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Luna's Secret: Pregnant With Alpha's Son

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Misha K
  • Chapters: 120
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 40.7K
  • 9.8
  • 💬 4.7K


“What did you say, little wolf?” he asked. “Repeat.” I swallowed saliva down my dry throat. “I don’t belong to you,” I repeated, staring into his amber eyes. The next moment he pounced on me with predator's intensity. He pinned my wrists in one hand and forced them above my head. Pressing my body with his heavy one, he growled, “You belong to me, little wolf. Remember that. I am going to hunt you from the depths of hell if you try to run or hide.” He captured my lips in a sizzling kiss as he grounded his rock-hard erection on me. ---- After a perfect night with Violet, Dane rejects her, to marry Emily who is known to him from childhood and is the perfect choice. Feeling insulted and dejected, Violet runs away. However, Dane can't stop thinking about Violet and crazily hunts for her. At his pre-wedding party, he sees Violet with someone else. Jealousy rips his heart and this time he won't let her go, even if that means he has to break the rules. Violet resists him, because she has something precious to hide. What happens when Dane sees a pup who is his carbon copy? And he calls Violet, ‘Mom’. Will Violet accept his rejection finally? Or will she come back to him? Will Dane be able to seduce her back in his own, dark and twisted way? Or will he be forced to go back to Emily? Let the chase begin!


Violet’s POV

I woke up with a jolt, pain surging through my stomach as someone kicked me. I curled in my threadbare blanket as tears welled in my eyes. I was sleeping on the ground of a makeshift home in a forest that surrounded the White Fur pack.

“Wake up, b*tch!” A nasal voice blasted.

It was my father’s mate, Nellie, who was my stepmother.

“No one has all the time for you in the world, dimwit!” she spat. She kicked me again on my chest, making me whimper in pain.

“We are leaving. The White Fur pack’ hounds have sniffed us.”

Rogues were hated by every pack and the moment we were spotted, we were killed. And the White Fur Pack was notorious for sniffing rogues and killing them in the cold.

My name is Violet Clark. I am nineteen. My father and stepmother are rogues and we live like vagabonds along with a few more rogues, who lusted after me like I was the wh*r* of the rogue pack. It was a surprise that I kept my virginity intact till now.

Grunting and sending more expletives my way, Nellie hurried away.

‘Why don’t we kill her?’ my wolf, Opal, grumbled.

‘If we kill her, my father would kill me instantly,’ I said through my tears. My wolf wasn’t as powerful as she should have been. Years and years of abuse and malnourishment had weakened it.

‘We will run away, Violet,’ she growled. ‘At this rate they are going to weaken you and me further. Just yesterday, your father caned you on the back. How much can I take?’

I got up, wiping my tears and ignoring the pain in my body that ran deep to my bones. I knew that my injuries would soon become blue or black. They would eventually heal but very slowly, leaving scars.

I tied my sandy brown hair in a messy bun and then folded my blanket, crying at my shitty luck. If only my mother had been here...

According to the tales I heard, my mother, Fiona, ensnared my father, Alex. She became pregnant but soon after my birth, she died under mysterious circumstances. And a month later, my father brought his mate, Nellie. Nellie gave me away to my mother’s sister, Macy, from the White Fang pack, but when I turned five, I was handed back to my father. I don’t know why.

Ever since then, my life has taken a downturn. Alex and Nellie hated me. Father would hit me and punish me at every given opportunity, and those opportunities never ended. I was made to do all the menial work, even of the rogues he was surrounded with.

“You are still crying, *ssh*l*!” my stepsister, Sade, shouted. “I hope you get killed today! Why are we carrying you along with us? You are such baggage!” she cursed.

Wincing, I collected my little bag, which had a blanket, jeans, one frayed shirt and a set of underwear. I rushed out in my shorts and a tank top, shivering in the cold of the night.

My father had already shifted into his wolf. He snarled at me and then ran out of the cave we were hiding in. My mother followed him. Soon we all shifted and were running in the forest, trying to escape the warriors of the White Fur Alpha.

However, we must have gone only a few hundred meters when we heard snarls and howls behind us. Heavy footfalls chased us.

