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Despicable Roommate

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He was a bad boy, not the type of person Lynn needed in her apartment but her best friends thought otherwise. Lynn's new roommate was not the usual bad boy type with a soft heart but an annoying and arrogant pervert. Lynn hated Alec but she wasn't sure of her heart. Was it on the same page with her mind? She knew that falling for the bad boy could only lead to disaster. Could she stop her heart from wanting the one young man she had vowed to never get close to? You can find out more by reading this book.

Chapter 1

My last class of the day finally came to an end. As the professor moved out, I threw my clipboard and pen into my backpack and fished out my phone which still had earphones plugged into it. Saying goodbye to my neighbor, I hurried out of the hall. I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone so I stuck my earphones in my ears to shut out the world. A knot tied itself in my stomach when I remembered I was going to meet my new roommate. Meeting new people always gave me great anxiety.

A while later, I was outside my apartment building. I could hear Eminem's rap coming from inside. I frowned. That was surprising. Although most of the residents of the apartment building were students, no one ever played extremely loud music during weekdays at 5pm. Who wanted noise after a long stressful day? Apparently, someone did.

I met Chris, a boy who claimed to be in love with me as I ascended the stairs.

“Hey, Lynn.” He said, smiling. He was good looking and really nice, the type of boy every girl needs in her life.

“Hey,” I answered without slowing down so I couldn't talk to him. He was a cool person but I did not want to listen to how much he loved me all the time. He simply laughed and resumed his walk downstairs.

To my dismay, the music was blasting right from my room. That was a major turnoff. It seemed to me that I'd never get on well with my new roommate. I knocked a few times but nothing happened. Maybe he was in his bedroom. Besides, the music was too loud to hear anything.

I gave up waiting and opened my bag to find my keys. I had gotten used to my ex roommate Kari who always had an organized bag. She always found her keys easily and opened the door for us. Now I was alone with my messy bag. It took me almost five minutes to find the keys. I had to fish everything out before I could get them. I hoped I'd remember to keep them in the side of the bag next time.

I opened the door entered my living room which had drastically changed in the few hours I'd been away. The living room which had been extremely neat in the morning was now a mess with things everywhere; on the floor, table, seats, etcetera. And last of all, a boy and a girl making out on my couch.

I slammed the door closed so hard that they looked up in surprise. The girl who was lying below saw me first, the boy turned. He smiled and I almost went weak in the knees. He was even more handsome than I'd thought.

“Hey roommate,” he said and leaned towards the girl, putting his lips back to hers. He lowered his body as his hand caressed her bare thigh.

“Not here!” I yelled, in competition with the excessively loud music. “Get off my couch!”

The libertine stood up with a smirk and walked to his room, followed by the girl who didn't even bother to put her top back on. He kissed her again outside the door to his bedroom and winked at me before going in. I had never met a more disrespectful person than the pair.

I walked to my room in anger. I was going to kill Jen and Kari for this. How did I end up with such annoying and uncaring friends? Kari had left me and moved in to live with her new boyfriend Ron. Apparently, he was more important than our friendship. On the other hand, Jen had agreed to the proposal that Ron's cousin, Alec should be my new roommate. Then, I the foolish girl had agreed without even knowing what type of person Alec was.

Desperate to get a roommate to share bills with, I had accepted without doing a background check.

I hated him already. It was his first day in the apartment but he'd already tried to have s*x in the living room, played loud music on a weekday, and had made the room more messy than I'd ever seen before. Was that what I was going to live with for a full semester?

I was damned. That fool even had the guts to smile at me. His smile was good but I was not charmed because he seemed to be a jerk. I was not one to be swayed by looks.

I'd walked all the way from campus so I decided to take a shower. Pulling off my clothes, I rushed to the bathroom. The cold water soothed my mind and dry skin. It had been a hot day. I wanted to enjoy the sensation with all my mind but the scene I'd found kept replaying in my head.

I was too preoccupied with my thoughts to notice that the music had stopped. When I did notice, I realized I'd been in the bathroom for over thirty minutes, which was a long time for me. Remembering the dinner preparations I needed to start, I hurriedly wrapped a small towel around my body and stepped out of the bathroom.

What the hell?

Alec was seated on my bed, looking contented. I nearly ran back to the bathroom but decided to brave it all. It was high time I started locking my door since I now had a male roommate. I wondered what he wanted from my bedroom minutes after having s*x. Seeing him on my bed made me feel nauseous.

“Ew, get off my bed.” I said.

“You look very s*xy in that towel, roommate,” he smirked, checking me out. His gaze lingered a little too long on my chest.

Let's just say he didn't know who I was and what I was capable of. I pressed my lips together, heaving an exasperated sigh. I glared at him. “Get out, you moron.”

He put his hands behind him on the bed and threw his head back. “Why should I?”

Chapter 2

“I need to get dressed,” I said, picking up the dirty clothes I'd left on the floor and dumping them into the laundry basket.

“Go ahead,” he told me, a smile plastered on his face as he watched every move of mine. “No one is stopping you.”

He was still looking at my body which made me uncomfortable because it was wrapped in a short towel that showed my legs. He did not seem even a bit uncomfortable but seemed to be enjoying the moment.

“I know you want to talk to me so bad but can you please go out for a sec?” I teased, expecting that to annoy him. Unfortunately, he just chuckled and got up. Instead of heading to the door, he moved towards me.

“What do you want?” I inquired when he came to close for my liking and touched my thigh. I felt a familiar ache inside me and was angry that I was feeling that way for a stranger. My closet was right behind me and he stood in front of me so I was trapped.  When his body touched mine, I felt tingles allover and th

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