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Alessandra was regarded as the naughty girl at her school. She despised her mother so much that she chose to attend a college far away from her mother's place. She rented an apartment and ended up having a nerd roommate named August. She wasn't interested to her roommate because he wasn't the hot and handsome guy she was looking for, but she was wondering why this nerd guy always made her heart race and just by looking at her with his golden gaze, she blushed like an innocent girl. And when his intense gaze pierced through her, it made her panties wet. Will her bad girl persona win over her aloof and snobbish roommate? Will she be able to melt his heart and make him fall in love with her? Well… she succeeded in making him fall for her, but she had no idea that this guy was her brother's former bestfriend. Little did she know that he only pretended to fall in love with her because Lucas---Alessandra’s brother had stolen August girlfriend, and he planned everything to become his roommate to exact revenge on her. The worst of all, he was simply pretending to be a nerd.



"Sure, mother dear!” I yelled back at my mother who was shouting at me to hurry up because today would be the day that I will be sent to Kingston Academy, where I enrolled for college.

I took my time preparing myself, since this was the last morning that I would be waking up in my room here in Lexington.

The knot in my stomach grew with each step to the bathroom and by the time I turned the shower knob on, it was nearly unbearable.

My weekends were spent drinking with my friends, wasting my time and intentionally jeopardizing my future and Heidi didn’t mind at all. I believed that she only wanted to get rid of me, throw me out of our house that dad bought for me, and disappear from her life.

The warm water cascaded over my body, loosened my strained muscles, and made my head spin more from the hangover. "Damn!"

I hurriedly washed my hair and body and dried them with the soft towel after.

“Alessandra!” my mom called out again and I rolled my eyes as I walked down the stairs. “What took you so long? And what the hell are you wearing?” her big green eyes widened as they raked over my body, seeing that I was only wearing a mini skirt and a black crop top.

“It's none of your business!” I snapped as I walked past her. “Bye Heidi!” I waved my hand dramatically, heading my way to the black BMW that was waiting for me in front of the house.

“Alex!” she screamed my name but I already signaled Vince, our driver, slash her lover to drive off, leaving Heidi with an annoying smirk and a beauty queen wave. Bye bitch!






The journey to the apartment where I chose to stay was exhausting, and even made my headache worsen when I heard the bad news.

“Are you kidding me? Oh my God, I can't believe this!” I yelled at Mr. Holand who was looking at me with pleaded eyes. He was supposed to be my landlord, but I can’t fucking believe what he just did!

His grey eyebrows narrowed, glaring murderously at me after I shouted at him. “Watch your mouth Miss Collins! I am not tolerating you speaking to me that way here in my own house!”

I burst out a laugh loud in his face, my chewing gum almost spitting out from my mouth. I stood up straight and pointed at his face angrily. “Do you even realize what you have done? You dirty old man!” I hissed and his nostrils flared upon hearing how I referred to him, but I didn't care. I was beyond mad right now. “I am going to report you to the goddamn officers!”

“Can you just lower down your voice and listen to me?!” Mr. Holand's voice also raised but I didn’t budge. I stood still, acting as if I didn't hear him shout back at me, but the truth was, my knees were starting to tremble.

“No! You gave my apartment to someone else! I already reserved that last month, but still, you gave it to another person! I already paid you full! How is any of that okay?!” I gritted my teeth looking at this old man with a fire burning in my gaze.

Mr. Holand’s expression softened slightly and he stood up as well, his trembling hands grabbed my shoulders, gently ushered me to sit back. “Listen to me first, will you? Hear my explanation, please...”

I obeyed and sat back down. My knees shook with silent anger and I kept my hands on them to keep them from doing so.

“Please have a heart. I already told you what happened, right?” he said and I glared at him, shaking my head in disagreement.

He called me this morning while I was inside the car, heading my way here in New York. He told me that a pregnant teenage girl came to his doorstep looking for a place to stay and he didn’t think twice and gave it to her even though he was aware that it was already reserved by me. He didn’t even consider me in making his decisions.

“Won’t you give the apartment to her? To see her baby grow up in comfort and luxury?” he was emotionally drawing me in and damn, it was working! I dropped my head in my hands and shook it.

“Fine, fine! I understand.” I mumbled and he genuinely smiled at me. “Can you at least provide me with a place to stay in this building?” I asked and he was silent for a minute, thinking and I continued. “You know why I chose to reside here? Kingston Academy is just 10 minutes away, and I don’t have a car.” Vince drove back to his lover, my mom, Heidi, whatever!

“What do you think about sharing, sweetheart?” Mr. Holand inquired, his eyes lit up as he placed a beefy right arm on the armrest and my eyes narrowed.

“Well... it depends on the person I am sharing with.” I answered, picking my red fingernails.

I had no intention of sharing an apartment with someone bitchier than me or a creepy nerd girl who doesn’t want to talk about having her own world.

I want a roommate who is nice and funny and not one who constantly smells or cuts pieces of my hair while I’m sleeping.

I’m also okay with a hot guy or a handsome one but not with a creepy old man who watched porn at midnight. I cringed at the thought.

“He is a young man in his twenties, and just like you, he studies at Kingston. A gem of a boy he is, he worked so very hard to achieve his goal. Drowns himself in his books and computers.”

He paused as he studied my reaction but I gave him a blank expression as I waited for him to continue his praise towards this nerd boy.

“He already paid for the whole apartment but it was way too big for him, with 2 bedrooms, a hall and a kitchen. This morning, before you arrived, he came to ask me to advertise for a housemate.”

I smiled slightly in relief. “Well, that sounds fine! How much will I pay?” I asked as I pulled out my wallet inside my bag, but then I remembered something. "Wait! I already paid you!" I said, as I shoved back my wallet inside my bag.

"Yeah, I'll just give him your payment...''

“Okay...! Can I see the place now?” I demanded, standing up straight, and stretching.

“Okay then, I’ll show it to you. August is probably not at home right now, he’s a smart and a good kid you know—"

“Yeah, I got it! He’s an angel right out of church. Can we just go?” I cut him off, rolling my eyes.

“Okay... so he gave me the freedom to barge into his apartment if there is a client so, come. I’ll take you there.” Mr. Holand walked out and I lazily followed him.

We walked silently through the hallways, my hands shoved into the pockets of my skirt as I looked around me. The walls were painted beige with paintings hung on it. It was so cool to see and I could feel the soft brown carpet on my feet as we walked further until we reached the elevator.

As we waited for the lift to come down the lower ground, I took the chewing gum out of my mouth with my fingers, and flicked it on the door of the elevator, just above Mr. Holand's head. Luckily, he was busy with his phone, so he didn't witness what I did. I pressed my lips together to stop myself from laughing as I stood innocently behind him.



Once the doors of the elevator opened, Mr. Holand and I stepped inside, and an elderly man greeted him, tipping his hat at him. “Good morning Gregory!”

“Hey Mike, how are you doing?” Mr. Holand replied as he pressed the number five button, then faced Mike after.

“I’m good.” Mike answered. His eyes finally landed on me and it trailed down my body, immediately giving me goosebumps. He smiled lasciviously and then winked at me. "Who is this lovely lady here, amigo?''

I cringed internally but instead of snobbing him, I smiled back, but pointed my middle finger upward.

"Oh, she's a new tenant. She will be sharing house with August...'' Mr. Holand replied with a soft tone, not wanting to talk further about me.

Mike chuckled and shook his head, taking his eye away from me, and focused on the neon numbers above. Suddenly, the elevator pinged and Mr. Holand and I stepped out.



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