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San G Ly. (lingchenxi)

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  • 6.8
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About me

As a writer of Chinese origin, I started with writing Asian-themed literature. Gradually I started writing billionaire and other modern romance tropes. Join me in my adventures on @ssfx3yuchens and @lingchenxi on Alphanovel!


CEO's Exclusive Gigolo
  • 👁 28.2K
  • 7.5

After getting retrenched, former sales representative Nathaniel Underwood searches for ways to gain employment but fails. Left with no other choice, he becomes a gigolo serving wealthy older women in Neon City while keeping the truth from his long-time girlfriend Regina White, a renowned travelling journalist. With bills to pay and a house mortgage to pay off, Nathaniel resorts to seducing these women so that they will keep on taking his services and also increase his feedback score. However, fate causes Nathaniel to get entangled with the wealthiest young woman in the whole of Neon, Alyssa Dawson, the wealthy CEO of AD Systems Corp. When he extorts her with a sex tape of their night together, she retaliates by presenting him with an offer that he cannot refuse: to become her exclusive gigolo! But when Regina returns one day to stay in Neon for good, can Nathaniel continue keeping the truth from her? Or will she divulge his secret relationship with Alyssa? And what feud does Sirius White, Regina’s stepbrother, has with Alyssa, and why does she hate him so much?

Tangled With The Runaway Prince
  • 👁 17.6K
  • 7.5

Jade Gold, the youngest daughter of the sword-wielding Gold family, is given a task. Before she can inherit her position in the palace as Imperial Advisor, King Greyson sets her out with a task: and that is to conquer evil and save the world... Only that it isn't that simple. She has to round up a few mercenaries and build her army... Because contending with a few hundred-year-old Witch's adversaries isn't something that any person can do. The optimistic runaway prince, Roc Chadwick and his best buddy Sky Yale, an amnesiac martial artist he saved, are among the finalists for the inexperienced Jade's mercenaries, but what will happen when both men vie for her affections? Will Jade choose to ignore her feelings for duty, or will she be torn between both men?

Forbidden Desires
  • 👁 14.3K
  • 5.0

Eighteen-year-old and naive, Winter admires her parents' relationship and wishes to have a sweet love story of her own, but of all people, she is in love with her future brother-in-law, Hans. On the night after her sister's engagement with Hans, Winter spends the night with him, believing they would go on their respective paths the next day. However, one thing leads to another, and Winter devises a plan to elope with her now brother-in-law. But what happens when Winter's plans go awry and she is sent into the future by accident? Will Winter ever find her true love? What happens to Hans? Will he forget about Winter?

  • 👁 44.4K
  • 7.5

The only issue stopping Cyndi Myth from getting her inheritance is one final condition in her grandfather’s will: for her to graduate from her mother’s university, Grandis Valour. There’s nothing happier for Cyndi than to be free to pursue the romance she always wanted with her university quarterback boyfriend, Roman. But what happens when a new professor emerges that stands in her path to freedom and threatens her blossoming relationship? Romeo Richmond is not who he seems. Twenty-seven years old and single, he is every female student in Grandis’ dream. But when unforeseen circumstances lead him to cross paths with the top nerd of the university and discover her darkest secrets, he seems to have a secret agenda in mind, and he won’t stop until he gets what he wants.


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