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Favor V April

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About me

A reader by day, a writer by night. I write erotica and dark romance. Sometimes I delve into the world of werewolves. I am based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Xoxo FB: Favor V April Instagram: favorvapril


Ruined(Eternal Monarch)
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  • 7.5

An orphan raised by the omegas of the pack, her mate got her pregnant and started to abuse her until she lost her wolf and became mute. Her mate took a chosen luna and left because she couldn’t shift into a wolf. After she had lost everything, they threw her back out on the streets. The streets were where she came from in the first place. However, when Juno leaves the pack, she curses her mate. Will the moon goddess have mercy on her? What would happen if her true identity was discovered? What course of action will she take when she discovers that the person she believed to be her mate is not, in fact, her mate? When the king discovers that Juno is mute, will he still accept her as his mate? And what about when he discovers she has given birth to a child by someone else? What will happen when Alex finds out that Juno’s curse lived? Will he go looking for his luna or will he remain childless with his chosen mate? What will Alex do when he finds out that Juno is now the queen of all supernaturals? Will Alex Fight the King to win his Luna back or will he meet his death before he can even try? Find out more on this twisted fate story

Su Segunda Esposa
  • 👁 4.4K
  • 9.7

Christopher Grayston solo quería casarse para evitar que su abuelo le pidiera que se volviera a casar. Como resultado, se casó con una chica que conoció fuera de los asuntos civiles. Quería casarse con alguien con quien nunca consumarían su matrimonio. Así que se conformó con una joven que acababa de conocer parada fuera de la Oficina de Asuntos Civiles, sabiendo muy bien que no la tocaría porque era solo una niña. Camila Mendoza encajaba bien desde pequeña, aunque era una tentadora sin siquiera intentarlo. Los dos firmaron los certificados de matrimonio y siguieron caminos separados. Sin embargo, 3 meses después, el destino los unió. Camila salvó a un niño y más tarde se enteró de que el niño que salvó era el hijo de su marido. A Camila nunca la importó cómo le dé su marido dirigía se vida hasta que conoció a el hijo. Todo estaba bien hasta que su exesposa volvió a tropezar en su vida. Un hombre que siempre está haciendo titulares sobre su vida sexual y una esposa en una misión. ¿Quién triunfaría?

Siempre Estado Tú
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  • 10.0

Acostarme con mi mejor amigo fue algo que no debería haber ocurrido. Nos hicimos una promesa cuando éramos jóvenes, pero la promesa fue olvidada hace mucho tiempo, al menos por él, pero no por mí. Yo no olvidé que era mi príncipe azul. Salía con chicas, cosa que no me importaba porque yo aún era menor de edad. Dormíamos en la misma cama hasta el día de hoy, pero nunca cruzamos la línea. El problema comenzó cuando su prometida no se presentó a su boda, y tuve que jugar a ser su novia por el día solo para salvar las apariencias. Esa fue la fecha en que todo cambió. Tuvimos la noche más caliente y me dijo que no debería haber pasado porque estaba saliendo con mi mejor amiga, Candice. Eso me golpeó en las tripas. Debería haber sabido que nuestras promesas estaban fuera de lugar. Debería haber sabido que nuestras promesas fueron olvidadas hace mucho tiempo. Eso duele, pero nada duele más que descubrir que estás embarazada del hijo de tu mejor amiga y no puedes decírselo porque está enamorado de tu amiga.

Pasión De Una Noche
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  • 9.7

Gabriela Parker fue a una discoteca con sus amigos a beber por primera vez después de terminar sus exámenes de tercer curso. Gabriela era una joven virgen de 21 años que nunca había besado a nadie. Conoció a un desconocido en un club, lo acompañó a un hotel, se dio su primer beso y perdió su virginidad. Disfrutó mucho. Cuando se despertó a la mañana siguiente, el hombre se había ido. Unos meses después descubrió que estaba embarazada. Siguió yendo al hotel con la esperanza de encontrarse con el hombre, pero después de cuatro meses, se dio por vencida. Él la abandonó, dejándola sola ante la situación. Dejó la universidad para criar a su hijo. Volvió a la escuela un año después para completar sus estudios y obtener su título. Entonces vio en la televisión a la persona con la que se había acostado y se dio cuenta de que ahora estaba comprometido, además de que era el conocido multimillonario Javier Hills. ¿Qué hará su abuela cuando encuentre a un niño que se parece a su nieto?

