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LS Barbosa

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  • Author: LS Barbosa
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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“She has to be at an age range that was close to mine, smart, beautiful, and a virgin” he said looking at his mother whose eyes widened. “Alpha, how are we to find out if she was a virgin or not…?” “I don’t care, if I am to marry a human who isn’t my mate, then she is to be one who has never been touched by a man” the Alpha said getting up from the couch. “What are we to do, mum?” His sister asked. “We’ll find him what he asked for…” And that is exactly what they did… ************** When Alpha Blake had put out his condition on his mother and sister, he never thought that they would be able to find the woman he asked for in such a short period of time. However, when they showed him her picture, he was forced to comply. “Her name is Natalia Adams, and she is everything you asked for”

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“I, Eleanor Bernardi, reject you, Alpha Killian Ivanov, as my mate and Alpha.” She said, glaring at the Alpha who shook his head at the woman, seeming unaffected by her words. He walked toward her, his eyes fixed on her, as if a predator chasing his prey. “Over my dead, fucking, body.” He said, connecting his lips with hers. “You’re mine, Eleanor, and I suggest that you keep that in mind.” ************************************** Running away from her pack was not easy. But when Eleanor Bernardi finds herself mated to none other than her previous pack’s enemy, the Alpha of Alphas, Pakhan of Mafias, Alpha Killian Ivanov, she is stuck in conflict between whether or not she could trust him. And with his dominant figure, he finds himself not wanting to let her go. At least, not under her own terms…


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