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Alpha King's Lost Luna

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Cassandra Keller was wolfless. She lived in a small pack and ran a small clinic with her friend Marley. When the hunting festival came, she had nothing to expect because she was forbidden to enter the forest for her inability. That morning, she was called by the Alpha for an emergency. She went there in no time only to find the patient to be the son of their Alpha King. The Alpha King was not only the king, but also her mate who abandoned her five years ago.

Chapter 1 Emergency


“For the glory of Wegalla Empire, you must die!” Intruders snarled at me as I knelt on the floor.

“Please let me see Asher. Please…” I begged.

“How dare you speak the name of our king!” The soldiers growled and grabbed my hair, forcing me to raise my head. They were like shadows towering over me.

“Please. I need to talk to him. I’m pregnant. I have his baby!” I cried.

The head soldier snorted. “Baby? You think you’d be qualified to deliver a baby for our king? Filthy wh*r*! He won’t come to you anymore. Don’t you understand? He’s with Lady Adalyn. Now drink it!”


He pulled me harshly, gripped my face and pried my mouth open. Mysterious liquid flew down my throat.

Burning. I began to gag.

“Die! You wretched moron.” They spat at me before slamming the door. And I heard the click of the lock.

I struggled to move, but my eyes felt swollen, and my legs were strengthless. The smell of smoke quickly filled the room.

Fire engulfed me.


My mind wandered as I stared out the window. The sky was a perfect clear blue, and the air was filled with the sound of children’s laughter. A smile formed on my lips at the sound.

Far beyond me, the pups, accompanied by their parents, made their way toward the forest not too far away from where I sat. It was finally time for the annual hunting festival, and the pups chattered and giggled with excitement as they tugged at their mother’s and father’s sleeves.

I remembered their innocent happiness well. When I had been a pup myself, I’d been infinitely impatient and raced far ahead of my father and brother, urging them the entire way to move faster. I’d been so excited to get a glimpse of the hunting group I wished to one day be a part of. I was eager to find my place amongst the Pack.

I’d been grown for a long time now, and yet, these pups had more freedom than me.

Ever since the deadly inferno, I’d lost the ability to shift into my wolf form, my life had changed completely.

I lost everything. My wolf, my name, my identity, and all I used to love and cherish. I’d moved far away and came to the Wild Crawler Pack, where I’d lived as someone else ever since.

Just as I was starting to feel the familiar ache of loneliness, the sound of footsteps rang out behind me. I snapped out of my stupor and turned to see Marley behind me.

“Sheesh, Cassandra, I almost fell asleep at my desk.”

Marley paused for a breath. She ran her hands through her thick dark hair. Her light green eyes were slightly bloodshot, but her small smile offset her tired aura. “It’s been such a crazy day. I couldn’t help but doze off between patients.”

“I understand completely,” I agreed with her. “Here, come sit down. We still have a while until our next appointment.”

Marley was my assistant here at the clinic. Fiver years ago, when Emmett saved me from the fire and brought me to his pack, he taught me how to be a healer. And Marley had been my first patient. Shortly after I helped heal her, she decided she wanted to help others as well, and now she was my right-hand woman.

Marley took a seat on the stool beside me and then glanced out the window.

“I can’t believe it’s already time for the hunting festival,” she sighed, and she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “The kids have been going crazy for days. I swear, they’ve been driving me absolutely insane, Cass.”

“I’m sure,” I mused. “The village has been loud all week.”

“I wish I cared more,” Marley admitted. “But the festival really doesn’t interest me much. Visitors from other packs are troublesome. Can you imagine? I was stopped by them three times this morning for the question – ‘How to get to the forest?’. Gosh. Can’t they read signposts? They are everywhere on the streets. And with how crazy my kiddos have been…”

She let out a heavy sigh, “I wish they could be more like your Finnick. He’s such a good boy. Mine are little monsters, no matter what I do. You’re lucky Finnick hasn’t begged you to come with him-”

She paused for a moment, and a strange expression crossed her pretty face.

“Sorry, Cassandra,” she said quietly. “I didn’t mean to bring that up-”

Marley knew I was unable to shift, and therefore, I was not allowed to enter the forest, even the safe zone.

I simply gave her an understanding smile. “Don’t even worry about it. Besides, Finnick is too young to watch anyway. If he was of age, I’m sure circumstances would be different.”

It had been five years past since that calamity. I need to go on.

“So where is your sweet boy?” Marley wondered with a curious expression.

“He’s with the Luna and her children,” I replied.

