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Thief of souls

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If you hear their song, run fast, because it's coming to you... If he finds you, pray to God for your soul... If he kisses you, it will be too late because he has marked you and once he does, no one will save you... Be careful of pretty faces because sometimes they hide evil beings

The mermaid

The ocean is older than the mountains and is loaded with the memories and dreams of time."

—HP Lovecraft—

The rays of the rising sun illuminated the beautiful waters of the ocean, little by little a beautiful young woman began to emerge from them, the combination of the sun on the water drops caused her skin to look radiant, as if it were covered by a mantle of diamonds. ; She was not wearing any clothing, she walked completely naked, without feeling any shame, crossing the waters gracefully, as if they were her catwalk and she was in a majestic fashion show.

Her beauty was incredible, so much so that it was almost unreal, her black and unmatched straight hair reached her waist, dancing with each step of her owner; Anyone who observed him that way would think it was an apparition of hers, since nothing about her seemed from this world. Her feet caressed the sand delicately, leaving small footprints where she stepped, she advanced slowly until she reached a late model black car.

The door of the vehicle opened, revealing a handsome young man with golden brown hair, owner of blue eyes, as intense as the ocean that surrounded them, he approached her, wrapping her in a large crimson towel. They both got into the car, he was driving and the beautiful brunette was resting in the passenger seat.

—How is our home? — He broke the silence without looking at her, stepping on the accelerator. Her deep voice radiated sensuality.

"Lovely," he sighed, a gleam of excitement was present in his eyes, "but it saddens me to return to the surface," he added with a melodious, yet sad voice.

"It's necessary, my darling, Zlo," he caressed her left cheek tenderly, "if we don't do it we would be causing our extinction," he added, for a moment he stopped to look at the young woman's blue eyes, identical to his own.

"I know," the young woman admitted reluctantly, "although you can't deny the reality, because it was undoubtedly better when they went into the ocean." "It was always fun to sink her silly boats," she added, wrapping her seductive figure even more in the huge towel, so that it would highlight her curves, those capable of tempting any man, except her partner.

"You are lucky, cousin," he reminded her, "you are among the few mermaids with the ability to take human form at will; Those who do not possess that power find themselves trapped in the depths, losing their powers. If they are lucky, because most of them die. Not in vain has the belief spread that mermaids do not exist—he encouraged her to continue, her voice was serious and masculine, but he addressed her sweetly.

"Let the show begin!" she commented, more animated, although deep down she was still depressed.

"That's the attitude, my pretty one," the young man responded, this time with a sensual tone. Zlo laid her head on his shoulder. She needed him around to feel calm, she was always like that, but she would never admit it, that would be a blow to her pride and she hated showing herself as a weak girl.

The trip was extremely short, it took them about twenty minutes to reach their destination. They parked their car in front of a building painted ivory, luxury invaded the Victorian-style structure. Both young people got out of the vehicle, took the elevator, and then entered their apartment, on whose door the number 505 shone in silver letters. It was a large place with walls painted navy blue, next to the entrance there was an elaborate mini bar. in cedar, full of various liquors; In the living room there was a reception set, upholstered in black leather, accompanied by a small round glass table with a dolphin-shaped base.

To its right you could see a glass library, full of countless books, to the left were two rooms with private bathrooms, followed by a narrow hallway in which the guest room was located, at the end of which you could see a spacious The kitchen, with large cabinets and a blue-stained granite island, was not an extravagant place, but certainly large enough for the two of them.

"You should take a bath, you smell like seaweed," he commented, flopping onto the couch.

"My smell is sexy," the young woman said arrogantly.

"Probably in the ocean," her cousin mocked, "but at school I doubt it, little princess," he said, accentuating his mocking tone. The black-haired woman headed to the bathroom, slamming the door behind her, unable to control her fury. —Don't forget to use soap and shampoo, baby.

—You're an idiot, Sinnlich Aqua! “She—she screamed angrily, turning the shower faucet.

-Maybe. But a very sexy asshole! —She shouted with a smile on her lips, he was the type of person who always joked, for him life was a game. "I'll wait for you downstairs, don't take too long," she added and took the elevator to the parking lot. She had to wait a long time, since her cousin was excessively meticulous with her daily beauty routine, the minutes passed slowly, so Sinnlich dedicated herself to resting for a while inside the car.

“You smell tantalizingly good,” Sinnlich commented when Zlo got into the car.

"Keep your nose away from me, or I will disfigure your beautiful face," she growled in annoyance and he laughed.

He accelerated quickly and then drove as if the streets were his, at high speed, with the music very loud. He parked in front of a huge school, surrounded by black railings, large gardens and luxurious facilities. Without a doubt, there were young people belonging to the most influential families in the place. Both of them got out of the car; They entered and eyes fell on them, who walked as if they were the owners.

Zlo stopped in front of the lockers and saw on hers written in black marker the phrase: "Zlo Aqua is a slut." She looked at the phrase and then took a marker out of her bag and wrote. "And she loves being one" she then took the book from her to continue on her way, she did so without getting upset, her behavior was worthy of a lady, she would not allow herself the luxury of throwing a childish tantrum.

"Way to go, my pretty girl," Sinnlich whispered and they both took opposite paths. She took a few steps forward, looked at a young man holding a soccer ball, smiled at him, she would be next on his list; She approached him, causing the boy's breathing to accelerate. That pleased her.

