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The Alpha's Whispers

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{Whispers Book: Part one} 20-year-old Alana goes on a college trip to a strange museum, filled with stuff from a magical world long gone. There, a mysterious stone behind glass seems to 'talk' to her, even though she tries to ignore it. When she touches the stone, she accidentally frees an old power. Suddenly, she's face-to-face with Alpha Zion, a powerful leader who's surprised and mad to find out that Alana, a human, is his destined mate.

Unknown Stranger

Alana - POV

"Rise and shine, you lazy girl." My stepmother jolted me awake with a harsh tone, and I squinted through my drowsy gaze. It was early morning, and her stern face glared at me. A chill ran down my spine as I realized I was drenched; my stepmother had doused me with cold water.

"Are you planning to laze around in bed all day? I don't have time to entertain your slothfulness," she hissed.

Stumbling out of bed, I felt sore from the beating I had received last night, a punishment for returning home late from my extra studies. My stepmother was a harsh woman; my father was frequently away on business trips. My biological mother passed away from cancer when I was fifteen. "Get ready in ten minutes. I'm leaving for the club. Don't even think of upsetting Kate. You'll regret it if I get another complaint from her," she warned. Nodding, I watched as she closed the door behind her. My father married Lieth last year, and she has a daughter named Kate, my age. Kate, a constant bully, always found ways to embarrass me at college, frame me as the perpetrator, and complain to her mother about me causing her trouble. Even my father seemed to favor her over me.

Grimacing in pain, I limped to the shower. The hot water relieved the soreness of last night's beating. Tears welled in my eyes as I recalled how my stepmother didn't even bother to inquire why I had been late. The car had broken down on my way back to the manor, and the substitute car had arrived late. My stepmother had been informed about this only after she had beaten me with a cane.

After the shower, I stared at my reflection in the mirror, put on a full-sleeve black t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers, and gathered the books for the lecture where I was due to submit my project. Descending the staircase, I saw Kate immersed in a lively chat on her brand-new phone while savoring her coffee.

"Oh, look, the crybaby has finally decided to show up," Kate sneered. I hurriedly ate my breakfast, unwilling to give her another opportunity for insult. Any rebuttal from my side would result in the house servants complaining to my stepmother, and I would pay the price. Kate wrapped these servants around her little finger, bribing them to lie and paint me as the villain while she was the culprit.

"Have you completed my project?" Kate asked impatiently. I opened my backpack, handed over her project, and watched her smirk triumphantly. "Good girl. I reward obedience." Kate tossed some cash at me, which I took without a hint of guilt. My stepmother denied me pocket money, lavishing all her attention and resources on Kate. I was forced to work part-time to make ends meet. Despite living in a manor, my life felt more miserable than the better-paid servants.

After Kate had left, I finished my cold breakfast and coffee. I then walked to the car waiting to transport me to college. Once there, I submitted my project and breathed a sigh of relief. Luckily, Kate wasn't unaware that I had a project due today. If she had known, she would have ruined my assignment, leading to a reprimand from my professor and possibly involving my stepmother.

"Attention, students. We have a museum trip planned for everyone. No excuses or sick leaves will be accepted as this trip will contribute extra credit to your exams," the professor announced. I sighed in annoyance.

"Trips to college can be seriously annoying; I hate them," I grumbled.

"Hey, Ala!" My best friend Ada cheerfully called out from across the cafeteria, and I looked down at my untouched meal.

"How was your day, Ada?" I asked weakly. Ada examined me with concern.

"Are you in pain, Ala?" I stiffened at her question, and Ada hissed angrily.

"Your stepmother is a monster. I need to talk to your father and tell him how horribly she treats you."

"No, Ada. It's no use. My father wouldn't care about me. Instead, he would scold me for spreading rumors about his wife," I murmured with a strained smile. Ada returned a sympathetic look.

"Are you going on the college trip?" I asked, attempting to shift the conversation.

"Do we even have a choice to skip this boring trip?" Ada sighed as she ate her sandwich. I quickly finished my meal when I saw Kate approaching with her boyfriend, the football team captain, Derick, who was also my crush. Kate knew this and once threw coffee at me and screamed at me in the cafeteria for glancing at Derick. I promptly left the cafeteria through the back door.

"Ala, what's the matter?" I heard Ada call after me. I inhaled deeply as I moved further away, catching my breath.

"You think you can outrun me, Alana?" Kate's voice echoed behind me. Her booming voice drew the attention of the students passing by on the campus.

"Kate, let her go," Derick said in a monotone voice.

"How can you side with her? I saw her checking you out. This girl never learns her lesson," Kate growled, spilling her coffee on me. Before she could slap me, Ada intervened.

"Back off, Kate. I won't tolerate you bullying your sister like this," Ada retorted.

"Get out of my way," Kate hissed, but Derick blocked her threatening advances toward us.

"Enough, Kate. I don't like making scenes," Derick snapped at Kate, who went silent and looked surprised. Derick had never stood up to Kate before when she picked on me, and his actions also left me in shock.

"What?!" Kate blinked, staring at Derick.

