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About me

Reading is a beautiful escape in a not-so-beautiful world. I hope my stories provide a beautiful escape. Enjoy 😁


The Omega's Stand
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Being an Omega isn't an easy job. In fact it is one of the hardest jobs within a wolf pack and often a role that gets looked down on constantly. But it is a job that Chloe Patterson cherishes and tries to perfect everyday. No matter how much the Alpha family looks down on her, Chloe remains strong. She pushes herself to do her best because it's what her mother taught her to do from a young age. And while Chloe's mother has long since passed, Chloe still remembers everything her mother taught her about pack levels. And she knows that even though she is an Omega, she plays an important role within her pack. She also knows that titles don't always equal strength. When Chloe finds out who her mate is, she is overjoyed. She knows she will do a good job in her new position, but her mate doesn't agree. When he decides to publically reject her, Chloe stands tall. She let's the secret she has kept hidden for thirteen years spill out and walks away from the pack she worked so hard for. Will Chloe's mate regret his decision to reject his Omega mate, and if he does, will Chloe even give him a second chance?

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For years life for Krystal Dunn has consisted of medication and needles with no end in sight. After another failed treatment, hope for a life outside the hospital walls evaporates completely. Krystal must face the cold reality of death with open arms. But just as she welcomes the darkness, Krystal is transported to another planet to take part in a secret event. An event that will end with her being made to mate whoever chooses her. Can Krystal be happy finally, or will she miss her home planet and mother too much? Will Krystal like the alien who chooses her? Let the Harvest begin.


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