"See you in five minutes, in the locker room," Zlo murmured seductively into the young blonde's ear. He entered the locker room and shortly after a pair of hands rested around his waist, he turned, looked into his eyes and smiled and then kissed him passionately. No doubt he would be his next victim, she loved his aura. — «A new soul for my collection» she thought satisfied.

Night came and with it came hunting time for Zlo, because once he marked his victim, it didn't take him long to take it with him. It was 11:30 pm, the atmosphere was cold and quiet, too quiet to be good. A beautiful girl with black hair up to her waist was standing in front of an old house, she had her gaze fixed on one of the windows on the second floor; Suddenly she heard a melody, sweet, charming and sensual, as beautiful as it was dangerous, no one could imagine that it was the melody of death.

The young man who was sleeping in one of the rooms on the second floor got up from his bed, went down the stairs quickly, left through the front door, and made his way through the streets; His blonde hair was disheveled, his gaze showed loss, but even so he kept moving forward, he seemed sleepwalking, but he wasn't. He was enchanted by the melody of a powerful siren, that same sonata was used to sink ships and seduce unsuspecting sailors until they went crazy.

He reached a nearby beach and stopped a few centimeters from the water; She was waiting for him with a smile, she kissed him and they both advanced into the water, it already reached their shoulders, shortly after it covered them completely, but they still continued their way under the water without breaking the kiss, until they reached a hidden cave in the depths of the ocean; in which she could breathe. As soon as they touched the moist earth of the cave the girl broke the kiss and the young man came out of the spell.

The cave was made of stone, with a little moistened earth in the center, which made it look like a small island hidden in the depths, strange and shiny objects hung from the ceiling, among the stones you could see human bones, discolored by the environment that surrounded them.

—Where are we Zlo? —The young man asked confused, while he squeezed his eyes to see better.

—In my house, don't you like it? —the mermaid answered calmly.

- Your house? "I must be dreaming, this seems like something out of a horror movie," he said, scratching his head.

"I wish it were a dream," Zlo whispered and jumped into the water; Then the transformation happened, his legs became a tail, black with shiny scales, and his breasts were covered with a bra of the same color, which seemed to be made of seashells.

"Surely I must be dreaming, or I'm simply going crazy," added the young blonde.

"Come," she said with a melodious voice and stretched out her hand to touch him, he took it without hesitation, she pulled him, so the young man fell into the water. She kissed him again, but something happened this time, his face started to turn pale, too pale to be normal.

"I'm drowning," he managed to stammer with difficulty.

"No darling, you're dying," Zlo whispered in her ear in a macabre voice. Her soul left her body and the mermaid placed it in a white glass jar with a strange design. "One more for my collection," he commented with the bottle in his hands and a victorious smile. — Dante, come my precious! —Zlo exclaimed, making a gesture with his hands and a kind of black manta ray began to emerge from the depths—. The body is all yours my baby, but you know the bones are mine," she added tenderly, "I need them for my decoration," he added, pointing to the pile of bones and skulls that were on the stone shelves of the cave.

The souls hung from the rustic stone ceiling, in glass jars, each one with a different color, since it represents the essence of whoever was its owner in life. The new soul was purple. Each person has a unique essence that makes them special; some are radiant and exceptional while others are common or weak. Each color represents something, for example:

Yellow: optimistic, happy, intellectual, friendly, indecisive, easy to manage.

Green:passive, healing, compassionate, false, jealous Blue: spiritual, loyal, creative, sensitive, kind, temperamental.

Purple:spiritual good, wisdom, intuition Indigo: benevolence, intuitive good, seeker.

Pink:love, sincerity, friendship.

Grey:depression, sadness, exhaustion, low energy, skepticism.

Brown: greed, self-centered, stubborn Black: lacking energy, illness, imminent death.

White:perfect balance.

As far as Zlo was concerned he preferred yellow, purple and white souls. He loved those souls because they gave him more vitality, that's why he always looked for young, happy and healthy people; the perfect carriers of what she needed so much, energy


"Get up, it's late," Sinnlich announced, splashing water on Zlo's face.

"Anyone would think that you love being on earth," she commented in a voicesleepy

—I don't dislike it as much as you do. "My bed is very comfortable and I don't need to spend the night soaking in a bathtub of salt water like you do," he responded while pointing out the fact that she had spent the night in the bathtub, or rather the early morning.

—Don't you miss him? —The young woman asked, resting her chin on the edge of the bathtub.

—I miss it Zlo, but you know that for our sake it is better to stay away from the ocean. I will not regret something I cannot have.

"Sometimes I think that you would rather be mortal," Zlo insisted, almost annoyed.


"Sometimes I wish I were," Sinnlich murmured and caressed the beautiful young woman's face. "By the way, hurry up, we shouldn't be late, especially after what happened last night," she turned to leave the bathroom.

—Hey! Don't you want something more interesting? —She proposed as she got out of the bathtub. He smiled seductively, closing the distance between them, until he had her so close that he could feel her breathing.

"Oh, I've had better ones, honey," he whispered in her ear. She turned her back on him; provoking her anger, so much so that she threw a stream of boiling water at him, created with just a movement of her hand, but he dodged it, turned in her direction, turned his right hand and the young woman began to run out. air. She put her hands on her neck, trying to breathe, but it was impossible.

“Sinnlich stop,” she managed to say almost breathlessly and in a clipped manner. He continued for a few more m


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