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The chubby girls also fall un love

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Amber Weys is a 17 year old girl with prominent curves and it is well known that during adolescence boys are usually very hard, bullying is more serious every day leading Amber almost to madness, one of the main perpetrators of her bullying is Adam Raymond an important player of the school, acclaimed by all and envied by others. But his life is not perfect, he was abandoned by his parents which led him to depression, fortunately he received help from the person he least expected, making them both live that first teenage love, but sometimes life takes unexpected turns.


A new day begins, the alarm clock next to my nightstand is ringing non-stop. I get out of bed with the biggest laziness in the world, go into the bathroom and take a shower for a few minutes, brush my teeth, and dry my hair with the hairdryer. I go back to my room to get dressed and go out for breakfast.

My house is inhabited by my two parents and my older brother Jackson. I go down to the kitchen where I can hear murmurs.

"Good morning, family," I enter the kitchen and greet my brother with a slap and my father with a kiss on the cheek.

"Hi, princess. How did you wake up?" My mother is also in the kitchen making pancakes for everyone.

"Very well, thank you." I take my phone to check the time and how much time I have left for the new school year.

"Amber, I can't take you today. I'm going out with some friends," says my brother, typing on his phone. My brother is one of the starters on the football team, and we don't socialize in school because, according to him, his image must remain high. But when it's necessary, he defends me tooth and nail.

"Okay, I'll be able to take the bus."

"Here are your pancakes," Mom places two pancakes on each of the plates on the table. I take some honey and pour it over them, cut a piece with a fork and knife, and put it in my mouth, savoring it with delight.

The plates on the table are now completely empty. Outside, the horn of a car is heard. Jackson takes his backpack and leaves the house. After a few minutes, I take my backpack and head to the bus stop. The bus doesn't take long to arrive, and I sit in the back seat.

The ride was totally quiet; it was very obvious that the holidays had already ended. The bus driver parks in the bus area and opens the doors for everyone to get off. I wait for everyone to leave due to insecurity.

I walk to the school entrance with my head down, heading to my locker, which is next to the men's bathroom. I store all my supplies and only take the subject that I have in the first hour.

"But look who we have here," I hear Mandy Stand's voice behind me, the most popular girl in the whole school, famously known for her boyfriend, the captain of the football team, and my brother's friend, Adam Raymond. "The whale Willy." I close the locker door and ignore the girl, feeling my body being thrown against the lockers.

"Didn't you hear, Willy?" - I'm on the floor looking up at Stan, Mandy's accomplice. The whole school is silent, I hear someone saying "excuse me" several times, that voice is getting closer. When they're in front of me, they look at me and then at Stan. Jackson punches Stan hard.

"Leave Amber alone. If I see you with her again, I swear the beating you'll receive will be big!" - my brother has Stan on the ground. "And you guys, go to class!" My brother has that scary effect on people that makes them obey. Jackson approaches me and gives me his hand. He may not want to see me in school, but when it comes to my safety, he's the most overprotective.

"Leave your fat sister lying there" - Mandy's hand hits my brother's with such force that Jackson lets go of me and I fall again.

"Look, Mandy, you can be my friend's girlfriend" - he points at Stan. "But you don't tell me what to do." Jackson takes my hand again and lifts me up with such force. "Let's go to class." I stand in front of him and he follows me like an escort. "Amber, you need to learn to defend yourself. I won't always be there with you."

"You know I'm not a violent person."

"Yes, I know, but you have to defend yourself. They can be very tough, and I won't always be there. You need to take some self-defense classes or something like that." I stop at the door of my classroom. The teacher hasn't arrived yet. I look at my brother, and he looks at me with a worried expression.

"Thanks," I hug him, and he accepts it. "See you at home."

"Um... About that, I won't be there all afternoon." He scratches his head.

"It's okay, don't worry." I say goodbye to Jack and enter my classroom. As soon as I enter, everyone looks at me like the weirdo everyone says I am. I lower my head and sit in the back seat. I take out a notebook, pencil, and start drawing mandalas. In less than two minutes, the classroom is completely full.