‘Run fast!’ my father’s voice sounded in our heads. I pushed myself to go fast through my pain, but minutes later we heard those howls coming nearer. It meant that this time we were doomed. I ran hard, knowing fully well that if I stopped, I would be killed, but I couldn’t run as fast as other rogues. The pain in my chest, stomach and back lanced through me like icy shards. Every breath I took hurt me. I wonder if a bone or two in my ribcage was broken after Nellie kicked me.

‘See, I told you,” Opal grumbled. ‘He is trying to kill us. Leave them.’

‘What do I do, Opal?’ I said to her, ‘If I leave this pack, where will I go? Don’t you know lone wolves are hunted down and killed instantly?’

‘This is the time to leave your father. Take a right turn and I will lead you to your mother’s pack. I am sure they will take you in,’ Opal sounded desperate. I knew that she wanted to protect me, but I wasn’t sure that my mother’s pack would ever take me in. They had betrayed a five-year-old who was… harmless.

‘No, we stick to my father!’ I instructed and Opal grumbled.

But my stars were all wrong that day. Suddenly, someone bit me on my leg and then someone attacked me on my back. I let out an agonized howl, crashing on the ground on my belly. When I looked back, I saw Sade’s fangs, dripping in blood and Nellie glaring at me.

My father’s angry voice came into my head. ‘Come back girls. Leave her to die!’

I whimpered. So this was their plan to get rid of me finally? To maul me and leave me to die? To leave me in the fate of the ruthless warriors of the White Fur pack?

Opal couldn’t take the pain. ‘Take over, Violet,’ she said. ‘And climb a tree to hide.’

I took over, but merely a few minutes later when I was climbing, I was attacked again. A warrior of the White Fur pack grabbed my hair and pulled me to the ground where he hurled me some twenty feet away. Excruciating pain and horror gripped me when I saw him towering over me.

He snarled at me, peeling his lips back. “We found a rogue,” he yelled, calling all others as he removed his dark curly hair from his hazel eyes. I scrambled away from him, scared as hell.

From the corner of my vision I saw five giant werewolves coming in my direction. They surrounded me, their heads dipped, their lips peeled back exposing sharp fangs.

“Kill her,” the warrior ordered.

So this is the end? I closed my eyes, waiting for it. It was better that I died. There was so much pain all over my body that I didn’t have the strength to live. I was fed up with being treated lowest of the low amongst the rogues. I was exhausted mentally and physically.

‘I am sorry, Opal,’ I apologized to my wolf, defeated. ‘I can't take it any longer.’

I waited for the final blow, for the warriors to sink their fangs in my neck, or tear me limb by limb, when a strong voice sounded.


“Alpha!” the warriors bowed to him, submitting their necks to him.

I jerked open my eyes and looked at the source of the voice. An alpha male was standing in front of me, naked. My breath catches, but it’s not because of the pain in my body. It’s a pair of gorgeous green eyes that stare at me and those eyes pinned me in my place.

He was both utterly terrifying and the most beautiful werewolf I’d ever seen. He had shoulder-length wavy midnight blue hair, his features chiseled. At over six feet, he was a mountain of muscles.

It was difficult for me to breathe, I was on the verge of death, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the Alpha standing in front of me, naked.

‘Mate.’ My wolf purred.

Can I Have You?

Violet POV

I stifled a gasp.

The Alpha of the White Fur pack was my mate? Goddess. He was the most cruel Alpha in all of America. No. No. No. No.

He was staring at me intensely, his hands clenched into tight fists, every muscle in his body strained with tension. “Take her to the dungeons.” He sneered.

“No,” I protested in the hope that he would acknowledge me as his mate and help me out of my misery, but the way he was looking at me, it explained everything. He hated me and would reject me.

He walked towards me with disgust. Leaning down, he wrapped his long fingers around my neck tightly almost to the point of pain and growled “You will come with me to the White Fur pack.”

Even through all the pain, my head became dizzy when I picked up his scent of mist and pine. My body trembled as delightful shivers ran down my body upon his touch, which felt more like a caress over every sensitive part of me. I coughed, surprised by the power of his touch. It

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