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Arranged to the Alpha

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“She has to be at an age range that was close to mine, smart, beautiful, and a virgin” he said looking at his mother whose eyes widened. “Alpha, how are we to find out if she was a virgin or not…?” “I don’t care, if I am to marry a human who isn’t my mate, then she is to be one who has never been touched by a man” the Alpha said getting up from the couch. “What are we to do, mum?” His sister asked. “We’ll find him what he asked for…” And that is exactly what they did… ************** When Alpha Blake had put out his condition on his mother and sister, he never thought that they would be able to find the woman he asked for in such a short period of time. However, when they showed him her picture, he was forced to comply. “Her name is Natalia Adams, and she is everything you asked for”

Chapter 1


“Mum, you do realize that I am marrying a man over a contract?” I asked looking at my mum who just handed me the paper which had arrived with the man’s lawyer. The idiot hadn’t even bothered showing up to sign it along my side. He had signed his and sent it for me to ‘read’ and ‘sign’ before coming.

“Natalia, it’s not like you wanted a wedding to begin with” Mum argued, trying to convince me that this was okay.

“I can’t even have one, mum”

“Then I don’t see what the issue is, Natalia…”

“Mum, the man is a billionaire, don’t you find it a bit odd that he wouldn’t want an extravagant wedding where paparazzi would be swarming the place?” I raised my hand in confusion. Mum shrugged and I sighed, pinching the bridge of my nose. I looked at the paper which has been on my dresser for the past twenty minutes as I debated whether or not to sign it. There was no backing out now, I knew that for fact.

“Natalia, the man is the best that you would be able to find. You saw his picture…”

“That is all I saw of him; I know nothing about him. Who he is, what he is like, how he’s like…” I said looking at mum who took a deep breath trying to calm herself down. The man’s mum had called mum and had organized this whole thing, and next thing I knew it. I was getting married whether or not I liked it.

“Natalia, there is no getting out of this now…”

“Mum, I never wanted to do this, you and I both know that I had my own ambitions…”

“But your father no longer wants to take your burden” mum said looking me in the eye “he has your younger siblings to care for too, he can’t keep handling you and your expenses, not to mention your power”

“Mum, me being an element manipulator has done nothing to harm any of you. You're the one who has been treating me like someone who you’ll need to hide…”

“Are you not?” Mum asked, stopping me “we cannot hold gatherings with you in the house in fear that any monster would detect your presence, not to mention the fact that we are getting tired of…”

“I will sign the bloody d*mn paper” I said stopping mum before she said any harsher words. The fact that they were blaming me for being born the way that I was hurt me a lot more than I could admit. Having reached the point where dad would hit me if I lost control over my power for holding it for too long, I still do believe that he sent a few monsters after me on purpose to get rid of me.

I glared at the paper that was on the dresser before signing it without bothering to read it for the third time, not that I needed to anyway. I headed with the lawyer to whatever hellhole he was taking me to, as far as I was concerned it was where my ‘husband’ lived.

I looked at mum who smiled at me and nodded.

“Well then, let’s get you ready, shall we?”


Me getting ready didn’t take long as I was basically wearing a normal white knee long dress and flat shoes.

Some bride if you asked me.

Yes, it was true that I never intended to hold a wedding since I couldn’t have one to begin with, but I never expected marrying a man over a paper, nor did I expect going to his house wearing a normal dress without even meeting him once.

I entered the mansion with the lawyer walking in front of me. I looked at a picture of a woman, she was beautiful, a bright smile on her face, her eyes shining with happiness.

“Who is she?” I asked, smiling. My curiosity beat me to it, but the woman seemed lovely, and to have her picture on the wall the way it was in front of the entrance door, it meant that she was someone who was important. The lawyer froze for a second, looking at the portrait picture before his eyes hardened when he looked at me.

“Our Luna” was his simple answer before he walked deeper inside the house with me following close behind so as not to get lost. It didn’t seem like anyone was coming to greet us anyway, and for that, I didn’t bother waiting.