One Night Stand.
  • 👁 50.4K
  • 9.4

She went to a club with her friends to drink for the first time after finishing her third-year examinations. Gabriella was a 21-year-old virgin who had never kissed anybody before. She met a stranger at a club, accompanied him to a hotel, had her first kiss, and lost her virginity. She enjoyed herself. When she awoke the next morning, the man was gone,  He left. She found out she was pregnant a few months later. She continued to go to the hotel in the hopes of running into the man, but after four months, she gave up. He abandoned her, leaving her to face the situation alone. She dropped out of university to raise her son. She returned to school a year later to complete her studies and get her degree. She then saw the person she had slept with on TV and realized he was now engaged, as well as the fact that he was the well-known multi-billionaire Javier Hills. What would his grandma do when she finds a boy who looks just like her grandson? W Will She brush it off or would she be convinced that the little boy was her great-grandson? What will Javier's Grandmother do?

Always Been You
  • 👁 26.8K
  • 8.6

[18+] Sleeping with my best friend was something that shouldn’t have happened. We made a promise to each other when we were young, but it was long forgotten, at least by him, but not by me. I didn’t forget that he was my prince charming. He dated girls, which I didn’t mind because I was still underage. We slept in the same bed until this date, but we have never crossed the line. The problem started when his fiancée failed to appear for their wedding, and I had to play the role of his bride for the day just to save his face. That was the date everything changed. We had the steamiest night, and he told me it shouldn’t have happened because he was dating my best friend, Candice. That struck me dead in the gut. I should have known that our promises were long forgotten. He took my innocence and told me it shouldn’t have happened. That hurts, but nothing hurts more than learning you’re pregnant with your best friend’s child and you can’t tell him because he is in love with your friend. “Hi! My name is Lola.” He grinned. “My name is Dante.” “May I join you in a game?” “How old are you?” I gave him a puppy-dog expression. “You’re so adorable when you do that,” he observed. “I am nine years old.” “Well. I’m a sixteen-year-old, do you wish to play with your older brother?” I gave a nod. Just like that, I started playing with a 16-year-old. I was his little sister and he was my big brother. We grew up to be best friends. Everything was shared. We continue to share a bed to this day.

Taming Mr. Arrogant
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  • 7.1

“You think you can tame an old daddy like me?” Mr. Domenico Lombardi’s stone-like voice makes me nervous, but I’m not backing down; I know what I want. “Yes,” I added a nod to confirm it but cursed internally at my luck. I’ve never had a boyfriend, and here I am trying to tame a man old enough to be my father. It is said that the apple does not fall far from the tree. I guess I am truly Kate’s daughter. I had an internal laugh at my stupidity. He scoffed, and I responded by nodding once more while watching the darkening of the silvery gray pupils in his eyes. How come? I brush it off as his cold eyes wash over me. Domenico Lombardi’s presence makes me squirm. When I’m around him, I get the impression that I’m being judged and ignored at every turn. “How old are you?” “18” “How old is your father?” “38,” I replied truthfully. “Well, I’m 37 years old.” He stared at me; his eyes darkened again, and I became terrified. I fiddle with my nails, clipping them together as I lean back on my heels to help relieve some of the anxiety he’s causing me. “You see, I’m like a father to you, or maybe a grandfather or a great-great-grandfather. How many boyfriends have you had in your life?” “None.” He chuckled as I responded. “You see, I’ve lost count of how many ladies I’ve fucked, thousands or millions, over the centuries. You are just a little girl to me with nothing to offer; now, get lost!” “My panties made you hard!” “You think so?” “Yes,” I responded confidently. “Well, I wasn’t hard; I just have a donkey-like cock.”

His Second Wife
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  • 7.5

Christopher Grayston only wanted to marry to stop his grandfather from asking him to remarry. As a result, he married a girl he met outside civil affairs. He wanted to marry someone with whom they would never consummate their marriage. So he settled for a young girl he had just met standing outside the Civil Affairs Bureau, knowing full well that he wouldn't touch her because she was just a girl. Camila Mendoza fit the bill since she was young, though she was a temptress without even trying. The two signed the marriage certificates and went separate ways. However, 3 months down the line, fate brought them together. Camila saved a kid and later learned that the boy she saved was her husband's son. Camila never cared about how her whore of a husband conducted his life until she met his son. Everything was fine till his ex-wife came stumbling back into his life. A man who is always making headlines about his sex life and a wife on a mission. Who would triumph? The ex-wife who is determined to get her husband back, or the new wife whose mission is to love her son and make her husband notice her? Read to find out.


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