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Bosy Elselhdar

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The Alpha's Chosen Mate
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"Alpha, I wanted to speak with private," she said, pushing her hair back nervously. Dominic looked her up and down, as if assessing her worth. Cassandra felt her cheeks heat up under his scrutiny. "Speak," he said curtly, his voice low and intimidating. Cassandra swallowed hard, trying to gather her courage. "I, umm...I have been watching you, Alpha. And I believe we have a connection, a...a bond," she said, stumbling over her words. Dominic raised an eyebrow, his expression skeptical. "A bond, you say? And what exactly do you mean by that?" he asked, crossing his arms over his chest. Cassandra took a deep breath, searching for the right words. "I mean that...I feel like we have a connection, Alpha. A connection that goes beyond pack loyalty or respect. I feel...drawn to you, in a way that I can't explain," she said, her voice growing softer. Dominic let out a low growl, his eyes flashing with anger. "You dare to approach me with such words? You, a mere pack member, have the audacity to declare a connection with your Alpha? Do you not understand the hierarchy of our pack?" he snarled. Cassandra flinched at his harsh words, feeling the weight of his authority bearing down on her. "I-I'm sorry, Alpha. I didn't mean to overstep my bounds. I just...I thought that maybe we could have something special, something more than just packmates," she said, her voice trembling. Dominic let out a cold laugh, his eyes glinting with contempt. "Special? More than packmates? You are nothing more than a breeding machine, Cassandra. Your sole purpose is to serve the pack, to bear strong offspring. You are replaceable, expendable," he spat.

She Belongs to The Alpha King
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"Who is that newborn girl?" The king knelt down, his heart swelling with curiosity and concern, as he gently lifted the two-year-old girl into his arms. "Nobody knows, your majesty. It seems her parents may have abandoned her, or worse, met an unfortunate fate," his best friend offered, sadness lacing his voice. But as the girl opened her eyes, the king and his entourage froze in astonishment. A nervous gulp escaped the king's throat as he stammered, "She's... her eyes are pink! Who is she?" Suddenly, the wise old man, known for his profound insights, blurted out, "She belongs to the king, your majesty." The king turned his head slowly, disbelief and awe mingling in his expression. "But... I am the king!" In a hushed but resolute voice, the older man raised his head and proclaimed, "She belongs to the Alpha King of All Kings. She is destined to become our Queen someday, as foretold by her future." With these words, the king's heart was filled with a deep sense of responsibility and affection. In that moment, he made the decision to adopt the girl, not knowing if it was an intentional choice or if her enchanting smile simply melted his heart. Little did they know, as the years passed, that girl who had been disregarded and abused would rise to claim her true destiny. For she was not just any ordinary child. She was destined to be the Alpha King's Queen, possessing powers and a purpose that surpassed all expectations.

The Billionaire's Temporary Wife
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Blindly mated to badboy Alpha
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She did not have any dreams about her mate. When she realized how worthless she was going to be, she was positive that he would turn his back on her. "What the living hell! You must be fucking blind, you idiot! Be careful not to fuck up your route!" When he yelled at me, my heart started beating extremely fast in my chest. I couldn't tell whether he was fearful or anxious or whether I was... No way! He can't possibly be my soul mate! Is this the same jerk I've heard so much bad stuff about? Both he and I! But very soon, he will be king over the werewolves and rule the kingdom! I was completely submerged in my thoughts until I felt a hand pushing me down to the ground in an abrupt manner. "Are you seriously not paying any attention to me?! I'm the most powerful alpha that's ever existed! What, you don't recognize my face? And why the hell do I feel so angry right now, and why the hell are my heartbeats so damned deep and strong?" He yelled out while making a loud growling sound. I heaved a nervous sigh and started to crawl across the floor before realizing that my feet weren't doing anything to help me get up. "Get out of the way, you a—!" Once more, he yelled in an authoritative manner. I muttered an expletive under my breath. He yelled, "What the hell were you saying just now?" I attempted to mumble, "I told you that I'm going to try to get up. Simply leave." After grabbing me by the hair, he slammed my back against the locker and demanded, "Look at me now." But in all seriousness... I was not capable! Fuck dammit! I could not see! I was unable to scream despite my desire to do so. He huffed and said in an irritated tone, "You make my blood boil! My thoughts and feelings are... Why the hell are you not looking at me right now? Are you afraid?" I squeezed my eyes shut and let out a long sigh while exclaiming, "I can't see! I am Blind!"


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