“Alpha” I heard the lawyer say before he nodded at me. My eyes coming in contact with the most gorgeous emerald green eyes I’ve ever laid my eyes on. The man wasn’t wearing a shirt, most of the men who were inside the house weren’t. However, his eyes hardened when they met my blue ones and I tensed fearing his reaction. His charisma could be felt in the room as everyone tensed when his eyes met mine.

I couldn’t help but stare at his toned abs and arms. The man was a sight for the sore eye, it was something that I had to admit. My heart skipped a beat, and I couldn’t help but frown when I noticed that goosebumps rose over my skin. His glare, which had everyone around us fearing him, made my own chest ache as I felt his anger radiating toward me.

He nodded dismissing the people who were by his side before looking at me. His eyes which looked up and down at me made me feel somewhat uncomfortable.

“Welcome, Mrs. Knight”

“You do realize that I have a name” I stated crossing my arms over my chest, ignoring his cold tone, trying to recompose myself in front of him.

“And if you haven’t noticed yet, I don’t really care”

He waited for me to respond, however, I simply nodded as I waited for him to continue “I’m Blake, I believe that you have already met Mason”

“Your lawyer” I said, stopping him.

“He is my best mate, not my lawyer. My lawyer wouldn’t be going to bring my ‘wife’ over” he rolled his eyes and I nodded taking a deep breath “the maids would be showing you to your room, I don’t believe that you expected the two of us to share a room let alone a bed”

“Need I ask why you brought me here to begin with? As it seems like you’re not even interested in getting married, you didn’t have the audacity to come and pick me up yourself. Why’d you go through the fuss of it?” I asked calmly.

“Believe it or not, I do not want to have you as my wife, however, our marriage ties up a few loose ends in a few partnerships that I have with your father…”

“Therefore, our marriage is nothing but a business deal”

“More or less” he said, keeping his eyes on mine. His body towered mine as he approached me and it took everything in me not to use wind to my advantage to push him away from me. His strong cologne hit my nostrils almost instantly.

“Alpha” a shirtless man said walking inside the room. His eyes looked down at his feet as he avoided looking at Blake.

“What is it, Ryan?”

“We have a little problem”

Chapter 2


“Alpha” my second beta, Ryan, said avoiding my eyes. He could already feel my anger, and I had a feeling that whatever he was going to say wasn’t going to make things any lighter.

“What is it, Ryan?”

“We have a little problem” I nodded dismissing him and looked at the woman who stood in front of me. My wife…

Her brown hair was neatly curled, though remembering the picture mum had shown me; I was already aware that her hair was naturally curly. I pulled my phone out my pocket and called the maid to come over. I had already assigned the maids that were to be at her service.


“Jodie, this is my wife, you and the girls would be tending to her needs. For now, I believe that she would want to go and rest, her trip had been a long one” I said walking past the women out to the front porch where I could hear my pack members. The smell of a foreign wolf made my own wolf stir, and a growl escaped my chest before I could control it.


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Review after half of the novel

I just like how they are in love with each other and how they are doing anything to be together but with other important things they can’t really see each other. They can only see each other during the time they sleep. But when they met for the first time they hated each other’s presence around in the same same in the house. But now that they’re trying to spend some time with each other’s side while going through hard times. With Natalia being a element multiplier and Blake being a wolf they we’re still made for each other. Now that they’re both together and they have the chance to have some time together. During one point in the novel they had met Natalia’s parents and they were both very mad that she went to them even though she asked them to stay away from her and her mate(Blake). But when they went inside the house they saw her mom telling her other children to stay away from the living room. Natalia was sad that her own parents had to hide her younger siblings from her. As they were talking about the past of her father that he did to just marry her mom even if he would had died. After mentioning that he was really mad that she went to her grandfather and him telling her the last about her dad and what he did for her and her mom. After her dad answered her question about the past she went back to Blakes car. Blake said that their children were all coming down to see who was in the house. Her mom ran to the stairs and sawed that her children were coming down the stairs to see a people.

April 11, 2024

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