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Tolerating The Player

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Isabella Brown, an eighteen years old girl who had the weight of the world on her head with parents who doesn't care for her and her little brother, decided to go on a low profile in her new school. Unfortunately for her the popular boy returned to the school, everything became a nightmare for her when she was caught up in a dare contest and has to be with the bad boy all day for three weeks. Will she find her peace and happiness with the bad boy or will their relationship go on a Roller Coaster Ride?

Chapter 1

"Watch it!" I yelled at a student who was busy rushing, she had accidentally bumped into me causing my head to hit my locker really hard.

She didn't bother to apologise because she didn't even notice me standing here, I couldn't bring myself to tell her to apologise being that stupid girl that I am.

I noticed a lot of students trooping and rushing to the same direction and I was wondering if a fire alarm went out signalling them to run.

"What's the fuss all about?" I asked Maya who was beside me laughing at the look on my face after the girl bumped into me.

Maya Anderson is my best friend and the only friend I have. Technically, to use the word best friend, I should at least have three friends before considering my best friend but then I don't care, she's still my best friend.

Maya Anderson is a kind of reckless girl and the opposite of me, she doesn't give a f*ck about what people think about her and has always stood up for me.

She had the perfect shape and body that made her aura strong and everyone notices immediately she walks in a room, her brunette bone straight hair made other girls wish they were her not to talk of her grey eyes that made her so unique and different.

I watched how her dimples poked through her cheek as she laughed hard at me.

"Can you not!" I slapped her perfectly curved hips trying to stop her from laughing.

"Okay, okay" she cleared her throat, " I think Zach is around and everyone's all fussed about it" she said.

"Zach?" I asked, trying to remember if the name sounds familiar.

"Oh sh*t! I don't think you know him"

"Why?" I asked, even though I joined this school last year I think I should know who he is, that's if he attends this school.

"He's a famous soccer player and the best in our school, he has won so many awards and he just came back from a trip in Brazil" she said with enthusiasm in her eyes.

She seemed to understand the confused look on my face, " He doesn't really come to school that much with his busy lifestyle but due to his status he somehow found a way out" she said and I circled my mouth in a "oh" way.

"Well enough of Footballer Zach, I have classes to attend" I said and shut my locker but Maya pulled me back.

"Hold on there fast and furious, isn't that your Maths teacher rushing towards his direction?" She covered her mouth as she started to laugh. Her laughter was contagious and in no time I slapped my head and found myself laughing too.

"I'll just go sit in the classroom and wait for her" I said and walked away leaving Maya behind.

I got to the classroom and it looked like a desert, not a single soul was sitting in the class.


"Gah!" I screamed as I heard the voice coming from the classroom. I can swear there was no one in the classroom just now but perhaps I didn't notice Jude sitting at the edge of the class.

"Didn't mean to freak you out" he apologized, adjusting his round classes that looked too big for his eyes.

I had met Jude the first day I came to Sapphire's high school and Maya had warned me to stay away from him, "he can get too clingy" she would say and since then I had tried to avoid him.

Maya and I had attended elementary School together back then before she moved with her family after her parents divorce. After the divorce her mum remarried and they left the City. She was shocked to see me in her new school and I was also shocked but at the same time happy that I reconnected with my old friend, she looked way different and hotter unlike me, the opposite of her who just wants to wear some baggy tops and trousers every f*ck*ng day.

I sat on the second roll and placed my bag on the empty seat beside me. I plugged in my airpods and started to read my favourite book all along. The Fault In Our Stars.

I could feel that Jude wanted to start a conversation with me but I tried my best to not glance at him even though I could feel his burning stare.

In no time the class started to fill up, after twenty minutes had passed, it seemed like the principal had managed to settle the commotion going on in his school.

I tried not to listen to the little gossips coming from the girls in my class, "f*ck he's so hot I wish I could have him for a night" a girl sitting behind me said and I suddenly felt the urge to vomit my guts out.

