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A Night With My Hot Billionaire Boss

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Emma Smith, secretary to one of the top business tycoon in the country, thought she had her life going on well. Knowing her boss as a heartless, cold-hearted businessman, Emma thread carefully with him. Writing off her normal life just to please him. Unlike his past secretaries, Emma successfully lasted nine years with him and would have probably lasted more if that night hadn't happened. The night she texted her nude pictures to him instead of her boyfriend. How can she avoid her boss? Or how can she face him? Can she hide from a dangerous heartless man like Jace Sanders?

Chapter 1

Emma grabbed her towel from the line and wrapped it around her slick body while stepping out of the bathroom.

Once in her bedroom of average size, she collected her cellphone from the nightstand and immediately her gaze caught the text message that had just beeped into her phone.

'Miss. Smith, The board meeting has been rescheduled for tonight, and the directors will be at the airport by eight. Be there on time, and escort them to the penthouse.'

Emma shoved her head backwards and let out a grumble. She had gotten off work only an hour ago, and now her boss was texting her to come back for an overtime.

Her phone beeped again and her gaze went to it.

It was a remainder from Josh, her boyfriend about their date that night. Emma was already halfway through the preparation.

With another grumble, Emma glanced at the time. It was half past seven and she was supposed to meet Josh at his place for their date.

She had no idea how to tell him she couldn't make it anymore. It would be the fourth time in a row that she was bailing on him because of work.

How was she supposed to explain this to him?

What if he's not as understanding like other times?

Emma didn't want to lose her job as much as she didn't want to lose her relationship with Josh. He was the best boyfriend she's had yet.

She palmed her forehead and spent a minute, thinking.

Josh could be understanding. But her boss? She greatly doubted. With a lot of competitors ogling at her position and waiting for her to make a mistake that would lead to her termination from S.H Group, Emma knew she would easily be replaced.

A man like Jace Sanders, wouldn't give consideration to the fact that she had worked as his secretary for nine years nor her contribution to S.H. He would fire her at once if she makes a mistake.

How she managed to stay with him for nine whole years was a miracle to her and others that served in that position before her.

Maybe she could pick up her boss's guest and plead with him to let her off for the night. If he needed her, Sia- a junior staff that was under her training- would assist him for the night. Also, his assistant was available.

Hesitantly, she began messaging Josh:

'Babe, I'll be a little late to your place. I have to quickly do something for my boss but it'll only take a few minutes, please understand. I love you.'

She dropped her phone and began taking off her towel when Josh's reply came. A little nervous, she clicked on it.

'Your boss again.'

The first text read and another popped in right after.

"You know tonight is special, babe. It's been all that I've dreamed of for months. If you're going to keep me waiting, at least send me some spicy pics to hold onto while I wait for you. Since you're in the shower, some shower pics will do. Please baby.'

A naughty emoji was placed at the end.

Emma blushed hard, it was the first time Josh was asking for her nudes. Although, she wasn't one who fancied sharing her naked pictures to anyone, she agreed to do it. He at least deserved that much from her for his patience and understanding. Quickly, she minimized the whats'Bap app for her gallery and selected three of her nude pictures with s*xy poses, that she took in the shower.

'No reply?'

She shook her head. Why was he so impatient?

He must be excited.

Emma giggled as she sent the pictures.

She waited for his reply but it seemed to be delaying, the message already double ticked so she was certain he received it.

Emma shrugged it off, switched off the connection and dropped her phone. Hurrying to her wardrobe to pick out an outfit.

When Emma arrived at the airport in her BMW, she discovered her boss already sent a limousine to convey the directors to his penthouse.

It was five minutes past eight when they arrived and the moment it hit eight, Emma was already getting p*ss*d.

When she got the information that their plane landed, the guards quickly left to get their luggages while she walked up to them. They were six in number, four men and two woman all dressed in expensive wears.

"Hello. My name is Emma Smith, and I was sent here on behalf of my boss, Jace Sanders, to welcome and accompany you to the penthouse." Emma professionally introduced.

Obviously, it wasn't her first time doing this.

"Please tell me if you need anything. Also, an official ride is here and ready to convey you all to the meeting venue."

They all requested nothing, thanked her and followed her to the limousine.

Emma waited until they were all comfortably seated in the car and it drove off, before she went to her own car.

As she drove, she picked her phone when she heard it ring.

"Good evening, Mr Sanders."

"Where are you?"

"Just a mile away from the penthouse, sir. I took my car, so Gerald will most likely be arriving before me with the directors."

"That's fine."