"Good morning, students!" The math teacher enters, and everyone makes a face. "I hope your vacation was very good, but from today on, we're starting the class." Everyone complains about the first day. "Be quiet. We're going to start now."

"May I come in?" Everyone turns to the door recognizing that voice.

"Mr. Raymond, you're late." The teacher scolds him, but it's just for show because that man is a fan of Adam Raymond and the team. He approaches Adam and shakes his hand. "How are you doing for the start of the game?" He rolls his eyes and looks out the window.

"Very well, sir." He accepts the handshake gladly. In front of me, I can hear the murmurs of those girls with hormones raging. Adam looks around for a seat, and a group of girls in front of me leave a seat in the middle.

"Adam, you can sit here." He nods coquettishly, approaches, and before sitting, he looks at me. He rolls his eyes and sits down.

The class of Professor Warren lasts for two hours, some pay attention, others don't bother to pay attention, and finally there are those who are sleeping. I have been drawing for at least two pages, painting makes me relax and lose myself in the real world.

"Look at that, the whale is drawing," I hear Adam's voice and the giggles of those girls, but I don't pay attention to them and continue tracing my drawing. With a sudden move, they take my notebook from my desk, and reflexively I stand up to retrieve it.

"Giv...give me back my notebook," I say with my eyes lowered.

"No," Adam closes the notebook and puts it under his buttocks. Indignant, I take my bag and leave the classroom without asking for permission.

My tears are about to come out. I hated getting angry and crying. I go to the bathroom and lock myself in. The drops of water come out of my eyes one after another. I come out of the cubicle to wash my face, but it is prevented by a body in front of me.

"Poor little whale, can't defend herself without her little brother."

"This bathroom is for women."

"I know, I've already been in here with Mandy," he shrugs indifferently. "I wish I didn't have to do this, but since you're our puppet, I'll do it." Adam approaches me slowly, intimidating me with his height and large body. I find myself cowering against the bathroom wall, trembling with fear. The lights in the bathroom flicker on and off, and more people with masks come out of the other cubicles. Questions start to form in my head: how did they get here without me noticing? Why me? These people surround Adam, and I curl up into a ball, knowing what is about to happen. The first blow hits my legs, and I scream in pain. Then more blows rain down on me.

"Hey! What are you doing, you two brutes?" the voice of a girl interrupts them. I lift my head to look at her with my eyes filled with tears. "Get away from her." The people, including Adam, leave as if they hadn't done anything. "I know you're not okay, but are you well enough to go to the nurse's office?"

"I'm going home."

"I'll walk you there. Nice to meet you, I'm Rebeca Gutierrez," the girl extends her arm, and I take it with a little hesitation.

"Amber Weys," I say when I'm fully standing.

That girl is walking by my side, she hasn't said a single word yet and that makes me nervous. We leave the school, but she heads to the parking lot and I stay standing, watching her walk away. Rebeca notices that I didn't walk with her, turns around and shouts at me.

"Amber, I don't have all day, come on, I'll take you home." I timidly walk to her car, get in the passenger seat, put on my seatbelt, and Rebeca does the same before starting the car. "Once we're out of school grounds, she turns on the radio and asks me, "Amber, why do you let them hit you like that?"

"I don't feel comfortable telling this, and besides, why did you help me?" I turn to look at her. "You know they'll bully you too."

"I'm aware of that," she stops at a traffic light near the school, "but I don't care. They don't get to decide who I hang out with, and your friend needs to wake up. One of these days, they'll kill you over this stupidity." She starts the car as soon as the light turns green and we begin the journey. I take a moment to think about everything that has happened, I look at my legs covered in bruises, and some tears come out unexpectedly. I wipe them away and keep thinking about all of this.

"Amber, we're here," I look out the window and see that we're in front of my house.

"How do you know where I live?" I look at her strangely.

"Everyone knows where your brother lives, he's the most handsome man in school after the captain."

I immediately start to doubt her, many have approached me seeking my "friendship," but what they really want is to be with my brother, or for my brother to use them for one night.

"Besides, I don't remember their names, I'm not very nosy about other people's lives."

"Okay, but it's very strange that no one knows their names, they're the talk of the school," I say with mistrust, and she notices it.

