. Once I graduate, I will have access to the fund my late maternal grandfather left for me, and it is at least a few billion: just enough to prevent the businesses from going into bankruptcy.

My phone suddenly beeps. I have just received an urgent text from my boyfriend, and I hurriedly grab my bag and leave the lecture hall. As usual, nobody cares to ask the matter. Nobody likes being with a nerd. My only best friends in university are Raine, my buddy since I was young, and Roman.

My heart flutters as I open the door to the room where he is studying. Roman struggles with studying and takes hours to just get a theory into his head. He often rambles about it during our dates, and I just laugh it off that he needs to sleep with a book on his face.

But today, his face seems grave, as if something is bothering him.

“I came here right after I received your text, Roman.”

“Lock the door, Cin.”

Questions cross my mind upon his instruction. What could be so secretive that he needs to lock the door? Nevertheless, I just do as he asks and return to him. He closes the lid of his laptop and stands up, moving towards me in slo-mo. He places his hands on my shoulders and stares down into my eyes. I feel myself descending into his romanticism.

No words are needed. He swoops down on my lips and kisses me tenderly. His hands rake through my hair, tearing them out of the neat ponytail I had put in much effort for this morning. He conquers me with his warm lips and locks me into a corner with my back against the wall. My heart tenses when his fingers roam my body and play with my buttons.

I am still a virgin. I don’t know what it is like to go the entire way with Roman, but I wasn’t ready. Again, like the few other times, I try to pull my lips from him. I want to say no, but he just kisses me more fiercely. His hands reach inside my half-unbuttoned blouse and cup my breasts. A fire rages inside me and invokes the heat of my need.

He breaks the kiss, whispering, “Can I… taste them in my mouth?”

When I don’t answer, he adds, “I promise, I won’t do anything more than that, trust me, Cyn. When have I ever lied to you?”

His words grant me instant relief. My hands tremble as I undo the remaining buttons of my blouse and pull it off to grant him an ample view of my chest. He takes one of my breasts in his mouth and sucks hard on it, amplifying the heat inside my body. His hands slide down my hips and hike up my tight black skirt.

He finds the band of my panties and pulls them off. My body almost doesn’t want to listen to me anymore. My heart is racing like crazy. Come to think of it, he hadn’t said anything about removing the panties, but I had to trust him that he wouldn’t take things to the next level.

Now I don’t want him to stop. He removes his mouth from my breast and moves on to the other. I feel my body getting hotter and hotter as he touches me below. He probes carelessly as if he is trying to dig for treasure. At this point, my heart keeps thumping. I don’t know what is going to happen next.

But before he can make the next move, a loud knock follows. Roman panics and withdraws his hand. I hastily pull on my blouse and grab his sweater and wear it over my body to cover myself in my embarrassment.

The knocks just get louder. “Hide, quickly!” I shouted in a loud whisper. He grabs his backpack and crawls under the table, making sure he is well hidden before I open the door.

I take a deep breath and unlock the door. A man I don’t recognise looks me up and down warily. I quickly retreat to allow him entry, before I grab my bag. The door is open now, and I need to make my escape as soon as I can, but without drawing suspicion. We are on a scholarship after all, and if we are found out, it can cause us to lose our funding.

“Are you alone, Miss?” The man interrogates with cold air. I nod fervently, trying to act as normal as possible. On the first impression, he is scary even if he is the most handsome man I have ever seen. His eyes bear a cold stare but the way he has his hands on his hips strikes me with his dominance. I can imagine his abs under his shirt, which clings tightly to his sculpted figure. His body seems crafted like a Greek god in modern times.

My heart wavers. Is he one of the student welfare officers designated to check on students? He stares at me again for a few seconds before he mutters “thank you” and moves to the dark corner, close to where we had been messing around earlier.

“Ah, there you are.” He picks up a black object which I surprisingly didn’t notice earlier. The red flash in the top right corner tells me something is off. He presses a button on the top of the object and a feminine AI voice sounds.

“Recording stopped.” The hair on my skin stands on end and I stare at him. What was that about a recording? Why would he be even leaving a device on recording in an empty room?

“That was…” I stammer nervously, thinking about the odds that our action earlier could be caught on video.

“This baby is one of my investments for Grandis. I’ve been told that some students have been behaving erroneously on campus. Don’t worry, I’m not implying that you are of that kind.”

“Oh.” I just nodded, hopeful that the spy device wasn’t a 360-degree view type that could rotate around the area while recording. I prayed hard that we were safe, or not only would Roman not get a good job considering he was from a low-income family, but I also would not be able to save my parents’ businesses. Dream Construction was the fruit of my father and paternal grandfather’s hard labour.

My family already objected to our relationship. Graduating from Grandis Fall University was the key to us being together for the rest of our life. No matter what, for our happiness and for Dream, I needed my graduation certificate.

“Anyway, are you a student in this faculty? I’ve not seen you before.” The man looks at me with an icy smile.

“Uh, yeah.” I don’t know what to say.

“Thanks to you, my baby was still safe here. I owe you one. What about dinner tonight at eight?”

I glance towards the table, and a gesture from Roman tells me to accept.


The handsome man retrieves a soft card from his pocket and hands it to me. “Here, I’ll see you tonight. Remember to be early, I have no tolerance for lateness.”

After he departs, I look under the table to realise that Roman is gone as well. I read the name of the restaurant in bold print, wondering what could be in stock for me tonight.

Chapter 2

Bellamia Cafe

Roman hasn’t been answering my calls. I feel nervous as I walk into the cafe wearing my best dress, one that’s hand-picked by my best friend Raine. It is bright red with frilly sleeves like the princesses in the books and has a low neckline boasting some of my cleavage which I don’t feel comfortable with, but Raine thinks looks awesome on me. Since buying the dress, I have not dared wear it yet, but I have to tonight since I don’t have access to anything classier.

I hope the man doesn’t notice it. I enter shyly and look around for the man earlier. It’s 7.45 p.m. I see him already sitting down at a table and wave to him. He helps me into a seat and asks if I had a tough time getting to the cafe. I shake my head with a polite smile.

I look at the menu. I feel bad to impose on his riches since we just got to know each other, so I just order what seems the simplest dish on the menu. Spaghetti carbonara. He observes me as if I just asked a tough riddle.


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