"You heard me. Let's go, and if you keep bothering Alana, I will break up with you," Derick declared, leaving Kate dumbstruck as he strolled toward the cafeteria. As Kate's gaze fixed on me with a death glare, Ada whisked me away from the scene. I swallowed hard with fear.

Ada provided me with new clothes she had brought to change into for her part-time job. I was sobbing, and Ada tried to comfort me. "I'm sorry, Ala. I couldn't protect you on time."

"Don't apologize. I despise myself for not standing up to Kate... I'm pathetic," I admitted.

"Ala, the bad days will soon pass. Don't worry," Ada reassured me, hugging me tightly. I felt relief in her embrace; at least I had my best friend with me. I was not alone in my misery.


I was apprehensive about returning home after making coffee at my part-time job in the café after a long day. My hands were sore from work, and the wounds from last night's flogging throbbed painfully.

Anticipating a hostile reception from Kate and my stepmother—since Kate must have informed her mother about her boyfriend's public defense of me—made it even worse.

Shivering slightly, I entered the silent hallway of our home, peering around cautiously as I neared my room. "Don't worry, Alana. Kate and Mrs. Leith aren't home," a servant's voice startled me, and I nodded at her in gratitude. Cora was kind, always avoiding Kate and her entourage of subservient followers.

"Thank you, Cora," I said, and she nodded back with a gentle smile.

"Do you need help with anything?" Cora asked. I requested her assistance packing for the upcoming college trip, and she also applied ointment to the scars on my hands and legs. Exhausted, I drifted off to sleep, knowing I had to wake up early for the trip.

I jolted awake to the alarm, quickly sitting up to see Cora tidying an antique piece. "Good morning, Cora. Are my mom and Kate home?" I asked.

"Yes, but Mrs. Leith is still asleep and Kate already left for the trip with her backpack. You can have breakfast in peace," she whispered, and I sighed in relief. The prospect of a peaceful meal, free from disruptions, was delightful.

I made my way to the college campus, where Ada awaited me. We boarded the bus together, and, fortunately, Kate was assigned to a different one—freeing me from her bullying for the journey.

The trip was wonderful. I gazed out of the moving bus, lost in the music playing through my earphones, the cool breeze caressing my face. Our destination was a secluded museum rumored to house ancient creatures, weapons, and artifacts—all sealed away by our ancestors for human safety.

Once off the bus, Ada and I joined our group. I noticed Kate seething, her gaze fixed on me. However, she broke eye contact as soon as Derick joined her. As we moved through the impressive museum, the professor guided us, explaining the historical and mystical significance of the artifacts.

Suddenly, a hand yanked me away from the group, and my mouth was covered. I was roughly pushed into a separate room. Inside, Kate glared at me furiously. "B*tch," she hissed, slapping me.

"Because of you, Alana, I was humiliated in front of the entire college. I'll make your life a living hell."

"What did I do?" I managed to choke out.

"You're trying to steal my boyfriend, Derick, you sl*t. He never took your side before, but yesterday he did and even warned me. Are you sleeping with him behind my back?" Kate accused.

"I am not. Stop blaming me for things I haven't done!" I retorted, my anger flaring.

"Babe, Kate, where are you?" Derick's voice echoed from outside the room. Unable to do anything, Kate stormed out, but not before locking me in the room, the door marked 'restricted area' in bold letters. I pounded on the door, pleading for help, but no one responded.

"Alana, can you hear me?" A voice resonated in my head. Startled, I searched the room, my eyes landing on a black stone shimmering under the ambient light encased within a glass box.

"Who are you?" I asked aloud, my voice trembling.

"I can help you. I can alleviate your suffering and protect you from your step-sister and stepmother," the unfamiliar voice offered. I felt it emanating from the black stone.

"What should I do?" I asked, intrigued yet apprehensive.

"Merely touch the stone with a drop of your blood, and you will find happiness. You won't be alone anymore, and you'll even receive your father's care," the voice proposed. It was a tempting offer, but I was hesitant. Yet, the voice was insistent, pleading for my help.

I felt a strange force compelling me. As soon as I touched the glass encasing, it shattered. A sharp fragment cut my palm, and as blood trickled out, I touched the stone. Instantly, a gust of wind swept through the room.

A man materialized out of thin air, standing before me in his naked glory. His well-sculpted physique was intimidating, and his piercing blue eyes met mine. His sharp jawline was accentuated by a smug smirk. Overwhelmed and fearful of the surreal event, I gasped. As dizziness washed over me, I collapsed onto the cold ground.


Alana - POV

A white ceiling greeted my eyes, followed by a beeping sound close to my ear. The harsh light momentarily blinded me. "Where am I?" I attempted to ask, but my throat was parched, making speaking impossible. My mouth opened futilely, and a figure peered over me. My vision blurred at first, but gradually, the image cleared. It was Ada.

"Oh, thank God you're awake," Ada breathed. She summoned a doctor to examine me. My stepmother and father stepped into the room, their faces a mask of controlled emotions. I knew their expressions only too well. I was in for a scolding for landing in the hospital and interrupting their busy schedules. However, I paid them little mind as my thoughts began to revolve around the handsome stranger who had appeared out of nowhere at the museum.

"Nurse, bring me Ms. Baker's health chart. It seems she's healing rather quickly," the doctor noted, his face reflecting

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