I was grateful that the Luna of the Wild Crawler Pack had been so generous as to offer to watch my son while I ran the clinic. The hours were incredibly long, and my patient list had grown endless recently. Marley and I were busier than ever.

A sickness was running through the Wild Crawler Pack, one with an unsure origin I had yet to place. It was accompanied by a peculiar mark on different parts of the patient’s bodies, each slightly raised, red, and warm to the touch. I’d biopsied several of them, and yet, I hadn’t found an answer that made any sort of sense.

“That’s a good place for him,” Marley interrupted my thoughts again, and then beyond us, bells rang out. She glanced up at the clock. “Looks like it’s time for our next patient. Ready to go?”

I nodded. “Let’s go.”

I offered my hand to Marley and helped her to her feet, and then we walked out into the front of the clinic, where our next patient was nervously awaiting us. She was a young woman named Anna, and her brown eyes were slightly glazed over. Her skin was pale and coated with a slight sheen of sweat, and her arms were wrapped around herself as she shivered. Marley and I escorted her to a room and sat her down on a comfortable seat.

We took her temperature, her information, and listened as she described her symptoms. For a moment, I was worried she was ill with the mysterious sickness, but it seemed to just be a common cold. I prescribed her some medicine, and after she gratefully thanked me for helping her, the front door’s bells rang out again.

“Who is that-” Marley began to say, and suddenly, a tall man burst into the room.

His dark clothing and the sword at his side indicated his rank. I recognized him immediately.

It was Jasper, one of the Alpha’s guards. I knew him very well, as he was often sent to collect me on behalf of the Alpha’s family if medical attention was needed.

“Hey, Jasper,” I greeted him, and I flashed him a smile, assuming it would be returned. When it wasn’t, I knew something was wrong. Jasper was always friendly with Marley and me when he came to the clinic, but today, his expression was deadly serious.

“The Alpha needs you right away, Cassandra,” he addressed me hurriedly. “You must accompany me to the Pack House. It’s an emergency.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked, and worry painted my tone.

“There isn’t much time to explain,” Jasper replied. “Long story short, a prestigious guest of ours has been bitten by a viper and needs medical attention immediately.”

Panic flooded through me. Snake bites weren’t anything to mess with, and we needed to act fast.

“Marley, finish up with Anna,” I directed my assistant. “I’ll get the kit together. Join me once you’re finished.”

Marley nodded. “Go ahead, I’ll handle things here.”

I hurriedly gathered my supplies, and then when Marley reentered the room, we followed Jasper down the hall and through the door. After I locked the clinic door behind us, we raced out into the village and toward the Pack House. We sped in silence, and after a while, I decided to ask for more information.

“Who is this prestigious guest?” I wondered.

“I cannot say,” Jasper said curtly. “It’s confidential.”

“Where did they come from?” I pressed.

He said nothing at first, and then sighed. “Anemond.”

I flinched instinctively.

Anemond was the capital of the Wegalla Empire. It resided at the heart of the Crescent Pack, the biggest and most powerful Pack that ruled our empire. It was also where the Alpha King lived, along with the higher-class werewolf families.

Marley interrupted my thoughts. “The capital? They must be important.”

“Yes, they are. That’s why we need to hurry up.” Jasper nodded seriously.

I tried to maintain an air of normality, and yet, my heart sank in my chest.

I hadn’t heard the name Anemond in the five years. The memories began to flood back through my mind before I could stop them. Images danced in my mind- the fire, the grins of the soldiers, and the poison that’d been forced down my throat.

Anemond was the place of my birth, and in the end, had been my nightmare.

Chapter 2 Viper bite


“Cassandra?” Marley mudged me back into reality. Her pretty eyes were wide with concern. “Are you okay?”

I gulped, and then nodded as I pushed away my memories of Anemond. “Yes.”

I managed to pull myself together. I needed to be level-headed if we were going to heal this patient.

It didn’t take us long to reach the Pack House. The enormous mansion wasn’t far from the clinic.

When we crossed through the doors, we were surprised to see a crowd of people hustling around. The Pack House seemed to be in a huge commotion, and I had to duck to avoid bumping into anyone around me. This was the most activity I’d seen here in a while.

“Wow,” Marley remarked as Jasper led us down the hall. “This must be serious. Everyone seems so upset.” She tugged at Jasper’s sleeve. “Can you tell us what’s going on?”

“The Alpha will tell you once we find him,” Jasper remarked.

“Oh,” Marley replied, and she let out a sigh. “So much sec

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