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Tracy Tauro

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I am 26 years old. Loves to read and write. I have joined Alphanovel to create a new world Fantasy where you fall in love with the story and characters. Join me on Social Platforms- Tracy Readrats Authorpage - Authortracytauro


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Warning: This content contains BDSM themes, explicit scenes. One Book : Two Stories **Blurb for Irina's Story:** Irina Baker, the newly crowned Witch Queen, faces a dire predicament - cursed and unable to have a mate, she must quickly marry and bear a child to secure her throne against the threat of her cousin, Sister Violet. Desperate, Irina attempts a fake mate bond using a potent spell but mistakenly uses the blood of Jax, the Vampire King, and Denvor, the Dragon King. Now connected to two powerful men mourning their lost mates, Irina must navigate the consequences of her magical mishap. Will she reveal the truth about the spell? And when faced with choosing between Jax and Denvor, Irina finds herself entangled in a web of difficult decisions. **Blurb for Clarissa's Story:** Clarissa Miller, a hybrid of Dragon and Witch powers, battles the shadows of her past. Betrayed by her ex-fiancé, Drex Greenwood, who tarnished her name and stole her wealth through deceit and abuse, Clarissa struggles to reclaim her identity. Denvor, the Dragon King, becomes a flicker of hope in her life, but Clarissa is haunted by the knowledge that she is Denvor's second chance mate. As she fights against the wrongs inflicted by Drex, Clarissa realizes the challenges of competing with Denvor's affections for another - Irina. In a journey filled with unexpected revelations, Clarissa must confront her past and navigate a path towards a future where she can stand tall, despite the enemies she unwittingly made.


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