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Beta Romeo and His Rogue

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Rena Schaaci is a rogue who got lost in The Lightcrown Claws Pack. She was looking for a brother who had left her in the dense forest and had never been picked up. The incident that happened to made her lose entire family. Romeo Riley is a beta who always kills rogues. Mainly his target all this time is Rena Schaaci, a rogue who ends up a maid in the palace kitchen. For years his wish was to eradicate all rogues on the face of the earth, and that was Rena, his mate. Romeo knew that if he hurt Rena, it would be the same as hurting himself, especially when Rena finally gave in to the situation. The woman prefers to erase all dark memories and become a new person. The love between them is painful. A love that can make anyone sad while reading.

CH 01 : Losing Hope

Rena has lived in this palace for almost a decade. Enjoy day by day being a devotee to Alpha Jonathan and also Luna Irene. They are both a couple the people of the pack love because they have high integrity and leadership.

But, amid the happiness that hit, some people feel jealous of the perfection of the palace family. Rena had heard from one of the waitress' friends that Alpha Nickholas—the son of Alpha Jonathan—actually had a twin, Nickley. Nickley was killed by his brother's lover, Cecilia Zera. Which heart doesn't break when a sibling is tragically killed by someone they love so much.

Yes, it is a piece of a tragic story that is tightly closed by the residents of this pack.

While lost in thought, Rena wiped the washed dishes. However, because her hands were slippery, she did not realize that she had dropped them and caused a commotion in the palace kitchen.

"I told you, Rena, work carefully!" A stocky woman in the same clothes as herself shouted loudly.

"I'm sorry, Madam. I'll clean up this mess," Rena replied and immediately picked up the broken glass.

However, Rena's answer did not make Madam Morin's anger subside. The old woman even stepped on Rena's hand and walked away. Even the other omegas didn't want to help.

Slightly grimacing, she pulled out the broken glass stuck in ers hand and took it to the sink to clean the wound. She tried to hold back, but the unwanted tears fell as well. She doesn't want to be seen as weak, especially in front of her friends, who always gossip about her. She immediately wiped the d*mn clear liquid.

Even though she's an omega, there's nothing wrong with protecting herself, let alone her heart. She was quite satisfied with the actions of the head of the kitchen and the other occupants. For more than nine years, she had enjoyed it all.


"You are not good at work, huh!" Her body was pushed hard, causing her forehead to hit the edge of the table, and her head was dizzy for a moment. She was quickly forced to get up and scattered black hair that had been neatly rolled up. Her head hurt as her hair was pulled tightly by Wendy. The others could only watch without any intention of separating.

"What happened?!" Madam Morin, who suddenly appeared, pulled Wendy's body to stop the feud.

"She can't even clean the floor, Madam. I slipped because the floor was too wet." With a fiery tone, Wendy explained the chronology of events.

Those words made Rena's slanted eyes widen. She was sure she had dried it earlier, but why did Wendy fall.

"Enough! Back to work, everyone. And you Rena don't have any more for dinner!" A crushing punishment, who can resist? Again. The punishment that he thinks is already attached.

Then, Rena looked up at the black moonlit sky. It's not completely full yet, but its light can replace the sun. Slowly, she closed her eyes to enjoy the weak sting. Werewolves like them always felt electric shocks running through their bodies when they were hit by that light.

"Don't you have any work other than sleeping on this garden bench, hm!" That sneer entered Rena's eardrums. She quickly opened her eyes and was nervous when she found out who was standing in front of her eyes.

It's not that she doesn't have a job. It's just that it's time for the maids to have dinner, and she's currently serving her sentence, right?

"Be—Beta Romeo." She lowered his head and hurried to her feet to enter the mansion.

"I'm sorry… I'll go inside." With hasty steps, Rena left Romeo.

"What if I reject you, Rena?"

The footsteps came to a halt, and her shoulders shook slightly. Rena clutched her chest in pain. Romeo has said it many times, but why is the effect always the same.