"I don't remember their names, they're not important to me, they're not my type."

Her response gives me a little confidence and I relax a bit and give her some trust.

"Do you want to come into my house?" I ask her.

"No," she replies without hesitation, and I won't deny that I was a little disappointed. "But don't take it the wrong way, your parents think I'm a bad influence."

- Don't talk nonsense and let's go inside - I open the passenger door and seconds later she is by my side, we approach the house door to go inside. Rebeca is fascinated when she sees the interior, she looks around as if she were in heaven. But it's nothing special, my parents like extravagant and stylish things.

- The rich live well.

- We're not rich.

- Yes, you are, just look at this vase - I watch as she approaches my mom's favorite vase and I immediately get closer.

- This is my mom's favorite.

- Ok, I won't touch anything - she says and then raises her hands in the air.

- Do you want a coke? - I walk to the kitchen with her behind me.

- Sure, why not - I open the refrigerator and hand her a coke.

We spend the afternoon talking about any topic that comes up. Rebeca had to leave at 4:00 pm because her mother called her for something. I was alone at home, my parents hadn't arrived yet and Jack was with his friends somewhere in the city.

I go up to my room to do something, I decide to play music at full volume, and at that moment "Sweet Child O' Mine" starts playing. I move my hips to the rhythm of the music; I take off my clothes to put on something more comfortable. I put on a silk nightgown and underneath it, I wear shorts.

I lie down on the bed and let the playlist continue, I look at the high white ceiling; I've always wanted to paint a big mandala on it. My big analysis is interrupted by a knock on the door. I think my brother has arrived, I open the door and I'm surprised by the person in front of me.

- Uh... your brother is calling you - he finishes his message and runs down the stairs. That was strange, but I ignore his attitude and go down to see what my brother wants. My brother is with his big group of "friends" playing Xbox.

- What do you want? - I lean against the wall and watch him play.

- Amber, I need you to prepare some food - he shouts and presses the buttons on the controller.

- Why don't you call a pizza place and be done with it?

- You call them - my brother can be unbearable sometimes but I still love him. I approach the kitchen entrance where the phone and pizza place numbers are. I dial the number quickly and order the pizza they always get when they come home. I order three boxes of pizza for them.

- But look who we have here. - now it's the person I know, I ignore him and go to the living room to tell my brother - where do you think you're going? - he grabs my wrist tightly.

- You're hurting me - I grimace as I feel his hand tensing even more.

- I don't care - he continued to press his hand on my arm with more force.

- What have I done to you? - my voice almost breaks as I say those words, but I won't give him the satisfaction.

- The mere fact that you're here enrages me, your presence dirty with grease - he looks at my body with disgust, removes his hand from my arm and wipes it on his sweater, making a face of disgust. - I don't even know why I touched you, get out of the kitchen - my face must be red with anger, he's in my house and he doesn't have any authority here. I walk towards the counter where there was a glass with some content inside.

Adam - he called his attention, he turned around and when he did, I poured all of this over his head - you don't run things in my house, and if you don't like it, you can leave - I walked out of the kitchen with my head held high and went up to my room, locking the door.

I feel like it's time for me to change and not let myself be manipulated by anything or anyone.

I lie down on my bed with a smile on my face, for the first time in my life I stood up to Adam Raymond. I don't dwell on what just happened and I close my eyes to sleep peacefully.


My dream was interrupted by all the noise downstairs, and by inertia, I got out of bed and opened the door. I rubbed my eyes and stumbled down the stairs like a zombie.

"Every time your friends come over, they leave this mess," I heard Mom's voice. From her tone, I could tell she was angry.

"Jack, we've talked about this before, and I think you're old enough now that I don't have to scold you for these things," Dad always spoke with a peaceful tone, and that's what made him very cool because you didn't take it as a scolding, but as accumulated warnings.

"There's also another member in the house," Mom said. I looked around the house, and it really looked like a garbage dump. "Besides, the principal also called me to say that you hit a boy, explain." Oh. Oh. Mom crossed her arms. This is serious.


"Mama, Jack was just trying to protect me," I interrupted m

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