"Um Mr. Sanders can I ask for a favor?"

"Right now?"

"Yes sir. I think it's just perfect that I ask now that we're talking."

"Go on then."

"Can I not join the meeting tonight? I will call and have Sia replace me just for tonight. I already briefed her about the meeting yesterday so she knows what to do. I have an important--

"You are my secretary," the stressed words cut her off. "These directors flew all the way from Spain and you suddenly have somewhere important to be? Didn't you say you were free for the rest of today?"

"I did but it's not that kind of 'free' Mr Sanders, I already made plans with.. with a friend to meet tonight and--

"A friend?" Jace scoffed, "this is work, miss Smith. The meeting will only last for two hours, your friend can wait."

"But Mr. Sanders--

"Do you want to lose your job, miss Smith."

Emma paused, holding her breath, "no sir."

"Good. See you at the penthouse."

He ended the call afterward and Emma sighed.

She waited until she reached the penthouse, before grabbing her phone again to send a quick text to Josh, informing him of the changes.

There was an unread text from him with a picture attached, 'I got matching underwear for us, pick your favorite pair and I'll wear it for you tonight while waiting at the door.'

Emma sighed again, biting her lower lip and feeling like the worst girlfriend on Earth.

She already fantasized her night with Josh the entire day.

Tonight was supposed to be their first intimate time together since she returned with Jace from a business trip to Barbados, five months ago.

Just like her, he greatly looked forward to this day. She recalled the excitement on his face when she proposed the date, after bailing on him four times in a row.

In a slow pace, Emma dialed his number. He picked at the first ring.

"Hey babe, are you here already?" His excited voice filled her ears.

She shut her eyes and exhaled for a long moment, hating to cut short his excitement. "I'm sorry, babe but I can't make it tonight. There's an urgent business meeting that might last for--

"Are you ditching again for the forth time in a row, Emma?"

She could already tell he was p*ss*d.

"I'm sorry, babe. I really never planned to do this. Please understand?"

"Understand? I don't even know what we are anymore! I can't spend one whole day with you without your boss calling you for one reason or the other. It's always about work with you. If you're now dating your boss, why don't you just tell me?"

"I'm not dating my boss, Josh. How can you even say that? It's you I love and you know it. You think I enjoy this? I feel so horrible every time I have to bail on you. It's not easy for me."

"Are you for real right now? For five months, five whole f*ck*n months, Emma, I haven't touched you. I'm stoned as hell right now cos I'm no cheat yet you say I'm being difficult?"

"Babe, I didn't mean--

"You know what, I'll make it easy for the both of us. It's over. I don't want to have anything to do with you anymore. Now you can screw your boss undisturbed, I'm done being your fallback."

A knot tightened in her chest, "y-you're joking right, babe?"

"Don't call me that. And I'm not joking, Emma, don't call me ever again." He fumed, "the pictures? You can keep them for your boss."

Josh ended the call after that.

Emma dropped her head on the steering as a pool of tears welled up in her eyes.

With a subconscious flashback, Emma grabbed her phone and went through her chat with Josh. Scrolling down, she realised Josh never got the pictures or rather, she didn't send the pictures to 'boo', as intended.

Panic kicked in as she checked whom she sent the pictures too.


Her eyes widen and her heart thumped, she checked and discovered he hadn't seen the pictures yet.

She has to stop him!

Opening the car door, she looked up to find Jace on the stairs, outside the penthouse; his eyes fixed on his phone.

Emma gulped heavily as she glanced down at her phone again. Her eyes rested on the double blue ticks.

*Viewed two seconds ago*

Emma's heart dropped.

"Oh no no please! F*ck no!"

Looking back up, her body went limp when she found Jace's gaze now pinned towards her.

Her life was officially over.

Chapter 2

Emma slung back into the car, started it and zoomed out of the penthouse. From the car's side mirror, she noticed Jace's eyes intently fixed on her car. The look on his face, she wished never to see.

She didn't need to see him to know he was furious.

As she drove aimlessly, Emma continuously slapped her forehead in regret laced with pain. How could two things go wrong in one night?

Why was she so careless?

The first time she agrees to send her nudes to her boyfriend, she ended up sending it to her boss.

How is she supposed to face him from now on?

How would she explain to her engaged boss that she meant to send those sultry pictures to her crazy boyfriend?

He would fire her anyways.

Jace Sanders would never spare her for that act of carelessness. Knowing that he had her naked pictures was embarrassing enough.

What was the need going back to embarrass herself more?

She just lost her job. Her contenders mu


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