With a bit of a limp, she gave herself strength. Rena left Romeo alone with clenched fists.

Rena entered her shabby room, a room measuring only two by three meters with a skinny mattress. The building for the maids is separate from the palace. The house she lived in was luxurious, but Madam Morin gave her a very stuffy former warehouse room.

She stared at the white ceiling. Beta Romeo always said that even though she already felt too much pain due to the man's words. She knew the reason why Beta Romeo hated her was because she had been a rogue. Beta Romeo is the guy who hates caste rogue the most. How could they not? They can only destroy a peaceful and peaceful pack into shattered if they are acting up.

That man, one of Alpha's confidants, takes care of the peace of the pack and concurrently becomes a Beta with all his affairs. No kidding about tasks and beliefs, Beta Romeo does all those tasks nicely without the slightest error. There was only one task that he had been unable to do well so far: sterilizing the palace with the rogue who had lived here for years, Rena.

Her eyes were closed, eliminating all the shadows and pain in her stomach.


"Dear Rena, did you make me a half-baked omelet? Ah… yes, I mean soft on the inside."

Rena, who felt stroked, could only look down. She missed this touch. Like the caress of a mother's love for her child.

"Okay, Luna." Rena quickly gave Luna Irene what she wanted. She didn't want to make another mistake considering she was the culprit in the kitchen. Even though Luna Irene will never give a sadistic slur out of her mouth, Rena still doesn't want to disappoint.

"What happened, and what's wrong with your forehead?" Luna Irene exposed the hair hidden by the bruises. Rena suddenly retreated to the dining table and tidied it up again.

"It's okay, Luna. I'm just not being careful at work. Is there anything you'd like more?" asked Rena, the topic of conversation.

"No, you can go and continue your work," said Luna while swinging. She would give Rena more time because she was still open to being open.


"F*ck!" Romeo couldn't understand why so many rogues were hanging around his territory. Somehow they managed to escape when the guard was so tight.

"Danny, get troops from the north and bring them together. I'm going to the west with Jack and Albert!"

"Okay, Beta." While getting ready. "Shouldn't we tell Alpha first, Beta?" Danny asked.

"Don't! Let us take care of ourselves. If there is something urgent and we can't handle it, we immediately think of Alpha."

Albert sighed in exasperation. This matter has entered the realm of difficulty. But Beta no wants to complain to Alpha. Typical Romeo.

"Jack, you split up West with Albert and the others. I'll take them there. I'm sure they'll never get away." While the others followed Romeo's instructions because the other warriors believed in his Beta abilities.

"Make them toys before you kill them," added Romeo with a sharp grin. Behind his friendly and friendly demeanor, he never plays around when someone interferes with his work.

Jade has taken over Romeo's burly body. The brown wolf splits the forest. His face really couldn't bear to play with his prey. The big body was getting faster and faster, leaving dry leaves that flew after being stepped on.

His nose was too sensitive to smell the sickening scent. "I'm three kilometers from you guys," Jade said to his teammates.

Jade increasingly saw the three Rogues, which he believed to be in a state of anxiety, waiting for his presence. His feet strolled and stalked those who did not know he was hiding behind a tree at this time.

You are wrong when you confront me. With a single move, Romeo claws at his enemy's eye in two at once and instantly gushes out fresh blood. Jade grinned in horror at the tear. Too light for the intruder in the pack.

The red wolf did not accept it when his friend became the target of the Beta. He quickly gave Jade a scratch on his face and ended up blank. Jade dodged first without any significant resistance.

Jade and Romeo responded calmly to the growls of the three wolves. They were too confident they could fight it alone. With a snap, Jade's hand was already on the red wolf's back. The distinctive roar of pain that was not complicated made him feel sorry for him and even spurred the adrenaline in him.

Jade casually left them by running slowly. His face was grinning because this was the time.

Feeling the heat behind her, Jade dashed off to let them catch up to her. "You guys get ready."

"We've been waiting too, Beta."

Jade dodged as the three wolves tried to lunge at his back. "Stupid."

