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Just a kiss
  • Author: Kadene
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 17.1K
  • 8.0

Emily Samuels was devastated when she found her boyfriend of a year cheating on her. She was angry and hurt that she swore she would never forgive him. Logan has apologised to her and said it was a mistake, but Emily did not want to hear it. She also turned him down when he begged for her back. Logan's plea for her has gotten consistent that Emily wanted him to stop, so she did something that she hadn't expected to do...She kissed the school's bad boy and heartthrob, Tyler King. She only did that to let Logan see that she has moved on. Tyler, on the other hand, got an idea, so he strike a deal with Emily - To pretend that they were dating. Spending a lot of time with the bad boy has allowed Emily to see the real Tyler. Would their fake-dating be just that; fake? Or would it turn out to be real?

The bad boy saved me (1-2)
  • Author: Kadene
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 13K
  • 9.3

She was a special girl in school. Whatever she dreamed of, it would happen the next day. But it turned out not, she was sick, she was only haunted by nightmares. And for years she had been having the same dream, of her stepfather beating her, ruthlessly. After her father died, her mother remarried, then mother died too, she was left alone with her alcoholic and abusive stepfather. She lived in fear every day. She went to school with a lot of foundations and concealer just to cover her wounds and bruises. She met a bad boy in school, the same as her, covered in bruises and scars everywhere. But he was nothing like her. Famous, handsome, tall, and enjoy bullying others. She thought only a bad boy like him would be able to save her from her stepfather. So she started to date him but...


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