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Grace discovers that Alpha Logan is her mate but there is a problem. The Alpha has a girlfriend and he rejects Grace, opting for the girlfriend. Grace is persuaded by Samuel, an Alpha from a neighboring pack to become his Luna and she accepts. But trouble looms because Alpha Logan has realized that he made a mistake, only that it may be too late to rectify it.

Chapter 1

It is on one of these boring days that I am lazing around in my room when my mother calls out at me, “Grace! Grace! Won't you be coming down?" I get off my bed and walk downstairs to the living room where I find them waiting for me. Wow! I had almost forgotten it was my birthday, but my dear parents hadn't. I glare at my parents and my younger brother across the breakfast table as they joyously sing happy birthday to me. The last thing a twenty-year-old college student who still lives at home with her parents wants to hear is them still singing happy birthday to her like they had every year since she was a child. It is bad enough that I still live under their roof but the fact they still treat me like a child makes it much worse. I have been itching to be independent for some time now but I just don't have the resources for it. Going to college doesn't leave much time for working, so with my part-time waitress job on the side, I am barely paying the bills I have now. Adding new ones just isn't an option. Mom and dad have been more than understanding about my situation and they have agreed to keep me up, as long as I need, until I am able to move out. Neither of them is rushing me though, so I am thankful for that. At the song's end they all stand and clap before mom pushes the chocolate iced cake in front of my face. I stare at it down grudgingly, unsure whether or not to taste it. Jake my brother stands behind them and watches in silence, his trademark silence. I have been on a diet for a solid month now but I have barely lost any weight. If I was able to go out for a run more frequently I'm sure I wouldn't even have to be on this diet. Being a werewolf alone is enough to keep one in shape. You could burn a day's calories in just one run. But it's long time since I had one such run. I'll just be glad once all of these college courses are over and I can have more free time. My wolf really needs it. Now that summer is here I'll at least have a good two months before classes start back up again at the local campus. Maybe John will let me pick up a few extra shifts so I can start apartment hunting, I'm sure that by the end of summer I'll have enough saved for first and last month's rent. "Oh, come on honey. It's your birthday. One slice of cake won't kill you," Mom urges. It will when I have to work it off later. Maybe after work tonight I can go for a decent run. It's much needed. "I suppose," I mumble just to make her happy. "Pass me a plate." "Don't forget to make a wish," she says, watching the lit candles in the middle burn. Eh, why not? May as well humor them, right? I close my eyes and lean in close while thinking what I want to wish for. Within a few seconds I automatically know. My Mate. I open my eyes and blow out the two and zero candle just before dad starts cutting the cake. Well...someone was hungry. I think sarcastically to myself. I dig my fork into the chocolaty goodness that now sits in front of me. It's not often I get chocolate for breakfast. Or at all for that matter. I May as well make the most of it. My brother Tom joins me and we feast on it. Ah, heaven. I smile. The creamy milk chocolate melts away in my mouth. It is just perfect. Truly and utterly perfect. "Oh honey, before I forget, there is a pack meeting taking place tonight. Alpha Logan has requested that everyone be there. Apparently he has some news to announce." Well almost perfect. What could be so darn important that they need everyone tonight? Now I'm gonna have to switch my shift with Naomi and she is not going to be happy with that. She hates covering the weekend shift. The nights are always the worst. That's when the cafe is filled with the less desirable people. You know the ones that are a little too touchy and the worst tippers? Well after nine pm at least. Those last three hours until we close are the most dreadful though, the most stressful. "Honey, you're spacing out again. Have you been losing sleep? You remember what Dr. Andrew said?" "I know mom," I reply, cutting her off before she could lecture me further. "I was just thinking about the cafe." I don't know exactly what I have said that makes her smile but she has the biggest grin of all on her face at the mention of it. In fact, it slightly worries me. "You know, that reminds me dear. Now that it's your twentieth birthday you might meet your mate tonight." I raise an eyebrow to her in confusion. "What does that have to do with the cafe?" "Well when you find your mate you won't have to work so much. You know he'll take care of you. You might actually start to enjoy life again." Oh, so that's where she was going with this. That's why she had that smile? "Mom you know good and well I don't want a mate for that reason. I want my mate because he'll love me unconditionally. I don't plan on changing my life style because of him," I state. "I know honey but you may find yourself doing a lot of things you thought you wouldn't normally do," she smiles. "Mates change everything." I roll my eyes at her but I don't reply. There is no sense arguing with her over it. She'll just pull the experience card at me. After all, she has a mate and I do not. Maybe she is right. Maybe that will all change tonight. Maybe he's waiting to meet me as well. Let me see, who all has turned twenty since our last meeting? Well, there was Clive, the Beta's brother, and Brian, my cousin, who can't be my mate. Hmm who else? I know there was one more. Oh... our Alpha, Logan. But that is only the of age males. That doesn't include the unmated ones who are of all ages. Even though Alpha Logan turned twenty exactly a week before me, I know there is not chance in hell I am his mate. I'm not sure I am Luna material. Besides I'm pretty sure he is going to announce his mating to his long time girlfriend Josephine tonight. That seems like the only logical reason why we would be holding a mandatory meeting if it was not an emergency. She is a good year older than him but I never heard her mention that they were mates. Perhaps they were keeping it secret until they knew for sure, and now that Logan is twenty there is no need to wait any longer. He could confirm it. I guess we'll find out tonight.

Chapter 2

My thoughts are cut off by my phone ringing giving me a bit of a fright. It always rings and vibrates unnecessarily loud and violently when it is on a hard surface and I hate that. I groan and pick it up from the table to see who is calling me. When the name flashes across my screen it only serves to irritate me further. What does he want? I am not due to work for another six hours. Something must have happened. "Hey, John," I answer, hiding my annoyance. "Grace, just the person I needed to talk to," He chuckles nervously. I sigh and roll up my eyes. "Well, you got her." After a brief moment of silence he begins to speak."Someone bail on you again?" I ask, keeping my friendly tone. After all, he is still my boss and I need this job until after college to help keep me up.

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