Hearing Beta's words, the red wolf became more and more brutal in trying to find an opening to hurt Jade. The scratch of the red wolf's claws lightly hit Jade's ankle, but it didn't slow down his movement.


Jade finally found another rogue. Who knew how many there were? He didn't have time to count. He only focused on the three wolves who had now entered his trap.

After arriving, Jade ran around to take a predetermined position. The rogues also cursed not believing that they had been toyed with like this. They were soon to be eaten by the soldiers who had surrounded him, trying to figure out how to escape the trap.

Jade walked over to the red wolf known to be their pack's leader. Jade roared in his face to show the existence of who was in power now. Unprepared, Jade scribbled all his paws on the red wolf's body, as did the other soldiers. Even though Jade and the others knew they would win, a fight was inevitable. But still, rogues are rogues. They are destroyers.

At that last second, Jade also took the red wolf's heart and threw it in any direction. Screams and moans of pain ignored them. The only thing Jade wanted was to slash the rogues that were in his realm completely.


"Are you all right, Rome?" Albert slightly grimaced when he saw Romeo limping.

"Get on my back," Albert offered when he wanted to change himself. Romeo just smiled, hearing his friend was very worried.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. Just a small scratch." Albert and Jack said goodbye when AlphaJonathan approached him.

"What's wrong with your leg, Rome?"

Romeo bowed his head while saluting his Alpha. He winced slightly at the feeling of his leg cramping. "Earlier, a group of rogues stopped in our area, Alpha. But we've fixed them." The smile of enthusiasm and satisfaction is still etched on Romeo's face. Yes, he is delighted today.

Alpha Jonathan warmly patted the head of his little Beta, considered his own child. He was very proud of Romeo. The man deserves to be side by side with Nickholas. The right mix.

"Rena, come here!" Jonathan, who saw Rena not far from him—watering the flowers—calls to come closer. Without thinking twice, Rena turned the faucet and put the water hose to approach the two men of different generations.

"Can I help you, Alpha?" Rena said without looking at Romeo, who had turned her face away.

"I'm asking you for help; treat Romeo. He just fought a rogue."

Rena, who had just heard Jonathan's explanation, heart throbbed in pain. The man always fought and would always win. Rena saw Romeo's injured right leg. It wasn't big but deep enough that her blood was almost dry.

"Okay, Alpha, I'll take medicine first," Rena said.

Romeo sighed with relief when Jonathan had left him on the garden bench. He closed his eyes for a moment enjoying the afternoon breeze.

It's been two days since Alpha Nickholas left the pack for urgent business. Like it or not, the pack is his responsibility even though Alpha Jonathan is helping. But still, he couldn't get hung up on Alpha Jonathan too often.

His eyes opened as the girl approached with a basin and box in hand.


Romeo felt his feet placed on the bench, and Rena kneeled down to align her body so that she could reach Romeo's feet. Romeo, who saw that, could only stare in silence. His feet were being cleaned by a maid who didn't want to look her in the eye.

"Rena Schaaci."

Rena, who heard her name, stopped stroking Romeo's feet and squeezed the white cloth that had turned red.

"You know what, Rena? What are you like in my eyes, hm?"

Rena, who was listening, tried to ignore Romeo's words and preferred to sprinkle the green powder over the Beta's wound. Rena carefully put the cotton so that the powder is completely covered.

Her hand gracefully covered the wound on Romeo's muscular leg with white gauze.

"Rubbish. You are trash in my eyes, Rena."

It was enough for Rena to hold back her tears. Her chest hurt too much when she heard the taunts and even insults that Beta Romeo threw at her. Wiping the tears still flowing, she continued to carefully bandage the wound, not wanting Romeo to feel pain. Her fingers trembled even more as he twirled the nearly exhausted gauze as a final act.

Rena's treatment could not be separated from Romeo's sharp eyes. Her face wrinkled even more until his thick eyebrows came together. Rena wept silently without a sound, only the tears that still faithfully showed her were occasionally wiped away by those thin hands.

