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From Prisoner To Princess

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Alone and with no memories prior to age six, Allison has spent the last fourteen years growing up in the slums of Zalaris, the capital city of Nimairene. She has learned to steal and con the wealthy to survive, always getting away until one day her luck runs out and she is unfortunately arrested and sent to Lady Priscilla's Prison for Troubled Women with the expectation of becoming a Proper Lady of Society upon release. Spending her days in and out of solitary confinement, Allison begins to believe she will never finish her sentence on time until she is rescued by a palace guard and whisked away from her torment. Learning she is the missing princess Allisara Nimair, rightful heir to the throne, Allisara begins to uncover the secrets and dark truths surrounding her missing memories and precarious upbringing with the help of Skylard "Sky" Blackhawk, an unlikely ally in the busy Palace. Now, Allisara must navigate her new reality as a princess while she grapples with her past and potential threats to her reign. Can she manage to restore her kingdom to its former glory, or will the past return to claim the life it tried to steal all those years ago?

Chapter 1

"Hush, little one. They will hear you." The Maid shushes as she holds on tightly to the child Princess, her worry filled voice shaking as she does her best to keep the two of them hidden in the shadows. The Princess slowly stops crying, her lips quivering as she hides her face in her Maid's shoulder, letting the woman carry her down the hallway and into the hidden passage only servants use. The Maid's footsteps are barely audible as she carefully descends the stone steps knowing that if she were to make the smallest noise, the enemies will find them and kill the last remaining member of the Royal Family.

The sounds of swords clashing and gun shots being fired frightens the little Princess, making her cling to her Maid. She knows there are bad men in her home - that everyone is fighting - but no one has told her why. All she knows is that her Maid is taking her to safety.

The stairs finally come to an end with a small passage way leading straight to the way out ahead. The Maid sighs with relief, tightening her hold on the Princess and quickening her steps.

"Just a little further and we will be free." She whispers, the Princess nodding her little head. The Maid's arms are growing sore from carrying the Princess since she found the little girl huddled in her room full of fear, but she has a sworn duty to protect the little blonde girl and as she pushes the door open and the fresh air greets her, she feels a new found strength inside her. With the Princess so close to being safe, the Maid knows that the future of her country will be bright.

The Maid smiles as she rushes into the cold night, sticking to the shadows of the trees as she tightens the cloak on the Princess, doing her best to keep her warm. Finally, she rounds the corner to find who she is looking for - a black horse saddled and ready to take her Highness away from the war filled Palace. A man in armour sits on top of the horse with a young boy in his lap - the Princess's playmate and a Knight in training. The Maid knows that this mode of escape is old fashion but if anyone were to take one of the vehicles they would be tracked down and killed by the rebels. In this high-tech world, the quiet escape on horseback is what will save their Princess.

"Listen to me Princess." The Maid begins, her pace nearly a trot at this point causing her voice to come out breathless.

"The Knight will take you to safety and when the time is right, we will return you home." She places the Princess on her feet, looking into her watery violet eyes as she too does her best not to cry in front of the little girl she watched grow since the day the Princess was born. Reaching into her pocket, the Maid retrieves the necklace that the late Queen entrusted her with, carefully placing it around the young girl's neck.

"This is from your parents. Know that they love you with all their heart." With these final words, the Maid lifts the girl into her arms for one last hug before passing the Princess to the Knight, tears in her eyes as she watches the young green eyed blonde boy wrap his arms around the Princess and hold her tightly.

"Protect her." The Maid pleads, before the Knight looks to the scared children before him. With a nod to the Maid as a silent promise, the Knight flicks the reigns and the horse takes off galloping away into the darkness with the Palace fading away.

The woman jolts awake in a cold sweat, her cell freezing in the winter night. The vivid dream that she has just awoken from begins to fade from her mind as she tries to recall more than just the feel of warm clothes and the sounds of metal clashing. She sighs, her breath coming out as a cloud in the cold air. Its been years since she lost her memory and she feels hopeless, as if she will never remember who she really is.

Looking out the small window of her cell, she shivers and realizes that dawn is hours away. If she wants to have any strength for the day ahead, she will need to get more rest.

Pulling the thin material that the prison calls a blanket around her body, she curls in on herself hoping to conserve warmth. Her hand clutches the small gold necklace that she has had since childhood and she wills herself to fall asleep.

Slamming his fist against the wall, the man screams in frustration. Fourteen long years he has been searching for Her. Everyone kept telling him that she was dead. That she had been killed in the Rebellion. But he knows that is not true. He personally helped her escape so how could she have just vanished into thin air without a trace.

Suddenly the screens light up in alarm and the man rushes to see what has happened, worried that the latest search for a trace of her might have come up empty again - but he is met with something he has dreamt of for years.

Fourteen years of searching has come to an end. Fourteen years of using the small trace of DNA left on her hair brushes finally yielded the results he has always wanted. But who would have thought that she would have ended in a prison of all places.

With a grin he prints the results and stalks out of the room. Who cares how she ended up there of all places. She is safe and its time to return her home.

Chapter 2

The sounds of shuffling, banging and screaming coax me from my sleep, my body shivering from the cold air as I slowly become alert. Its morning time judging by the small amount of light that filters through my window and soon the Guards will be forcing me on my feet.

"Get up girly, its time for fun." Banging on the bars to my cell, the Guard takes one look at me as I push myself into a sitting up, trying my best to keep the thin blanket wrapped around my body to try and keep warm. My warm breath becomes fog in the air as I yawn, slipping my feet into the prison issued slippers and standing from my bed, if that's what you could call the thin mattress on a concrete slab.

My cell doors open and I throw the blanket onto my bed before slinking out to join the others. As I line up with the others that were caught as thieves, I think about how I ended up in Lady Pricilla's Prison for Troubled Women.

I race across the street heading to the alleyways that would take me to m


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