The teacher came in and I removed my airpods, placing my novel on my lap. I reached for my bag and brought out my maths note and textbook, you could call me a nerd for having an enormous math textbook in my bag.

I placed the bag back on the empty seat and focused on what Ms Karen was saying.

She wrote a simultaneous equation on the board and asked if anyone would want to solve it.

I raised my hands and she pretended not to see me.

"Anyone, Anyone else" She asked but later gave up when no one wanted to solve the question.

"Ms Issabella Brown you can solve this for us" She rolled her eyes and handed the marker to me.

I don't think I have ever wronged her and most of all I clearly don't see why she would hate on me.

I collected the marker from her and solved the question on the board, I reached to give her the marker but she didn't collect it.

"Do you mind explaining how you derived X as 3 and Y as 6?" she cocked a brow, giving me the most disgusting look ever.


As I was about to explain my answers loud noises from different people flooded my ear and that was when the classroom door opened.

Suddenly the girls in the classroom started to scream at the top of their lungs and everyone's attention was now on the kid who had entered the classroom.

I could only see his head as people had surrounded him taking several pictures with him.

"That's enough" Ms Karen commanded and the students settled back on their various seats.

I shamefully went back to my seat knowing that no one was going to pay attention to me but only to the dark haired boy that had entered the classroom.

He had a smooth face with freckles dotted below his eyes and I noticed how sharp his jawline was, his bottom lip was a lighter shade of pink while his upper lip was a darker shade. Just like Maya he had this strong aura but his was more intimidating with his height.

His hands were tucked in his ripped black pants that were placed below his waist, I could tell that those would've fallen if not for the Gucci belt that was holding it up.

He wore a white T-shirt with a smiley emoji in the center and I would hate to admit it but he had a great body and face

The boy looked round the class trying to find the perfect seat where he could place his butt on.

He started to walk towards me and I was suddenly feeling uncomfortable with it but then he passed me and stood beside the girl that was at my back.

It was easy to tell that she was already on cloud nine with the way her words came out as a whisper.

"Ye..yes daddy" she said and I felt irritated immediately. She stood up for him to sit down and ended up flinging my backpack to the front of the classroom. Great now I'll have to walk to the front of the classroom to pick a f*ck*ng backpack.

Shamefully I stood up but froze immediately. I heard a gruff voice telling me to sit, it was him but why does he want me to sit? Perhaps I'm obstructing his view.

"Hey love, that was rude so I'll like you to go take it and give it back to her" he said to the girl and suddenly the whole class burst in laughter and for the first time someone who wasn't Maya stood up for me.

She scoffed and shamefully took my backpack and threw it at me. I grabbed the bag before it would hit me on the head. I wouldn't want another headache today.

"Okay, that's enough let's do maths" Ms Karen said and the whole class was silent.

"Today we'll be treating Matrix" she said and Zach stood up with his backpack and left the classroom leaving Ms Karen in awe but there was nothing she could do.

There was a slight pained emotion on her face but I was sure she was just humiliated with the way he walked out of the class without saying anything.

I looked around the classroom and saw that she wasn't the only one with that emotion on their faces, the whole class was sad that he left. What the actual fudge!

Chapter 2

Maths class ended shortly after, we only got to treat two questions on Matrix because the whole fucking time had been wasted on the famous kid.

It was time for our lunch break so I walked straight to the cafeteria and met Maya engrossed with whatever she was doing on her phone.

She didn't seem to notice me walking towards her so I snatched her phone and I could swear that I would have received a straight up slap on my face if I was someone else.

"Hey! Give that back dummy!" She protested and dragged her phone from my hands. I chuckled as I settled my butt on the cold aluminum bench.

"What are you eating?" She asked as she tucked her phone into her pocket.

"Well I gave Joe my lunch money to buy a textbook he needed-" she cut me off of my sentence by raising a finger up.

"I asked what you were going to eat, didn't I?" She said and I couldn't stop myself from giving her a tight hug.

Sometimes when I totally go broke Maya would pay for my lunch


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