"Are you still too confident to stay here, huh?!"

Rena stood carrying the equipment without looking at Romeo. "This has been completed. I will go and continue my work, Beta."

Once again, Romeo was left alone by that frail back with a puffy face and eyes.


Already not knowing what Romeo was doing, he always saw the insults and insults that other maids threw at Rena. He is the same. They are no different. He sighed exasperated, thinking it had been years, yet it was not over. Rena always does not reply to what she has heard. The woman was always silent without a response. As if he was destined to be deaf.

His palm opens and closes with a slow duration. Stretch the stiff muscles. The hand that had killed who knows how many hundred rogues in the last ten years. Was he able to also kill Rena using his hands, considering that the girl was once a rogue?

He could see the closed girl who was always alone without any friends. Won't make a sound if you don't ask. Romeo also actually won't deny Rena's beautiful charm. The eyes are different from the others, the skin is white, and the face is always down. Don't forget that skinny body.

"How do I get rid of her, Jade?"

The wolf who was asked just sighed in resignation. Yes, they have the same character. I wanted to eliminate Rena long ago. "I don't know, Rome." That's all Jade said if Romeo was tired of looking for ways that didn't even work. Because he never started.

Did Rena never give up and think about her heart which always hurts every day because of the people in this palace. The woman should just give up and get out of this pack by mingling with humans. That would get the job done, and no blockage still stuck in his mind.

He still remembered nine years ago, precisely on the west side of the guard area where the little girl was found by his warrior.

"What a little girl in the West. Can you come here?" Romeo, training with the other warriors, immediately rushed to Jack.

"Keep her there, Jack."

Who's the little girl who dares to enter her territory alone without caring for her parents. If she is a rogue, he doesn't hesitate to kill her immediately.

Romeo saw the little girl sitting on the ground with Jack and Theo. He saw Jack and Theo giving food to the girl while chatting. He frowned even more as his chest pounded and cold sweat trickled down his forehead.

Romeo walked over to them slowly. His eyes still focused on the girl's strangely narrow eyes. "Where did you find this little girl?" The deep baritone voice startled Rena. Without even suspecting that the food in her hand fell. She inched backward toward the side of the tree for cover. A frightened and red face made Romeo even more irritated at the girl.

"Beta, we found it here." Jack immediately stood up, followed by Theo.

Romeo stared intently and observantly at the girl. The yellow dress was torn everywhere, and there was a lot of dirt on it. Is it true that this girl is a wild wolf, but if not, why is there no characteristic aroma pack wafting on this girl's body?

Romeo immediately took out a dagger in his trouser pocket, making the little girl even more scared and sobbing softly.

"No—no… please don't kill me…."

If he had killed Rena in the first place without Beta Christopher knowing, it was certain that he would never see that pale white face again.

His heart throbbed in pain at the thought of it all.

His eyes wandered wildly around the room. He is not a hypocrite and also a good man. At age three, he wants the perfect maid always ready to give him satisfaction. Moreover, he had never felt what worldly pleasures were, unlike Alpha Nick, who was used to feeling it all with different women.

CH 02 : Weird Eyed Girl

"Mom, they say my eyes are weird." The thirteen-year-old little girl sulked at her mother. She did not accept it because her friends in her village always ridiculed her.

The mother could only smile as her hands picked fruit in the garden.

"What a strange thing. Aren't my eyes unique, huh?" She occasionally ate the fruit that her mother had picked in the basket.

"Your eyes are unique, Rena. Because you have eyes like your grandmother. Asian mother. You already know, right?” Rena's mother walked to look for ripe grapes, her hands painstakingly cutting the stems of the fruit. Rena, who saw her mother took the scissors from the basket and tried to help.

“Take the purple one. Leave the green ones.” Rena immediately obeyed the instructions without any rebuttal.

"But Ben's eyes are not like mine, Mom?" It turns out that this problem still persists.

Yura, who saw her daughter's back, couldn't hel


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