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"I’m a rare breed. The daughter of an Alpha capable of birthing the strongest kind of pup. I had just turned 18 and in six months I would go through the heat. A heat unmated could kill a wolf. So my parents had invited pack leaders and their sons to our lands to compete for my hand. To say I was nervous was an understatement. It was very common for a female alpha to be bred and then tossed to the side. Some were even killed. I had no idea what to expect. I never expected him…. To be blessed with a soulmate is also a rare thing. I only saw him first during the tournament. He had come late sending gifts ahead as apology for his disrespect. I admit I had been intrigued by his actions. When I saw him I could not help the scream I let loose to stop the fight. I was supposed to remain hidden during the match. I was supposed to act impartial as well. Then again I was not supposed to find my soulmate during this. I walked through the hushed crowd. I had to be near him like I had to breath. This calmed all my fears of deceit and treachery. He was bound to me by the goddess herself made for me and I for him. My eyes could not be taken from him. I knew now that my life was safe and we would love strongly. Goddess help those who try to break us apart."


My father is taller than any man. That I had seen…My mother looks deceiving at small height but she could kill the best warriors from three of the nearest clans…And I came from them. I was a rare breed. Born of two alphas and a female. My mother was like this and her mother. Her mother too, for I had a beautiful bloodline. Any alpha's son would kill for me. A female with alpha blood. Don't get me wrong, I was happy, blessed, and beloved. Growing up I had no clue of the challenges my life would face just because of my ability to give a man a strong pup. It was as golden as I could remember. I laughed and danced and ran until my lungs burned and my feet had calloused. I learned my duties to help and heal and defend my community. My pack. My parents, however, were sensible, they taught me to grow food, cook, hunt, and learn. I knew how to be self-sufficient so that come what may I would be able to help myself. Many women in my position are bred and then abandoned. Their alphas get a strong pup, maybe a precious prize daughter, and they are left for dead.They made sure I’d have a life. “Anna!” My mother can call louder than a man. Though I was particularly late. I had been dragging my feet all morning, all week. I did not want to do this. I had begged my parents to delay another year just one to give me some scrap of time to hold onto so that I could keep my life, my independence, and my sanity. They were right though. Going through a heat unmated can kill you. And I refuse to surrender my life. So now I displayed my curly brunette locks in a bun that allowed some to flow out like a waterfall and more in the front to frame my face. The simple dress I wore was pleasing to any eye. I always went for elegance and class. A daylight blue silk wrapped around me. It's Queen Anne neckline and tight silhouette were the evening goal. “A pretty piece of cattle I make,” I grumble. My ire had grown in recent weeks. I did not mind a mate at all. I was a hopeless romantic who dreamed of true love. I just knew this would never grant me that wish to be looked at like I was beyond perfect. The look of the world pinning itself in place around me as he memorized my features. I would never know passion, intimacy, euphoria, or love. Tonight I would go downstairs and meet young high-ranking members from so many packs I had lost count and they would all want me to be their Luna and I would stand there and smile as young men ripped each other apart to get a chance to bed me. And who orchestrated this evening my parents! …..again I know I could die from a heat unmated still. It’s a little odd for your parents to want you to get laid. I know I’m not wrong there. I was eighteen. For humans that barely meant anything for us, it meant everything.“Anna,” a knock came at my door. “It’s Theo…“And the rest of us!” I rolled my eyes. “ Come on in!” They slowly poked their heads in, granted I had been quite vindictive as of late. Taking my misfortune out on any poor passerby. “Is the beastie ready for her auction?” Theo cocked his head to the side and apples in a terrible English accent. I turned and held my hands up asking if it looked like it. “Not bad,” James sat down on my bed. “You’ll get a nice one,” “Enough!” Charles growled. His eyes flared ever so slightly. “You promise to behave?” He looked around the room at the three of his younger siblings. “I know you’re not happy because of what may come but still you have the final decision here, and we won’t let anything happen to you,” he walked up to me placing his gargantuan hands on my shoulders. “I don’t want to be deceived Charlie,” I felt my stomach reach up into my throat for a second. My brothers were in my room all nice and ready which meant mom had sent them which meant someone was arriving soon which meant it really was time and now it suddenly felt like so much too quickly and I was not ready for any of it. Theo saw the waves of emotion roll behind my eyes. “It’ll be alright, we all come from the same line. No one will be stupid enough to do that,” He nodded slowly while maintaining eye contact with me. I was breathing heavily, wasn't I? My palms are sweaty. This is my life though. The rest of my life will be decided. I will choose someone and then I will have to be with them for the rest of my life. They will be mine and I theirs and I will give them pups and be their Luna and raise a pack and have power and say over so many people for so so long and it will be so much. I sat down in a huff. No wait no I didn’t Theo sat me down. “Drink. It,” James said shoving a glass in front of me. Oh! A glass. A glass of water. That should help. “Thanks,” a rough and dry version of my voice came out. Charlie knelt in front of me and looked at me with his best big brother's eyes. “Do you think you can do this?” Could I? Did I have a choice? Mother and father sent out the letter of agreement and announcements to everyone. I would be presented the moon after my birthday. I would meet males and then I would see who I liked. From there it was more so up to the males until I really did have to choose. And all the packs agreed that I would have my say. That I would get to pick my male. And here I was scared shitless because I knew they could still trick me. But nothing gets done being afraid. If a man tricks me for a strong heir I’ll take my son and leave him in the dust. I will not break into lies and whispers. I’ll face the wind that comes. I took a long sip and stood up, “I’m ready,” I nodded pushing my shoulders back. Men want me, they'll have to fight for it, prove themselves. “Oh, Anna!” My mother cheered as I walked down the stairs. Her eyes misty for dramatic effect “you look so graceful my pup,” she came over and gushed me into her arms then immediately smoothed my dress. “Strong,” My fathers’ voice came from behind me, I turned and saw his tall and firm figure. “You look like you’ve prepared for battle, little one,” he smirked, filling a glass. “Good.” “Papa,” I go and hug him. My dad always wanted us to be able to stand on our own. “Do not bend to them Annette,” He held me in his strong frame as if it were the last time. He pressed my little face to his chest as if I were three years old. “They’ll be here soon my pup, go back upstairs your papa will come and fetch you when it is time,” My mother fussed, separating me from my father's embrace. She held my hand. “Your brothers can prowl the party beforehand. Scare these little boys into line but you must make an entrance to let them know who you are. A prize no. The prize,” my mother grabbed me, leading me up the stairs. “I know the fear that comes from this but trust that we will help protect you, She got me to my bedroom and sat me down on the edge of the bed. “My darling I know you have dreamed of love and romance…and this is not exactly that story,” My mom said, patting my hand. “I don't know what to tell you other than well that this situation is what you make of it. A relationship will go only as far as you allow it and how you want it to go. If you want anger that's what you'll get if you want happiness you'll strive for it and if you want space they'll give it to you but don't go too far. You deserve great love, tonight I want you to keep some hope in your chest for one,” I nodded. “Do you think it'll be a good man,” “I don't think the goddess would forsake you, my pup,” My mom swelled with pride before leaving the room. I sat tapping my foot for a good twenty minutes. Punctuality was key in these things, a signal of respect for the family's lineage and the female. I knew I wouldn't have to wait long and everyone would be ready. My brothers would have shook the hands of every male that stepped into our house and they would have marked their scents around the house. Warriors from our pack will be the last to come in case someone does something incredibly stupid and tries to kidnap me. “Annette it's time,”

