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His Little Mistress
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In a chaotic world where predictability was far-fetched, the bullet of one man had killed thousands. I stared into his eyes, his facade giving nothing away, but darkness whirled in his eyes as they could pierce right into my soul. Damon Antonio, a mysterious man who sought no other woman except me, an ordinary orphan with a traumatic past, when my scars were visible and invisible. It was unclear why it was me he wanted, but his dark eyes gave nothing away. Having been sold by my uncle, to a man that held so much authority, I had to do whatever he told me to do. I had to follow his principles, I had to submit to him. I was terrified of him, being that he was so unpredictable. It turned out that Damon Antonio had bought me in order to marry me. I wanted to scream, to say no, but his presence alone choked all the words in my throat. I was just a weakling to a man who dealt with his enemies like they were nothing but animals. Drug dealing was his major, his wealth was extreme, and he owned clubs in states and countries. I turned out to be the wife of one of the most dangerous men in the world. And he had only one target, his brother. After his brother had killed their parents, Damon sought nothing but revenge. Damon was a man of mystery and power battling with his demons as they sought to be unleashed upon his brother one day. Derek Antonio, the silent killer. It was a battle between two brothers, one who was despised and the other filled with hatred. The answers had to be given, why had Derek killed their parents? Why did he seek to kill even Damon, his own brother? Could it be power? Or was it something else? Damon dragged me into his own world, using me as his bait to get to Derek Antonio. But along the way, Derek Antonio seemed to grow fond of me and that was when all hell broke loose. It caused me to wonder, had Damon fallen for me? He never revealed it, all he ever did was use me for his own pleasure. I was torn between two brothers now and didn't know how it would end. This was a world I never wanted to be a part of. And the worst part, is Damon never ceased to reveal his brutality. Living in his world was chaotic...with this man, there was only danger lurking, but my heart spoke other languages, fear, curiosity, and lust...with this man, it was different, especially when he swore to break me.

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“Don’t you get it, my little flower? I own every bit of you. Every. Single. Bit. Anyone who looks at you, I’ll pluck off their eyes. Anyone who touches you, I’ll cut off their hands. Anyone who breaths the same air as you, I’ll cut off their nose. And for everyone who has been inside you, be certain I’ll chop off their dicks and shove down their throat” I watch a sinister smile make its way to his face as he spoke, his hold on my neck tightened, making it difficult for me to breath. “Now, be a good girl Zinnia, and take my dick” ****** In a world where morality blurs and alliances shift like sand, Reed Dammington remains a constant force—a living legend in the gritty realm of bounty hunting, where survival depends on wit, skill, and an unyielding will to pursue justice, no matter the cost. By night, Twenty-four year old Zinnia Levine isa bartender, navigating the ebb and flow of patrons' stories while keeping her own guarded. Her chosen profession becomes both refuge and battleground. At first sight, Reed is obsessed with Zinnia and would stop at nothing to make her his. Slowly, Zinnia learns that there is more to Reed than just slitting people's neck. With him, she finds out more about herself and what she yearns. Her discoveries makes her understand that they are alike. More than she had expected. ********* WARNING I CARE FOR YOUR SANITY. THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEARTS. IT CONTAINS REALLY DARK SCENES (DEGRADATION, DUBIOUS CONSENT AND CONCENSUAL NOT CONSENT). READ AT YOUR DETRIMENT. OH, AND LEAVE A COMMENT. THANKS!! --------

Acknowledged By A Mafia Leader
  • Author: Ennywealth
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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She stood nervously opposite his brown delinquent eyes. His sturdy was crouching above her, his hands were put on both sides of the rail, giving her no space to move as her eyes locked with his. The more he leaned closer, the more her heart heaved violently. She nibbled at her lower lip, no matter how hard she tried to avoid him, he's always coming back. “Why do you keep chasing after me?” She asked quietly, struggling to sustain her composure. She seems to lose her breath at just his sight. Just as expected, he didn't say a word as his cold eyes persists to linger on her face, “Do you like me?” She further raised a question, neglecting the indifference on his countenance. This time, he tuts as he picked a strand of hair at her ear, twiddling at his fingertips. “Don't you think like is a big word, Tinkerbell?” He whispered, leaning close, so she could feel him. However, his eyes were still dim and empty, devoid of emotion. She discreetly gulped, not knowing what could be running through his head. “It's natural Snow White, it just occurred to me that you're the first female I acknowledged as a lady” *** She's the good girl. She's no different from a boring introvert, a reserved lady who spoke little. She didn't attain a mutual relationship with her family. Over time, she fell in love with a man who wasn't out of her league. But this man broke her and left her shattered, which made her hate herself. Just when she was picking up her broken self, Zachary Gonzalez walked into her life with his mysteries.