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"You know I am not spewing nonsense Karen. Yes, your wolf might not be there to witness within you that I am yours but you can't deny the fact that you are drawn towards me, somehow, somewhere within, you know!" Karen was breathing hard, she could not believe what she just heard. What Ralph said was the truth and that was why she had been trying to push him far from her. My mate??? "But there is no way to prove it" Karen said with her chest heaving up and down. "There is" Ralph said and his eyes were fixed on hers intently. "How?" Karen asked and her voice came out as a whisper. She was paralyzed by the scorching blazes of Ralph's eyes and the sincerity she could feel from his words. Ralph leaned into her without his body touching hers and took her lips in his. She wanted to push him off but the strength of his hands held her in place and he deepened the kiss. She surrendered and her lips soon followed the pace that his, had set. It was gentle, promising and sent fiery messages all over her skin. ************ She had missed Ralph terribly but everytime her brain thinks of him, the kiss they shared, she would quieten her thoughts and switch it to something else - her thoughts would still find a way to wander back to Ralph. Despite everything, she thought of her pack, her friends that were still in the dungeon, especially Naire - her personal maid and friend. She made a promise and she had to keep it at all costs. How could she, when she was stuck in this mansion. She had to leave so she could be free to train and awaken her wolf. The only person that could permit her leaving this fortified place, was none other than Ralph. She knew that he still suspected that she might want to leave and the only way to make him un-think this was by warming up to him pretentiously and this she did. ************* "I…uhmm, came here, to thank you for all the kindness you have shown me so far" said Karen. "Sounds like the kind of speech someone makes when they plan on leaving " replied Ralph and Karen's heart did a somersault in her chest. 'Can he read my thoughts?' she thought. "Nope!" she said, popping the 'p'. "I just thought I should thank you, that is all. I would take my leave now " "You came here looking beautiful and you want to leave immediately? Not fair little one. I want you to thank me with something else" " I don't really have anything that you might need" "Oh, you have more than I need trust me" "What is that then?" "Your lips… I want you to kiss me" Blinking rapidly she wanted to rant at him but she remembered why she was here. "Alright but can you close your eyes?" asked Karen. Karen is the daughter of Alpha Thomas Zayn and Kerith Zayn - the former Alpha and Luna of Grey Woods Pack. Her cousin launched a surprise attack on her pack which led to the demise of her parents. He locks her in a dungeon and tells her to accept him as her alpha and mate and when she refuses, he tortures her to her wolf goes silent within her. She finds a way to escape but before her joy is full, she gets hit by the Supreme Alpha's car- Ralph Hernandez. He tells her she is his mate but since there is no wolf within her, she doesn't accept, majorly because she heard that he had a hand in the murder of her parents. She pretentiously warms up to him and when he has fallen so deeply in love with her, she runs away. Though she is also in love with him, she runs away to keep her father's legacy and to save her people that are still in the dungeon. Would she be able to hide from Ralph forever? Would she get her wolf back? Would she save her people and who she be able to surrender wholly to Ralph Hernandez?

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▷Important note: The story is not finished and has not been updated for some time. “I, Madeline Clark, rejec…,” I started speaking, but Alpha Dimitri stopped me by putting his hand over my mouth. He pulled me closer to him and growled. “What the hell are you doing?!” he shouted. “I am not letting you do this, Maddie. I’ve waited for you for months and I am not going to lose you!” His eyes held so much pain and his voice was laced with panic. “You are mine, Maddie,” he said as he leaned in and pressed a small kiss on my forehead. “You are mine, and I am not letting you go.” Madeline is a 17-year-old girl who still hasn’t shifted into her wolf. Her father abandoned her mother when she was very young. She’s been bullied and laughed at all the time. After she lost her mom, the person who loved her the most, Madeline is completely distraught and broken. Her father comes back to take her back to his pack. Madeline is against it, but her financial situation forces her to go with him. Dimitri is a Lycan wolf, the Alpha of his very successful pack. He is 22 years old, and he still hasn’t found his mate. When Madeline comes to his pack, he is very surprised to find out that she is his mate. He is also very frustrated because she is his stepsister who still hasn’t shifted. She can’t recognize him as her mate. Madeline struggles in the new pack. She doesn’t have the best relationship with her stepmother. She can’t wait to turn 18 and leave. What will happen when Madeline finds out who her mate is? What will Dimitri do after she rejects him? Will he be able to convince her to stay?

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  • Author: Darma Day
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 66.8K
  • 9.9

Isla- a young, and underestimated warrior. After surviving years of traumatic abuse, she is left orphaned, and alone. She strives to prove to herself, and others, that she is not weak. Though she is beautiful and strong years of psychological abuse, she doesn’t believe she is worthy of love, or that the Moon Goddess will grant her a fated mate. Alpha Zac is the fair and strong leader of Clear Creek. Secretly a hopeless romantic, Zac wants his fated mate more than anything. But after waiting years to find her, he has accepted a playboy lifestyle. When a unique she-wolf warrior joins his pack, she does more than fulfill his fantasies, and she tests how far he will go to protect her from her past. “WEAK” he yells as he swiftly brings the whip at me. I quickly try to cover my face but am not fast enough. I hiss in pain as the unforgiving leather slices my hand and eyebrow. I try to swallow the sob that wants to escape me, but instead, I throw up. Maybe he would have stopped there if I would have missed his boots.** (ISLA) I feel a pang of jealousy; she has what I've always wanted. A loving family, support, friends, and stability. Audrie doesn't have to question if she belongs here or try to prove her worth. (ZAC)My whole chest tightens, and my wolf presses forward. “MATE”. The urgency to hold her, to take away the pain, intensifies. I reach out and lift her head, and that's when I see the gash trickling blood onto the already blood-covered rock. I scoop her up and head straight to the infirmary. I just found my mate, I can't lose her on the same night.

Book cover
  • Author: Kit Bryan
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 7.8K
  • 9.6

"I'm an ordinary waiter, but I can see people's fate, including Shifters. Like all children, I was tested for magic when I was only a few days old. Since my specific bloodline is unknown and my magic is unidentifiable, I was marked with a delicate swirling pattern around my upper right arm. I do have magic, just as the tests showed, but it has never lined up with any known Magic species. I can't breathe fire like a dragon Shifter, or hex people who piss me off like Witches. I can't make potions like an Alchemist or seduce people like a Succubus. Now I don't mean to be unappreciative of the power I do have, it's interesting and all, but it just really doesn't pack much of a punch and most of the time it is just pretty much useless. My special magical skill is the ability to see threads of fate. Most of life is annoying enough for me, and what never occurred to me is that my mate is a rude, pompous nuisance. He's an Alpha and my friend's twin brother. --------------------------------------- “What are you doing? This is my home, you can't just let yourself in!” I try and keep my voice firm but when he turns and fixes me with his golden eyes I shrink back. The look he gives me is imperious and I automatically drop my eyes to the floor as is my habit. Then I force myself to look back up again. He doesn't notice me looking up because he's already looked away from me. He's being rude, I refuse to show that he's scaring me, even though he most definitely is. He glances around and after realising that the only place to sit is the little table with its two chairs he points to it. “Sit.” he orders. I glare at him. Who is he to order me around like this? How can someone this obnoxious possibly be my soul mate? Maybe I'm still asleep. I pinch my arm and my eyes water a little from the sting of pain."


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