Chapter 2

“Annette it's time,” My father pokes his head into my door.I stood and readied myself for the parade. “Let’s go,” I nodded. I grasped his arm as headed out of my room and down the hall to the stairs. I could feel my heart slamming against my ribs and I stilled to try and calm it. Don't let them see this.I felt myself calm just enough to continue and reach the top of the steps. Humans did something similar to this at a younger age for a dance. Prom I think. Why act so foolish for a stupid dance ill do this for my mate but not and dance. “Ladies and Gentlemen thank you all for coming,” my mother's voice rang like a bell. It was hushed to a whisper instantly. “I know that many of you have high hopes for tonight but our family has the highest. My daughter is choosing who she will spend her life with. Who she will bestow a powerful heir with. I hope that you all treat her with the respect she deserves,” My mom turned to me and I started slowly down the

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Review after half of the novel

The captivating romance story, Stronger, devels into our ability to give and to receive love. The stark contrast of the main characters' upbringings set the stage for an emotionally and compelling of understanding and healing. Grayson, the Alpha werewolf, bears the scars of a broken home and an absentee father who relentlessly belittled him which leads to a mask of a kind and compassionate heart.His childhood experiences instilled a deep-seated that he was unworthy of love. Annette, the heorin,was raised in loving and affectionate family that nurtured and encouraged her openness. Her upbringing fostered a deep understanding of the power of unconditional love and the importance of expressing affection openly, even amidst disagreements and conflicts. As Grayson and Annette navigate the complexities of their budding relationship, their contrasting backgrounds initially erect barriers to trust and intimacy. Grayson's emotional neglect makes him hesitant to embrace Annette's effusive displays of affection, which seem foreign and overwhelming to him. Conversely, Annette struggles to comprehend Grayson's reticence, interpreting it as a lack of interest or care. The as strength of the story exloration of how the couple overcomes these challenges through open communication, empathy, and a willingness to learn each other's love languages. As they peel back the layers of misunderstanding and mistrust, Grayson finds solace in Annette's unwavering acceptance, allowing him to heal from the wounds of his past. Simultaneously, Annette learns to temper her displays of affection, understanding that Grayson needs patience and reassurance to feel truly loved. Through their journey, "Stronger" poignantly underscores the power of a loving family to shape our capacity for affection while reminding us that communication and compromise are crucial for partners to meet each other's emotional needs successfully. It is a heartfelt reminder that overcoming our emotional baggage is a vital step towards building a fulfilling, intimate relationship.

May 19, 2024

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