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Brandi Ray

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About me

I am a single 32-year-old stay-at-home mother of three from Mississippi. I've always loved reading, but I've recently found a love for writing. I've mainly loved reading fantasy, but recently I have gotten into romance, science fiction, and mystery genres as well.


The Orphaned Queen
  • 👁 2.1K
  • 8.9

After being abandoned at the border of the Blue River Pack territory, Rain is raised in the orphanage as a witch, where she becomes best friends with Jessica Tompson, a werewolf orphan from the pack. After Jessicas seventeenth birthday, Jessica tells Rain they must escape the pack to save Rain from a horrible fate. But before they can leave, Odett, a five-year-old rogue pup, enters their lives, and they decide to take her with them to ensure she doesn't share the same fate as Rain. After they leave, they run into danger while in the woods as they try to make their way south to New Orleans in an effort to find a witch who will help train Rain to use her magic. But soon, they will discover The Moon Goddess has a plan for Rain and her newly found family. She is pulled from her miserable life and thrown onto a rollercoaster of ups and downs, finding her goddess-given mate, discovering her family's past, and even fighting a war to save all supernatural species. What will their fate entail? Will she find her happy ending?


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