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Alana Dyer

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The Runaway Breeder
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Breeders; She-wolves charged to produce twenty pups to grow the pack. What would you do if you become one? Would you accept your fate and do your duty or would you runaway? These are the questions Laina Starcrest has to answer when she is designated as the packs newest breeder. With all hope for a normal life gone and an offer from her Alpha that she can't refuse Laina spends her days locked away, nothing more than a breeding tool. Waiting... Until one day a chance to escape presents itself. Pregnant and on the run Laina soon finds herself located in the most feared pack known to werewolf kind – Bloodsvain. What will Laina do when she finds out Breeders are illegal? And that the Alpha of Bloodsvain, her new mate, is the only hope of saving her from the cruel fate she once knew and giving her retribution for the injustice she's suffered.

Rejection on the Full Moon (Rejection Series)
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Rejection, Moon Goddess, Omega, Alpha King, Alpha Queen, Soulless, Runt. When Amberle Crest's mate rejects her on her eighteenth birthday, She realizes that living in a pack where the majority would rather use her as a slave than treat her as an equal is not worth the pain. She becomes the notorious wolf, Fire Foot, vowing that everyone would regret how they treated her, as she leaves her pack in the past. Now a ghost forgotten by those that tormented her, Amberle does whatever it takes to survive as a lone wolf. A fateful day changes her lonely life to one full of happiness and hope--until ghosts from her past call for aid in ridding their pack of the Soulless who threatens all wolf kind. Faced with new friends, old foes, and the threat of a building army, will Amberle be able to fight the ghosts of her past to cherish the pack she has found or will an old mate claim her before a second chance mate can show her what being treasured by someone is all about? Rejection Series includes three books, Rejection on the Full Moon (Book 1), Rejecting the Future Moon Goddess (Book 2), and Rejection to the Alpha King's Daughter (Book 3).


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